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  1. You can get a lot of resources from the isolation vaults (all fishing parts and mining gems and ores drop from them) as well as the pillars. The pillars are different for what each one does, but shoot the thing in the middle with your amp, then shoot the enemies with your amp and hope you got a good pillar, if you did, you get resources for every enemy you kill with your amp near the pillar.
  2. I am pretty sure that General Discussion is the right place to ask this. Does anyone know when the next console hotfix might drop, I mainly ask this because I want to trade the mech parts because I am tired of farming to get the pod, and I want some good plat from my 15 other parts I have.
  3. The "exploit" is done by not completing all vaults before the cycle changes. It will reset the bounties back to t1-t3, but it will skip the bait section because the doors are already open.
  4. So, I spend the past 3 days farming Scintillant about 6 hours all 3 days. Then, at about 1 pm today, I get my final needed piece of it. I am happy, I nearly cry tears of joy because I got all 12 pieces of it. Then, an hour ago, I do 1 (I repeat, ONE) vault run (Doing all three vaults), and get 8 Scintillant in that run (I have a booster, and I had that booster for the past 3 days as well). I don't know if it is the universe laughing at me, or the Devs. Feels Bad Man Beyond this painful story, I am glad that it is more reliable to get and I hope everyone gets lucky and won't sit thr
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