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  1. Deluxe skins on the market now says you don't have such warframe even if you have the prime version. It only checks if you have the normal version of the warframe.
  2. As it says in the title, if you have an exalted weapon active, and disable it while you have no weapon equiped, you cannot do anything until you get your weapon back. This just happened to me. I had just a Ferrox equipped. Throwed it and then activated Mesa's peacemaker. When I disabled peacemaker ability (while ferrox was still stuck on a wall), I wasn't able to use any other ability o to use transference. I was still able to walk tho, so I just had to walk and pick Ferrox from that wall. Then I could use abilities and transference again. If you keep repeating this process you will still be bugged everytime.
  3. Passive: Same text as adaptation mod but with lower values (probably couldn't put that mod on to avoid being too tanky) 1 (toggle ab.): Target an ally to cover him with your body, granting a ton of armor and extra health / Target an enemy to cover that enemy with your void/roots veins, stunning him and draining his health. (while you are covering an ally or an enemy you cannot move by yourself, but can be carried by the ally you are covering.) 2: You abandon your body and travel in void mode freely (pretty much like wukong's cloud). If you pass through an ally, he gains extra mov speed and health regen for a duration. If you pass through an enemy, he gets extra damage from all sources for a duration (cannot stack). 3(toggle ab.): Moves parts of your body to your arm, creating a big (BIG) cannon. Your movement speed is reduced while this ability is active and cannot use other weapons, but the damage and range of the shoots are quite enough 😄 4(hold to cast): Tap to cycle between 3 options. Each options is each one of your allies, when you cast this ability, you transform into the ally that you cycled to, becoming a copy of that player (mods, weapons, abilities, etc) but with a shader to distinguish from the original. If you are killed while transformed, you don't die, instead the ability gets a cooldown and become the Broken Warframe again (you can always turn it down by your own before you die to avoid that cooldown). PS: sorry couldn't get cool names in that time...
  4. I was playing a 50 min survival arbitration when I died. My team went to extraction and I got the following error message ( https://imgur.com/TWJ3aR7 ). It wasn't loading for like 5 minutes so I decided to hit the abort update. When returned to the orbiter I got nothing and I had no "last mission results" option on the menu. I tried to exit the game and relogin but still didn't have anything.
  5. Yeah, I've experienced this a lot on eidolons. In my case I was able only to walk or use gear items. And to remove that condition I had to completely die and respawn manually, or to use the k-drive/archgun. The problem comes when the same happens and you are in operator mode, in which case you cannot use those gear items, so you must wait for the eidolon to kill you and it takes a long while. Also, while in that condition I couldn't even use the chat, so don't know if the unstuck command works, couldn't even try it.
  6. A metamorph based frame would be so awesome to see ingame. With every ability toggle based you could transform into animals, enemies or other npcs. You could transform, for example, into some new warframe animals to gain buffs, like massive damage boost (transforms into a bear or similar), heal for self and allies (transforms into a flower/plant with no mobility to encourage teamplay hahaha) Even an ability where you shoot a target with a usb thing and can metamorph into the target, this could give us so many options. Imagine for example transforming into a ballista to do a kuva spy mission passing next to every single enemy xD And not only for enemy transformations, but for allies. In a mission where you know how to play all the roles but you don't know what to use (eidolon hunt for example), just bring this warframe and transform into volt, rhino, trinity or whatever you see more useful in every moment. So many oportunities.
  7. I left here two post I've made recently about some problems I've encountered.
  8. Here's an idea: Can you make warframes giving buffs gain some more affinity? For example, if you are a Rhino, and buff someone with your Roar, when you gain affinity if close enough to that someone, gain an extra (for example) 5%. This could help warframes with no damaging abilities like Trinity to level up faster. It would help a lot all those support players (me included) 🥰
  9. victorcas

    Mods half display

    I did not, my last update was from december. And I've just come back from ESO and they are displayed correctly, so it doesn't happen all the time.
  10. As reported in the post linked, we keep getting this UI bug where half the mods on the mod station are not visible, it's like there's another blank UI layer on top of that. The people on the post say it happens when returning to orbiter from WSO, relays, or fortuna/poe, if that helps. https://imgur.com/DEyeC88
  11. victorcas

    Mods half display

    Maybe has something to do with returning to orbiter, cause just happened to me again when returning from a relay.
  12. victorcas

    Mods half display

    The mods displayed on the mod station in the orbiter are cut in half as seen in the image: https://imgur.com/fMWNGHQ
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