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  1. Maybe... There's a lot of chaos on Lua missions sometimes lol
  2. I became like this with the dark souls franchise. I put so many hours into those games that I don't want to touch them anymore. I can't stand the toxic community and the ng++++++++++ ... I'm still new to warframe, so it may take me a few years to get over this.
  3. Honestly, I don't have the answer to that. I just recently got to Lua and I've gotten like 4 Dread blueprints. In no specific mission either... Just randomly playing through Lua.
  4. I remember playing the first Destiny game and found their "event" system was decent. They refreshed events often, but they were so common and you never felt like you lost out on rewards that you couldn't get on another event later on in the day. Sometimes with Warframe, if you miss that specific alert for the time, there's a good chance you won't get those rewards for a few days.
  5. I don't have Soma prime, but I have regular Soma and it carried me through the star chart very well. Mind you, I don't have every single amazing mod in the game, so I deal with what I have. This is my build: Split chamber (rank 5) Vital sense (rank 2, gotta forma again) Hammer shot (Rank 3) Point Strike (rank 5) Serration (Rank 10) Vigilante Armaments (rank 5) Stormbringer (Rank 5) Infection clip (rank 5) Again, this carries me through the game quite well, but once I get different mods that are better, I will probably swap them in. Also, for elementals, I either go with corrosive or radiation damage.
  6. I'm quite new to warframe, been playing for a year, but I just got to sedna the other day lol, so I sort of know how you feel. I usually watch some reputable youtuber's videos regarding their builds and how the weapons and warframes work. iFlynn, Leyzar are the two I watch the most. Leyzar in my opinion does a better job explaining to beginners, iFlynn does a better job explaining to vets because he talks fast and goes over things quickly. Warframe wiki is a good site to know how and where to farm mods and how they interact with specific things, and also to read up on warframe abilities.
  7. I'm really tempted to get sekiro as well cause I'm a huge from software fan boy. But I only have so much time to play video games with work and a kid... 😫
  8. I've come across Dread blueprints like crazy on Lua. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this seems to be the place to farm Dread if you want it.
  9. Based off this comment, I think Limbo is quite possibly the most OP frame in the game. Why the hate? Just because his dash leaves a rift hole and people get sucked in? You can easily get out by dashing again... lol, what's with these haters... Thanks for your detailed explanation, thoroughly appreciated.
  10. I'm a new limbo player and I want to learn how to do this... I've read you can make the defence objective invincible but which ability? Banish or Rift Surge? Everytime I use Banish it says "Unknown target" or something like that...
  11. As a new player, I would suggest playing the infested defense mission.. +15% chance of resource drops. You can get 1-3 per run (if you do 15 waves each). This is how I got mine to begin with.
  12. Depends where that out is being projected... It could be going IN to someone 🙄
  13. I farted far harder than I should have. 🙄
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