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  1. Thanks for the reply, I have to try to coordinate with a few people in my clan to do derelict runs. Ive never done that stuff before. So really, I'm looking for a build with maximum strength and as much duration as possible? I also heard that Mirage's 3 boosts her damage output?
  2. I do have primed flow, but only at r7 so far... That's the only warframe prime mod lol
  3. lol, sorry, I should've been more clear. The slot beside the aura mod. It's normally locked, so how do I unlock it?
  4. Hall of Malevolence is definitely a mod I was looking at, so I'm going to try to upgrade the syndicate. By the way, maybe I'm not knowledgeable, but how do I get the mod beside Aura mod?
  5. Hello everyone. I recently built mirage and almost got it full leveled up. Mind you, I know I'll have to forma a few times, but I just want to know how I should go about this. I don't have many amazing warframe mods that the majority use for their final builds. I know Mirage should focus on ability strength and ability duration. The best mods I have for this so far is: Strength: Intensify.... that's it lol Duration: Augur message, continuity, narrow minded It's not much, but I just want to know where I should go from here, and if there's any other mods you think would be useful for a mirage build, let me know. Also, I generally run with an Amprex and Atterax.
  6. don't assume someone is a "kiddo"... how dare you 😒
  7. Depends where that out is being projected... It could be going IN to someone 🙄
  8. I farted far harder than I should have. 🙄
  9. To headbang: To close my eyes and relax: For just pure amazement:
  10. Selling prime parts or mods through in-game methods is the worst. I've sat at Maroos Bazar for half an hour waiting for someone to trade with me and I've had nothing. I won't even use trade chat because that thing is a mess, regardless of the filters.
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