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  1. I don't see how this is better for new players. When I started, I lived off of alerts because I couldn't go to places that dropped mats. No control modules and the like. I took every alert I saw to get Tellurium and stuff so that I could build what I wanted before I got to the planets. New players won't have that at all, so they'll need someone to taxi them or they'll have to farm archwing missions (with most likely a crappy archwing) to get tellurium. Okay, so they can always farm for that, but Alerts made it simple. See an alert, do it, get the item. Move on with life. They won't be able to do that anymore.
  2. I also don't see how doing 2-5 or 6 (or higher) missions to get that one thing you want versus doing only one mission is better. If a catalyst popped up, you do the mission and you're done. Now we'll be farming a bunch of missions to get that catalyst. I don't see how that's better, honestly.
  3. I kind of agree with this. As it stands now, I just kind do Alerts when something interests me pops up and I'm around to do it. With this system coming, what's the point of doing that? It's just something I do to get what I want, then never mess with again. I thought the point of Alerts was to keep players engaged with constantly moving things so they have something do to kill time. If the points are going to expire, then there's no point in bothering after you get what you want. Which can lower the potential pool of players doing the content at all.
  4. Can we still have Alerts for Nightmare missions? Or can Nightmare missions tell you want you're gonna get if you run it instead of being random? It's a lot easier to get folks to help with these when they're alerts and have a specific mod to get. It's hard to get people to run them normally. If they just gave a specific mod for a period of time that would be great. Also, doing Alerts was the best way to get Tellurium. Getting them from missions is way too much of a pain and most of the time you could do archwing missions over and over and not get even one. At least Alerts were a guaranteed way to get one.
  5. Gonna add to this. Wife switched to Gara and has been playing her primarily since I made the above post. Since then she has had 0 hard crashes. There's definitely something up with Octavia.
  6. My wife has been playing the game a lot in the last few days (been snowed in) and in the last 24 hours she's had 3 hard crashes. Like it says turn off the system to restart. Not sure what's causing it, but it makes running defense missions extremely stressful, because the game crashes and she loses everything she'd worked up to get. This seems to only happen when she's playing as Octavia. When using other warframes the normal type of crashes happen, but not as frequent and never to the point where it asks her to restart the system completely. This is something that definitely needs to be looked at and not sure how to get logs to provide more information about the crash itself. Let me know if more information is needed.
  7. I only bought the pack that had Mesa Prime. I guess that one doesn't come with the extra helmet? To be honest, the whole thing is confusing. I don't know why they have two packs to begin with.
  8. I bought the Mesa Prime thing, but I didn't see a second helmet. Only the original. Do I have to do something for it to show up?
  9. Been having some serious crashes in the last few days. Losing all of my progress on a defense mission is really frustrating. I hope this new patch will address stuff like this.
  10. I'm pretty sure there won't be any cross platform play going on for consoles. I'm starting to think that the cross platform dream (even amongst consoles) is dead. If there was going to be cross platform play they would have stated that first and foremost.
  11. I was under the impression that this was a thing for all versions of the game. Why would they do this specifically for the NS version? @[DE]Rebecca Will the NS get the Mesa Prime access as well? Or is that coming sometime after the Fortuna update?
  12. Can we just get a 100% motion aiming option? Use it for everything (moving cursor, turning screen, selecting and dragging mods, etc.). Using the analog stick for moving around menus when we have a good gyro option is pretty crazy.
  13. I'm glad someone made this thread, because it's really frustrating. I thought I screwed something up.
  14. My wife just had an issue where she updated, logged into the game, and didn't get the daily reward. Is this supposed to happen? Is there something she can do about it?
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