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  1. If The Wolf didn't ignore just about every ability, have an insane amount of HP, be immune to almost everything, then I don't think folks would be all that upset by him. But now, not only is he a pain in the butt, his buddies are invincible and can take you out with no trouble. And even then, if you beat him, he gives basically nothing most of the time. It's honestly not worth your time to mess with. If the rewards for the fight justified the time/effort needed to defeat him, then more people would do it. However, that's not the case. Even high level wolf dudes are worth it since they give Wolf Rep and that's way more than you'll get fighting The Wolf most of the time. The rewards don't justify the time required to take him down. That said, I'm all for enemies to show up in my missions and add in some extra chaos, but not this. The Wolf is needlessly a pain in the butt and it takes the fun out of the game when he shows up. I have to say at this point I've had The Wolf show up in my missions more times than I can even count. The last time was in a Hydron defense mission. Let me tell you, that wasn't pretty. Why his buddies have to be invincible I'll never know. I would have hoped that DE would fix this, but they haven't and don't seem to be willing to even discuss it. That's the most frustrating part of this whole thing, to be honest.
  2. Okay. Assume that you only have one hour a day to play. In that time, you want to be able to relax and enjoy the game. You don't find Sorties fun at all and don't do them. In your hour, you do other things. Farm for warframe parts, chase mods, farm for mats, level your guns/warframes, etc. as part of your routine. In your normal routine, you're already cutting it close for time. Now, you have to throw in doing a 30-45 minute sortie which cuts into the time you play doing things you actually enjoy. Since sorties are a daily, you can't do a couple of them in one sitting. They have to be done every day. This means, you have to give up some of your relaxing Warframe time doing some activity you don't want to do in the first place. It's not even something that can be knocked out in 5 minutes. It's a significant time investment and it means almost all of your time for the week is gonna be spent doing sorties. Let's not even talk about doing 8 bounties on top of that. As well as other things that this system asks you to do. Should be easy to see why some folks aren't happy with this. Changes the game from some relaxing activity into work. At least in the mind of someone who doesn't want to do that content in the first place.
  3. I'm a fairly new player. I started with the Nintendo Switch launch in November. I played/play mostly at night after work and generally every day for about two or three hours. In that time, I've been able to get a ton of stuff from the Alert system. It allowed me to build a bunch of warframes and get a bunch of auras and mods from Nightmare missions. I can't even imagine what it would have been like without being able to do some of those things. The fact that it rotated didn't bother me, because it made it seem like the game world was "moving" and in those early days that was exciting. I agree that losing out sucks...especially for catalysts and reactors. However, they could have just complied a list of things that was available that day and put them on a list for folks to run later. That would still be much better than the system we have now. On top of that, I missed out on 16k rep last week and will most likely miss out on more this week. The more I miss out on rep, the less I even care about this and to think we have wait another 7 weeks before it's done.... My wife hates this system and in her normal play, I think she's only rank 1. She said something about wanting to get Nitain, but she can't get it without engaging in this system at least somewhat. She's super casual and there's no way she's getting anywhere in this system as it stands. I guess I could tell her to just stop playing the game, because she's obviously not dedicated enough to move on. What good would that do, though? It would mean Warframe has one less player playing. I can understand her frustration, though. I'll be super shocked if I can make it rank 10 and I've been actively trying to do some of these challenges, but most of them are beyond me, so I can only do what I can. It's frustrating and not fun at all.
  4. The real issue is instant rewards with no rep. The Alert system is straight up better because you do one thing and it gets you what you want. There's no need to wait a week or even hours. Nightwave does not even come close to that. Which is my whole issue with the system. If they're gonna replace the old system, then it should do what the old system did at the base level. New layers can be added on, but it should give instant rewards. You do something, you get something. No rep. No special tokens. Instead we got a rep grind on top of losing the ability to get what we wanted quickly. We even get less of what we could get before because the wolf creds are so limited. If you are a new player, then you're even more limited. Before, a new player could get Nitain, helmets, control modules, tellurium, etc. all by doing Alerts. They rotated often, so if you played the game even a few minutes each day, there was a good chance you could see something you wanted and get it by doing the mission. Now, as a new player you can't do that at all. A lot of these "challenges" a new player can't do at all. It's easy for vets to look at this and say, "Hey, I was bored, I've done everything already so there's nothing for me to do." I think that's valid, but there's the bigger picture here. New players, casual players, and those with limited time are left behind. The old system wasn't perfect, it did require some checking to see what was going on at any given time if you were looking for something. BUT even with that, the moment you saw it and were in the game, you could get that item right then. If the Nightwave system was left intact on top of Alerts, I doubt we would even be having this conversation. Honestly, I would ignore Nightwave completely if I could just do the Alerts as they were.
  5. I won't lie, I have no real solutions for what to do to make that stuff "rewarding". Doing it for the reward and not for the fun just this whole system in a nutshell...in my opinion. I've done much of the "challenges" in this Nightwave thing because I felt I had to in order to get the reward instead of because it was fun. The situation is by making those activities give a ton of extra rep just causes folks to feel like they have to do it and if they aren't doing it, then they're missing out. Which leads to people feeling like they can't get anywhere because not doing it means they're falling behind. Giving a bonus for doing it in one go versus doing it cumulatively adds extra math that needs to be explained in some way. In the end, I feel like someone is gonna be left disappointed. I'm not sure how everyone could win. I'll have to think on that a bit more.
  6. But wouldn't the option be there for folks who want to knock it out in one go? The challenge is still there. The question is whether the reward justifies that? The system could reward those who do it in one go, but I do think it sets the whole thing up to be even more complicated than it already is. I'm not sure what they could do to separate that.
  7. I remember this same argument in the early days of WoW when folks didn't want to raid in order to get the most out of the game. If you drive away folks who aren't into the "challenge", then that's not helping the game at all. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that most of the people who play this game aren't even close to the hardcore player. It survives by being accessible to a wide variety of players. With the removal of Alerts, it means that even players who have no interest in this Nightwave system have to engage because it's the only way to get Nitain. There's no other way. Players will have to engage even at the base level.
  8. No offense, man, but what are you talking about? EVERYONE approaches this game from different angles. That was/is the beauty of playing Warframe in the first place. It's why I started playing. I do not think everyone should have to do those things if they don't want to. The beautiful thing about old Alerts is that they were things you could do quickly IF you wanted to do them. I saw a Mesa helmet Alert and I want to get that blueprint, so I do the alert real quick and I'm done. No grinding involved. No currency needed. No standing required. Just do it and that's it. This new system doesn't come close to that level of simplicity. It doesn't matter how they play the game. This new system should provide stuff for a lot of different players to interact with the game in a way they're comfortable with. If they want to do 60 minute survivals, that's great. If they want to kill 2000 enemies, that's fine, too. This Nightwave system should encourage folks to go about their normal game life and still be able to participate and not force folks into doing things they're not interested in to make progress. Alerts were nonintrusive and that's kind of how I feel like Nightwave should be. I don't think anyone is suggesting that those who are into the crazy challenge stuff lose that ability to do so, BUT the system should be flexible for those who don't. Shaming folks who don't want or like to do that stuff is just not cool.
  9. It didn't take long from when they submitted their build to Nintendo lotcheck to when it was approved and released. Not sure how it would work with Sony and Microsoft, but they should be able to update the NS version fairly easily.
  10. I've been fairly vocal about not liking the Nightwave system as a replacement for Alerts. It's not a bad system, but as a replacement for Alerts it's terrible. The advantage of Alerts was that when you saw something interesting, you could do it quickly and move on with your day. It was simple and easy to understand for new players. It also seemed like the world of Warframe always had something going on. Before the Nightwave system, I was log in, check to see what Alerts were going on and do them to get me motivated to do something else in the game. Now, I log in and just sit there trying to figure out what I should do. Looking at the challenges in the Nightwave system just fills me with a bit of dread, because some of them are challenges I have no interest in doing and when a game forces you to do stuff you don't want to do, I consider that bad game design. That said, there's nothing wrong with having a system like Nightwave for those who want to delve into the lore and want some crazy challenges. The rewards should be primarily cosmetic and the challenges shouldn't bust people's chops too much...yet still be something folks would have fun doing. There are a couple of issues that really need to be addressed. The first being that it's difficult for folks to actually get Wolf coin. It should be something you get from every tier. If this content wasn't meant to gate people, then why is it so hard to actually get the currency? With old Alerts, I could have gotten all of those helmets without much trouble. They show up all the time and I can do one run and get them. With the new system the amount of Wolf coin needed is huge. Especially if you wanted to get the things we could get easily with the old system. If you're not going to bring back Alerts, then you need to adjust the cost of getting things accordingly. The same amount of effort needed to get those things with the old system should still apply here if the goal is actually to let people get the items they missed because they had to work, or were traveling, or something like that. Second, some of these challenges are just not beginner (or even mid tier player) friendly. A new player isn't getting anywhere close to the top of the chart. The amount of work/time needed to even get halfway is gonna be severe. My wife hasn't been doing anything with this system and at the rate she's going she'll maybe hit 6 or so. The sheer number of tasks needed to get anywhere just makes her not want to participate at all. She's fairly casual and it's obvious this system was not made with folks like her in mind. I was under the impression that this was supposed to be something fun with some lore to mess around with and get some cool stuff. What we have now isn't that. Having to do 60 minute survivals with no air is crazy talk for a lot of folks. Sure, some of the vets don't see this as a real problem, but put yourself in the shoes of someone who isn't that experienced, doesn't have great mods, doesn't have many warframes, and in general isn't prepared to do some of this stuff. I think watching the Nintendo Switch stream this morning and seeing them trying to get somewhere in this system with fresh players really drives home the point that it's not really made for new players at all. I'd like to propose a new system that would actually be a replacement for Alerts. The issue with Alerts as they were was that if you were not in the game you had to log in an inopportune times. Like a catalyst shows up, but you're at work and will miss it, unless you can log into the game at work and do the mission real quick. I get this being a problem. The system really was made for people with a lot more time on their hands and a constant access to the game. Those with a life would miss out. What I'm proposing is to keep Alerts as they were. However, everything that was in the Alert system that day will be added to a vendor/list that would be available the next day. To purchase these items, you need coins, but the coins are gotten by running missions. Any mission would count. Do a mission, get a coin. I think most items should cost two coins. So two missions will net an item. The reason for this is because the advantage of doing Alerts when they appear is that you get the item instantly, but buying the item from the vendor should have just a little extra cost, because you're able to choose from the list. This means you can miss an alert over the course of a day, but the next day you can just buy the item you missed from the previous day. This solves the problem of missing out on items because you had to work or weren't in the game at the time the item popped up. Since players are running missions anyway for either Alerts or other things, then they're always stocking up coins that they can use to buy the things they want from the list without having to grind things out. There could be a cap on how many coins you could have at any given time and the list itself would rotate daily, but I think this would work great for those who don't want to be rushing into the game to make that Alert when a reactor shows up. It's just an idea, but I think it's better at solving the problem of missing Alerts than what we have now. New players can still get things like helmets, resources (Nitain, tellurium, control modules, etc.), reactors, aura mods, etc. And folks who aren't logged into the game 24/7 can still get the things they missed. In any case, giving folks options isn't a bad thing. I like the idea of seeing Nora and the whole The Warriors throwback. That stuff was awesome.
  11. I don't understand why they can't have both. Grinding another rep just doesn't seem like the right way to deal with this. It's much more of a time consuming thing than just doing the alert and moving on.
  12. I don't see how this is better for new players. When I started, I lived off of alerts because I couldn't go to places that dropped mats. No control modules and the like. I took every alert I saw to get Tellurium and stuff so that I could build what I wanted before I got to the planets. New players won't have that at all, so they'll need someone to taxi them or they'll have to farm archwing missions (with most likely a crappy archwing) to get tellurium. Okay, so they can always farm for that, but Alerts made it simple. See an alert, do it, get the item. Move on with life. They won't be able to do that anymore.
  13. I also don't see how doing 2-5 or 6 (or higher) missions to get that one thing you want versus doing only one mission is better. If a catalyst popped up, you do the mission and you're done. Now we'll be farming a bunch of missions to get that catalyst. I don't see how that's better, honestly.
  14. I kind of agree with this. As it stands now, I just kind do Alerts when something interests me pops up and I'm around to do it. With this system coming, what's the point of doing that? It's just something I do to get what I want, then never mess with again. I thought the point of Alerts was to keep players engaged with constantly moving things so they have something do to kill time. If the points are going to expire, then there's no point in bothering after you get what you want. Which can lower the potential pool of players doing the content at all.
  15. Can we still have Alerts for Nightmare missions? Or can Nightmare missions tell you want you're gonna get if you run it instead of being random? It's a lot easier to get folks to help with these when they're alerts and have a specific mod to get. It's hard to get people to run them normally. If they just gave a specific mod for a period of time that would be great. Also, doing Alerts was the best way to get Tellurium. Getting them from missions is way too much of a pain and most of the time you could do archwing missions over and over and not get even one. At least Alerts were a guaranteed way to get one.
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