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  1. I often get vaulted prime parts just opening relics with random groups while farming void traces. I'm careful to only use relics that will generate "junk" for me (stuff I already have and can gladly sell for ducats or plat no matter what rarity comes up), but there are often people cracking vaulted relics either out of abundance or ignorance. I've only been playing 7 months and have picked up quite a few items this way, including a complete Helios prime set while it was vaulted. Every time you crack relics with randoms, you're rolling the dice and once in a while, you hit the jackpot.
  2. The vault isn't closing on these frames for another 2 months, so there is lots of time to chip away at this. Also, as more players finish builds and obtain more parts, market prices will drop. So keep grinding for relics with the time you have, pick up what you can and then decide if it is worth the platinum to buy the remainder a couple weeks before the vault closes. With Nightwave ending this week, I'm going to focus on farming relics for the next little while and see if I can make some progress. So far, I've got 3 of the 8 parts and a few relics I haven't cracked yet.
  3. They said season 1 would end no sooner than May 10, so you've got two solid weeks left. Lots of time to finish off 2 ranks.
  4. One thing about POE that I didn't really realize at the beginning was that enemy levels for your entire session are dictated by how you enter the plains. If you enter direct from your orbiter or just by walking through the door in Cetus, you'll have mid-level enemies throughout the plains. As a beginning player, that was overwhelming for me. If you want to explore the plains in a less dangerous environment (for fishing, mining, farming cetus wisps, etc), you can start a lowest level bounty from Konzu, then enter the plains and either complete or ignore that bounty. For as long as that session lasts, you'll have enemies at level 5-15 rather than 20-40. Bounty objectives don't trip until you enter the marked area, so you can start a bounty mission solo, enter the plains and just ignore it while you do whatever you want to do. If I recall correctly, Konzu's bounty menu opens up after you do the Saya's Vigil quest.
  5. I'm using all my wolf creds to buy reactors, but now that we have an end-date for Nightwave Series 1, I'll be collecting creds up until I know I can't earn another multiple of 75, then using whatever creds I have left to buy Nitain. Then I will do the same again next time with Series 2. I still have a stockpile of about 20 NE and I'm hoping that buying 10-20 nitain every 10 weeks will keep me going indefinitely. I can't actually remember the last time I used any to craft, but I think I have a few Nitain-using items on the to-do list for the next few weeks. Overall, a trickle of this resource is all you'll ever need.
  6. Thanks - i lucked out and got a smeeta with my first Kavat attempt. I leveled him up to 30, but haven't really used him much sense. I did try the charm mod when I was farming cetus wisps and it was awesome.
  7. Sorry - a friend of mine refers to Valkyr as his kitty and I don't know all the kavat mods off the top of my head, so that's where my mind went. I don't like having my pets die all the time, so I rarely use them, but that's an interesting idea that I will think about. I'm not sure if it will be worth the trade-off for that 1 in 100 chance (or whatever the odds are) against the 99 times when I'd rather be using my Helios, but like everything in this game, it's a choice. What does your Kavat build look like?
  8. So you're literally not going to use a different warframe for 10 weeks? This isn't an assassination mission where you know the target and can gear-up accordingly. He can show up randomly anywhere but in a bounty or free roam. I'm not going to put the rest of my progress on hold on the off chance that he will show up, or only play low level missions so he won't be scaled to infinity if he does appear. I mean, when he shows up, I give it a go. Most of the time, things have worked out. But there are times when the team just doesn't have a chance.
  9. The problem is that you never know when he is going to show up. If you want to level a warframe or weapon, you can't always be ready for that 1 time in 100 that he shows up. For me, the last two times he has appeared have been while I have been trying to level the equipment I just forma'd for Nightwave. 4 of us were doing a pub defense on Eris and we couldn't make a scratch. After about 10 minutes of trying and trying, people started to abort.
  10. I would like an individual toggle for Nora (who never says anything mission-relevant) and don't want to turn off my mission hints. If we can turn off Ordis, we should be able to turn Nora off.
  11. Apparently, they can't change the working of a particular challenge, but they are able to swap one existing challenge for another (which is what they did with that one a couple weeks ago). Giving us the easy alert for 2 ayatans was actually a clever workaround for consoles. Shame they can't do anything similar for the Sortie challenge.
  12. I DO totally understand that, since I was one of the people caught the first time with no ayatans in my inventory, but that is still a good point. For me, lesson learned and I'll always just have a stock on hand. For newer and more casual players, it is still a problem. For the record, I think it is bad design and I really don't like the challenges like this one (or use 3 forma, or gild a modular) where just knowing that the challenge is out there and is going to circle back again at some unknown future date forces me to do something unnatural (like level up a zaw but don't gild it) just in case that particular challenge pops up. I've adapted my play to try to anticipate these things, but it is not fun and thinking ahead shouldn't prevent me from being able to enjoy the game as it comes. It's the same thing with Forma - I've got limited amounts on hand and relatively few things that I actually want to use it on, but I've been waiting for that challenge to appear before I actually do it. Incentivizing things like that isn't good for the game, in my opinion.
  13. I agree with you 100%. Being able to combine challenges makes me happy (doing a nightmare mission, of a certain type, while killing enemies with a particular damage type, etc.), while having to farm just to have the opportunity to click off one of the objectives (like the silver grove specters) is bad. Personally, I hadn't done the silver grove quest before, so it was a perfect opportunity for me to knock that off the to-do list, but next time, it will mean using up all of the extra plants I had previously scanned to get 3 apothics, and then the next time, I will most likely be either ignoring that challenge or wandering around asteroids looking for vestan moss or something. Not fun.
  14. DE has essentially solved this problem now by reducing the requirement to 3 statues (at least on PC - I still had to do 5 on PS4, but I'm sure that will be picked up in the next update or patch). As long as this challenge doesn't come up, on average, more than once every 3 weeks, all you need to do is take a few minutes to run Maroo's weekly challenge every week and then stockpile your ayatans. Any extras you pick up through regular play, sorties, arbitrations, etc are a bonus. No major time investment or plat required as far as I can see. What am I missing?
  15. I'm not even sure if I mind or not. On one hand, it is nice to have some predictability to know that there isn't some other thing that I'm going to need to have stockpiled (like forma, ungilded modulars, unsocketed ayatans, etc.). On the other hand, to already be recycling challenges means that we'll be re-doing all of these particular things a lot more often than I expected. For someone at my level, using 3 formas every few weeks when I'm just trying to obtain and level new weapons and frames is going to be a challenge. I'm going to be out of things that I actually want to forma at the end of this week.
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