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  1. What you are describing is actually Tether. Munitions vortex creates a defensive bubble which sucks in enemy bullets and then explodes doing AOE damage at the end of duration. Tether grabs a hold of any fighters within range, sucks them in and will detonate if shot. I was a big fan of seeker volley for a long time, but there is honestly no comparison with tether. On any veil mission, tether will easily destroy groups of fighters faster and for less flux energy. Seeker volley is really good up to Saturn, but won't clear fighters efficiently in the veil. I have no opinion on munitions vort
  2. Lots of good advice above, so I'll just add a couple things: 1. What level are your intrinsics right now? If you've done a few RJ missions with others, but your intrinsics are all below 4 or 5, I would suggest you keep crewing on other ships for a while, but you'll want to focus on getting one or two of your intrinsics up to 5 as quickly as possible. Focus on gunnery (to unlock access to forward artillery) or engineering (so you can make more and better consumables in the forge). I would look for people that are advertising for intrinsics farming in recruiting - they will be doing fast
  3. There is no harm in attempting it and seeing how things go. You may find certain missions are easy for you while others are out of reach. For example, spy, rescue and sabotage are essentially no more difficult than normal versions if you just focus on the objective, while I'd say interception, defense, disruption and some assassination missions are considerably more difficult. For team-finding, there are now 5 daily steel path alerts that you can find in your navigation window (just switch to steel path mode to make them show up in your alert list) and you may be able to gradually clear
  4. Playing for over 2 years and I just learned this. Admittedly, I haven't done that many kuva siphons, but still...
  5. Semi-related question: DE ran a contest a few months ago where people could submit new voice lines for Ordis and they were going to select the best ones and record them. Have they ever said anything further about this?
  6. I would assume you'll be able to pick it up in the intermission or the next Nightwave series, since it isn't related directly to the Glassmaker. They'll definitely make it available somewhere in the future for players like you or new players that join the game now or in the future.
  7. Lots of discussion above, and I sometimes share your frustration with the layouts on Kuva Fortress. I don't think DE will ever widen these openings, but I have taken to using Titania as often as possible when I play that tile set. In Razorwing, she can more easily navigate a lot of the nonsense in those tiles and can fly right through those bunker windows. I still get hung up sometimes, but overall, find it almost fun to use her when I need to do KF missions.
  8. I'm absolutely not disagreeing with you about that. I'm just saying that you have set yourself a goal that is inconsistent with how DE has apparently set the final cap, since they seem to be more responsive to players that complained about getting capped out early than they are to players that are set on "completing" this event. Anyone that hits the final cap is clearly insane and deserves no sympathy from DE or anyone else.
  9. Better for someone with your outlook, not mine. If they had known the final end date, published it and let me work out how many tasks I needed to complete each week to cap out, then yes, that would be fine. As it was, we were all working in the dark, meaning that I was going to do every task I could stomach in order to not miss out on any crystal cred. That led to me capping out early and feeling frustrated (though you would have been pleased with the outcome). When they raised the cap to a level that you or I won't be able to achieve, they frustrate you and satisfy me - because you want t
  10. I haven't hit the latest cap, but I did hit the cap at 60 or 90 and had to wait a couple weeks not knowing whether I should keep farming tasks to auto-complete tiers that would be unlocked in the future, or whether I had wasted a bunch of time doing tasks I wouldn't have done if I'd known the cap was where it was. I haven't even done all the tasks - no tridolons or OV conservation for me, so I'm at least 30,000 points behind someone who has done everything. Believe me, I have NOT been farming glass fissures. My point was more that they designed this in a way that is just going to frustr
  11. They can't please everyone. They either set a reachable cap and leave players like me complaining that we have nothing to do and we're wasting our effort. or they set a cap so high that players like you complain that they can't finish it. Personally, I prefer it this way. I'm at 162 I think and I'll just be banking a few potatoes and nitain with whatever cred I earn the rest of the way. Hopefully I can finish my helmet collection in the intermission cycle (assuming the new ones are added to the rotation).
  12. Yes, I think that is the way it worked with the last two series. I'll certainly be spending all of mine just to be safe.
  13. Yes, but what about when you want to banish a rescue target or sortie defense target? I don't use limbo much but tried this a couple times and could never figure out if banish was working or not unless I stopped and watched to see if health was decreasing while they were being shot.
  14. Overall, just enjoy the game and don't worry too much about how things work in the early going. Mods are very important - these are actually the most important thing in terms of how powerful your weapons and warframes are. However, as you get started, you won't have many to choose from and won't know which ones are good. From the arsenal (where you choose weapons and warframes to equip), go into the upgrade screen and you should have an option to "auto choose" mods. Use that for the first little while. If you get warframe mods that increase your health or weapon mods that increase da
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