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  1. I'm no Khora expert, but I think if you had a slash-heavy stat-stick melee on Khora, (Khora modded with both accumulting whipclaw and pilfering strangledome and Naramon to maintain combo counter), you wouldn't need Nekros to melee the guys dangling from the dome - Khora's whipclaw would just mince them. A better Khora player might be able to confirm that - I'm not 100% sure the slash effect of cutting up the bodies would translate through whipclaw + strangledome. Might be worth a try - you should be able to see fairly quickly if it is working or not. Edit to add: Khora's wiki entry say
  2. I couldn't tell you - never used Nidus in Rathuum. Given I was running solo and wanted to give Loki a try, it seemed worth a shot and I was pleasantly surprised how it attracted them. In a squad, I could see Nidus being better since larva would both attract and CC the executioners, while I just needed to draw them out so I could invisimurder them without us both running around looking for each other. I haven't been back to try to refine strategy. Edit: wait - where would Nidus come in if you're using a pilfering Khora? Edit again: and wouldn't accumulating whipclaw give you the
  3. For a "general purpose" amp, I agree with this. I have a different amp that I use for Eidolons, but to have one just for my operator to carry around that I might need to use occasionally, I think this is a good suggestion. I don't actually remember which brace I use, but it is definitely a 2-3-X, for the same reasons that Canach says. I also have a different amp that I will use during a rare profit-taker run, just because I want more range to cycle the PT's shields than I get with the 2-3-X. Again, not general purpose.
  4. Given how recently he was vaulted, it will probably be a while before he is unvaulted again. If you're going to trade, better to do it sooner than later, since prices will only rise until he comes back again.
  5. They previewed the glassmaker sword in the last devstream. It is a heavy blade that can launch projectiles that will "glass" enemies. Looks kinda cool, but probably just a collector's item for me...
  6. What similarities do you see between those two? Wolf would appear randomly in any mission throughout his whole event and was simply a bullet sponge in all iterations. Zealoid wasn't even hinted at until the finale and had a relatively complex fight in its own node. Aside from being larger than normal humanoids, I don't really see any similarity between the two.
  7. Operator arcanes can be purchased from Little Duck in Fortuna. You'll need to farm toroids for standing. Personally, I would wait until you have a resource booster and then do either general toroid farming, exploiter orb or profit taker. Personally, I found exploiter to be the least annoying/most productive of those alternatives. Warframe arcanes can currently be farmed by doing Eidolon hunt. Most of mine I got during Scarlet Spear, but who knows when that is coming back. Trading is always an option too.
  8. The odds of getting a riven for a particular weapon are very remote, and rivens themselves are rare. If you want a riven for a particular weapon and can afford the asking price, buy a trash one and roll it. Kuva and plat can be farmed. You could do a sortie every day for your entire life and never get a Karak riven.
  9. I think I used Kronen prime with a Naramon combo/crit build. Duration Loki. Dropped a decoy to draw the executioners out then melee them to death. Run around occasionally to pick up a few energy orbs. I was dreading the rathuum missions, but they went surprisingly easy for me. Why do you care about desecration? Endo farming?
  10. Lots of good discussion before I arrived, but one thing to keep in mind is that levelling gear is an area where the new player and veteran experience is completely different. When you get a new weapon, you can put exactly 3 points worth of mods onto it (gradually increasing to 30 as you level it up). I can put 28 points worth of mods with no difference until the weapon hits level 29, just because I have already played for 2 years and levelled almost everything in the game up to earn that MR. So each time I get a new weapon, it is practically as good as a fully ranked one. So my 28 points w
  11. Which defense missions are giving you trouble? I can only think of the armored vault segment in POE and the Coildrive mission in Fortuna. For both of those, a Snowglobe Frost or a Slow-Nova would probably do the trick. If a different bounty segment, let us know which one in particular is giving you trouble.
  12. I agree that, at your stage, it is best to try out the mode at low risk to figure things out. Once you get comfortable and find a strategy that works, you can try the higher risk settings to maximize your credit return. You don't need to interact with the points to pick them up - just run over them and they will begin to circle around your body. The more points you pick up, the more you will see. There will also be a counter on the GUI that shows how many points you are carrying and the potential bonus you will earn if you bank the points. Vacuum does not apply to these, so you have
  13. No, not at all. I wrote up a detailed description of my solo method and posted it here somewhere in the last few weeks. I'll see if I can find it and PM it to you to see how it compares to what you do.
  14. If you are talking solo, I would like a detailed explanation of how this is possible (I can routinely solo this in about 21 minutes including load times and think I have it pretty-much optimized). If in a coordinated squad, then I thank you for letting me know since I have been wondering how quickly it would be possible to get this done with 4 vs 1. My experience has been that the fight will freeze between phases 1 and 2 about 50% of the time on PS4 if an a group, so I long ago gave up on attempting it with a squad and always do it solo where I almost never experience a glitch.
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