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  1. I wasn't able to watch the devstream but I'm really disappointed to find out that the update got delayed again. I just wish they didn't announce it, it would've been better if they waited until the update has been submitted to Nintendo before announcing something like that. Also, why not give us the the color bug fix now? We've been waiting exactly one month for that fix. Instead of including the fix for that bug in Thursday's hotfix they've instead decided to include it with the Fortuna update even though it's ready. Why? We need to wait until they submit the update and then for Nintendo to approve it which could take a month. And when are we going to get Mesa Prime? All these delays and lack of information for the Switch version is really disappointing. I really hope they don't delay the update for a third time.
  2. Will you guys bring TennoGen content to the Switch version like PS4 and Xbox? Right now we only have like 5 skins for weapons. I know it takes time but are we going to get TennoGen syandanas, warframe skins, attachements, etc. down the road? Also, I hope we get an update on the Fortuna cert since the last update was a week ago. Thanks 🙂
  3. Hey, love your work but I have a question, do you add watermark to the final versions as well? Or do you remove the watermark after receiving the payment?
  4. I don’t mind waiting, I just hope that’s not it and that we get more than just a couple of skins for weapons I’m sure no one is interested in.
  5. What’s with the lack of TennoGen content on Switch? I’ve never played Warframe before and I only started when it came out on Switch, played more than 100 hours so far. The TennoGen category in the Market is practically empty, there are only like 7 skins for weapons in there and tbh they all look really bad. I would really love it if we can have some of the items available for PC players like syandanas, helmets, warframe skins. Is it like that for PS4 and Xbox players too? Will we ever get some of the cosmetics PC players have? I know some of them are PC-exclusive but what about the rest? A lot of the TennoGen items look a lot better than the ones made by DE and I would definitely buy some of them.
  6. @[DE]Rebecca I'm loving the game on Switch! You guys and PB did a fantastic job with the port. But please add support for video capture. Video capture is very much needed in this game.
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