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  1. I didn't see it as a joke. Anyway, yeah I watched today's Nintendo stream and yes they did say they have a couple surprises for this weekend. Wonder what they have planned.
  2. No. Not sure what made you think they were joking around. I think you should watch the Devstream again (skip to 12:00) Sheldon: "hopefully we'll get this out on Monday?" Rebecca: To cert? Yes, next week is the new target. ----- Where is the joke here? Lol.
  3. Did you try searching for it in the Market? It shows up for me when I search for it.
  4. In Devstream #122 Rebecca said that the Switch will be getting "over 19 TennoGen items very very soon". I'm really excited since there's barely any TennoGen items available for Switch players right now. Anyway, she said that those items will be listed in the review thread. I've been searching and couldn't find it. Can someone share the link to it here? Also, what are the chances of us getting the Repala syandana? I'm guessing since it's available on all the other platforms it'll surely be on Switch as well right? This is probably my most wanted TennoGen item.
  5. When they submit the update for certification Nintendo will have to do their own QA on the update. It can take up to two weeks for Nintendo to approve it. When it gets approved it's up to DE to decide when it goes live.
  6. I hope the Repala syandana is one of the TennoGen items being added to Switch soon. That’s honestly the only TennoGen item I really want.
  7. I wasn't able to watch the devstream but I'm really disappointed to find out that the update got delayed again. I just wish they didn't announce it, it would've been better if they waited until the update has been submitted to Nintendo before announcing something like that. Also, why not give us the the color bug fix now? We've been waiting exactly one month for that fix. Instead of including the fix for that bug in Thursday's hotfix they've instead decided to include it with the Fortuna update even though it's ready. Why? We need to wait until they submit the update and then for Nintendo to approve it which could take a month. And when are we going to get Mesa Prime? All these delays and lack of information for the Switch version is really disappointing. I really hope they don't delay the update for a third time.
  8. Gosh. I mean we appreciate that you guys are trying to make this update perfect but I agree with the other user. You shouldn’t keep telling us “next week, next week” until it’s really “next week” because we were excited but right now we’re just annoyed and disappointed. This post shouldn’t have have been made in the first place until the update was really ready to be submitted for certification. Like I said, we do appreciate how hard you guys are working but for the next big update please don’t repeat this same mistake. That said, can we at least get the fix for the color bug?? I know you said it will be included in the Fortuna update but it looks like it’s going to take a while for that update to go live.
  9. You can use any keyboard. Just plug it in the dock or if you’re using your Switch in portable mode use a USB-C to USB adapter. I also read that Logitech wireless keyboards work with the Switch.
  10. Will you guys bring TennoGen content to the Switch version like PS4 and Xbox? Right now we only have like 5 skins for weapons. I know it takes time but are we going to get TennoGen syandanas, warframe skins, attachements, etc. down the road? Also, I hope we get an update on the Fortuna cert since the last update was a week ago. Thanks 🙂
  11. Hey, love your work but I have a question, do you add watermark to the final versions as well? Or do you remove the watermark after receiving the payment?
  12. Will we get a status update any time soon? It's been a week since the last one 😕
  13. From what I’ve read and seen so far PC and consoles typically get the same items. It’s just that Baro on consoles (PS4, Switch, Xbox) is 3 visits behind PC so we usually always know exactly what’s coming. For example, I know what Baro will be selling in his next visit because it’s going to be the same items he sold on his 12/14/2018 visit on PC. Edit: OP I’m sure were were supposed to get that Tigris skin since it’s the only one that’s missing. Maybe a bug or they just forgot to add it, not sure what the process is here so I don’t know what it could be.
  14. I would like that but I don't see it happening. Especially the cross-play with PC part since PC will always be ahead in terms of builds. Regarding consoles though, DE said that all consoles will be in content parity in 2019. https://www.digitalextremes.com/news/2018/11/warframe-hits-nintendo-switch
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