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  1. Sounds cool, but its unfair for low MR. Also capture hydrolyst annoyed many people. Who want to carry MR4 players with no operator and uising MK-1 BO to capture the Hydrolyst? I think all tasks should be easier and faster. After all these are weeklys. Something you spend 1 hour doing and back to your ordinary playing. Some tasks make people spend entire week and thats starting to be frustrating. I mean I wanna farm some standings with a faction and do fortuna and cetus bountys but cant do that because I got freaking nightwave that takes hours and longer. No other game have weekly tasks so screwed like this one. Come on make them fast make them profitable, make them the way so the people dont have to spend days doing them. I played many MMO games I know what a daily and weekly task is. These are not weekly tasks these are week thieves.
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