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  1. Nekros is no a handsome lad.
  2. Its good to have a game to jump back and forth to warframe with. Warframe gets a bit stale for me when its the only game Im playing. Hopeful for anthem, but im not preordering. Ive been burnt with ME Andromada, D2 and FO76, waiting it out from now on.
  3. Well at least you tried dude, your starting post should have got some response, but if we get no feedback to our feedback and no hotfixes (apart from plat/market), nothing is going to change. Must be contractual issues / new business partners and all that I guess. We will have to give them time to find their sea legs. They will get there. Certainly different to the other platforms for now.
  4. There has been slught differences from ps4 on each visit so far.
  5. Dont look like it will be fixed. Latest news is that prime vault will be closing first on the switch. Makes no sense to me.
  6. Radio silence broken!!! Awesome. Looking forward to hearing some news.
  7. That Atlas gets the Inaros/Nidus treatment. Thats all.
  8. Out lorewise, but would be good to see a more powerful version of the Seer. I was just levelling it again because nintendo switch and wow its much better nowadays, got stats, nice zoom and just feels good!! Give us a big boy version please.
  9. If absorb must absorb something, let it absorb health. That would tie in with actually using invun when you need it.
  10. Been continuing bounties and trying to figure out whats going wrong, failed 6 teir 5 bounties in a row all due to control the area fail with no enemy spawns. So, when you go to the outer edges of the zone and look back in, you can see distant enemies stuck high in the air, but when you start to close that distance the enemies become invisible. Another possible reason, on one bounty at the initial stage of clear the area where all enemies have the red marker, one enemy was 200m+ away in another camp, but I could not leave without abandoning / had no long range weapon. (maybe the control the area stage spawns are dropping in other camps?) Could explain why at times the % control counter drops faster than you can read it. Vombalysts, been continuing to search and actually found 2 vombs in the wild twice at same spot, far left of map about 15m from the sandbar fishing spot. Using mote amp and following teralyst, most vombs I had spawn were 5 of them for a night cycle. But on building a teir 1 amp, I managed to net 21 vombs for some reason unknown. Mostly appearing 1 at a time, sometimes after the 'call out' but mostly after a ground slam. I have only seen the red vombs twice. On a side note, collected around 60 intact cores from Lua, but not seen any exceptional cores. I dont know if that drops were changed or maybe just poor rng for me, but thought I'd mention it in case its a bug. I did hit 'rare' drops becuase I got lucky and received vengful revenant. Hope info is of help.
  11. Scoured the map found zero vombs. Followed and annoyed teraralyst, after about 10 mins, got 2 vombs showed up. No more appeared. Tried next night cycle, got only 2 vombs same as previous method. Thats gonna be a hella lot days to build an amp or get rev 🙂
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