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  1. It is hard to survive, not to kill, he can go through rift and his subordinates too ... if you do it with Limbo gimme a video i want to see how you do it.
  2. To be honest, the wolf is not hard to beat with the good loadout, and this is the problem. I don't have health plates/ energy plates so each time just to be safe i pick chroma and gram prime, just so i deal tons of damage and survive, but that completely removes the fun of it because i can not use other frames, let's say i am doing a mobile defense as Limbo , the lazy way, then the wolf spawns, well ... gg . The problem is that you can never go with a Lvl 1 weapon into the star chart anymore specially solo because if he spawns you don't deal damage to him and you maybe are not using a frame that can survive (mesa/Limbo/Banshee). As a solo player i can understand how you feel and i think they should completely remove those molotov throwers invincibility because, well they deal the most damage imo, next they should adjust the wolf's strength/resistances depending on your weapons ( a 6 forma level 30 weapon should take the same time to kill the wolf as a lvl 1 weapon... just my opinion )
  3. Why are you all talking about rushing things ? What do you expect me to do ? sit there and log in 10 minutes / day and do nothing ? I didn't rush anything, also it is normal it took you 4 years to get mr27 because there was no mr 27 2 months ago so ....
  4. I don't consider 6 months of playing to get all content rushing it....some people get MR27 and finish all content in less than that
  5. Hi, I have everything in the game, except a lot of useless weapons, i don't need mods to max out because everything is so easy, i always have max standings and i have been playing for 6 months now, mr21--- the 6 mr ranks left are just weapons to craft/k-drives but i don't see any content. I have nothing to do, everything seems useless, eidolons ? all arcanes, fortuna ? everything maxed out, ephemeras? all farmed. What is even left to do in this game ? (weapon leveling and mastery rank are not content ) Edit : i even stopped doing sorties, feels like a waste of time to get either an anasa sculpture, or a riven ( if it is for a good weapons then the stats suck, if it is for a bad weapon, well it will make it better but i prefer using good weapons anyway )
  6. If you make all other archwings super fast, then the tankiest/highest dps archwing will be used more and Itzal will never be used, that does not fix the problem. Also something that bothers me about this nerf is... what about everything else ? Best survival endless frames :Octavia/Ivara/Ash Best non-arbitration interception : Nyx/Ivara/Nidus Best exterminate frame : Ember(low level) / Saryn / Equinox / Mesa Best defense frame : Limbo/Frost/Khora/Garaa Best index frames : Garaa/ Rhino / Mesa Best rescue frame : Limbo Best farm frame : Nekros/Hydro/Khora/Speed Nova Best eido/exploiter frames : Chroma/Trinity/Volt/Oberon/Harrow So why pick other frames like Atlas/Banshee/Baruuk/Excalibur/Garuda/Hildryn/Loki/Mag/Mirage/Revenant/Titania/Wukong/Zephyr ? For example for eidolons, if you pick anything other than what is meta (Atlas for ex, or garuda or anything ) you don't optimize your clearing time. For farming why always go at least with 1 nekros and speedva . For exploiter why spam chroma/octavia . With all the frames that are underpowered Itzal is the issue ? Hell who cares about Itzal nerf for Railjack when even Steve said he didn't like railjack, for anything there is a "Best" thing to pick, always, you cannot create a perfect world. Now my question is ---- why do people stick pick those useless frames (atlas etc..), simple : they pick them because they love them. Archwings do not create any love, you don't "Like" an archwing you just use the most potent one, and that will always be the case, so nerfing Itzal will never change that fact. Your point is that making every archwing as fast as Itzal is a fix, well no because other archwings have what Itzal doesn't have now which is survivability/damage, so do we even nerf them now to make all archwings do same damage/ have same survivability and same speed ? This is kinda ridiculous , some weapons in this game suck, would you use a Furis to go to a secondary only sortie ? Hell no , we always choose what is best to do things fast and efficiently , there is no fix to that, a Slash weapon will always be better than a Impact one, period, i feel like this hate towards Itzal isn't justified by Scott, he just said "I'm gonna nerf the S#&$ out of that" because "it removes player's choice", when he said that you could see that Rebecca was not agreeing with him, neither Steve was, or any other member, i don't get why hate Itzal so much or why NEVER anyone has posted before concerning itzal in open worlds but now that k-drives are more obsolete and Scott began the subject, people would like this to change... For me this is just not justified, i will always pick the best choice given to me, and IF I FIND SOMETHING FUN , i use it,and you know what i find the least fun ? Spending 20minutes going through empty landscapes when i am not using the best choice given to me.
  7. Hhahahaa, that is a funny one, that would make k-drives more in the dump, though it doesn't bother me. Scott's problem was that K-drives are not used, so that won't fix the problem in any means. For me k-drives can stay the way they are, they are non fun things that just bother the hell out of me, the people who like them use them, and the people like me who like to speedrun, well, never do use them.
  8. As i said, you should be invulnerable while aim gliding, that is the easy fix and i don't see any problem with that.
  9. Did you read what i said ? If you make all archwings fast and not just Itzal then yes, people will use other archwings but k-drives will still be useless, which was the problem, the problem here is Itzal being faster than every archwing , and every archwing being faster than every k-drive. Making all archwings at same speed does not change the k-drive uselessness so you did not fix the problem. Also the beacon idea is stupid, 100m range is nothing, void dashing will do your 100m in 3s.. maybe 4. So that solution is not a solution, just a bother, i would rather fly those 100m rather then long press at a location while grineer are shooting me to continue going...
  10. I tried valkyr in Simulacrum and a lot of times i died duing my Hysteria specially after aim glide - shooting weapon ? which should not happen, this is a bug though nothing to do with melee 3.0 . Yeah that is part of the problem too, anything that does not have armor is weak. But maybe if you make slash useless against them then other physical types will be useful ? I don't know tbh all i know is that other than slash,everything sucks (IPS wise)
  11. First off : Open worlds are mostly empty --- that means that if you remove Itzal blink or change it you will have to parcour through empty landscapes without gaining anything out of it. - The cause of the Itzal nerf was that k-drives are not used a lot : with all speed mods into a k-drive, i can parcour a 300m distance faster with just bullet jumping and void dashing, this is a fact. So k-drives are just overall bad, if you like them use them but with their current state, i would never do that. -K drives are slow so we nerf Itzal, well that is completely wrong Logic, void dashing is faster than k drives, so we nerf void dash ? what next, we nerf bullet jump ? I don't think this is the fix. -The ONLY utility of archwings in open world is to travel, this is a fact too ( unless you are into some weird archwing love), so naturally i will use the archwing that has the best travel capabilities -> Itzal. -They said that nerfing Itzal would make people use other archwings in open world : completely false, any archwing that will be the fastest will be used the most, period. - Why do we want to travel fast ? - Bounty stages are separated by hundreds of meters of nothing, just running through empty landscapes, naturally i don't want to see the desert, so i go faster. -Eidolons teleport really far most of the time, i want to go fast too (if lure is not charged). -We want to be the most efficient time-wise, i don't want to sit there and each 3 minute of useless defense against lvl 50 mobs i have to parcour through 1000m+ of landscapes and lose time doing so , i will rather never play open worlds again. Fixes ? - Make bounty stage locations much closer at each stage, not this 1000m+ bs then nerf itzal. -Having a big open world is nice, but if it's empty.... i'd rather make it small if you nerf itzal, or fill it up with some unknown content that would actually make me not hate my time playing while i am maneuvring through it. -Definitely not nerfing Itzal, as Archwing's only purpose is to go fast, nerf it then we will just use whatever archwing and never use k drives anyway ( for me, i won't even consider going into open-world, lot of people said that too i am not alone). -Fix k-drives by making them like 300% faster ? that won't fix the issue, while in archwing trees do not matter and you don't have to jump over rocks or mountains. I don't know what they could change blink for, if you put a cooldown on it people will still use Itzal, if you remove people will stop playing open worlds or still pick Itzal because it has the highest base speed. Well, sherlock that would not fix the problem that other archwings won't be used, Why even do that ? Seems quite arbitrary. Okay, so you are saying that we should give archwings the ability to be faster than a 100m blink ? If we do that then why even bother changing blink since every other archwing can go faster without it ? And if it is not faster than a 100m Blink then why bother using other archwings since Itzal is still the fastest ? In Poe that would be a huge mess because the map is so small, in Fortuna maybe, but people mostly don't even enjoy the archwing fights anyway so it will just be an additional bother. And if you want to fight flying enemies you can just do archwing missions. So you are removing Itzal from the picture and putting archwing with the best capabilities to fight instead, but then we nerf them ? This would be an infinite loop of mess for nothing.
  12. Ember sucks , and i don't get all the hate she received from DE, the first time i got her people were saying World On Fire is the best ability for Ember, then i tried it, no matter how hard i went it was just low level clearing, and the EXTREMELY high energy drain for basically nothing, just to compare mesa with 30 energy can clear a room of level 40+ enemies (grineer), ember needs to stand there and wait... and wait. Her 2 gives her a buff but it is not sufficient. I would like to see the energy cost divided by 2 minimum , the damage output could be multiplied by whatever amount you like but the thing is that World On Fire causes Heat status which is not that good tbh, an augment would be nice, in the augment i would like to see : Ember's energy color adds an element to her 4 . So you can go green energy and do gas damage ? Or maybe the 2 colors of energy and secondary would determine her WoF element type so you can go Blue/Green for corrosive ? Honestly i don't know but i can say Ember is highly underpowered for higher level content compared to other frames.
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