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  1. Nice, now i definitely know i won't play this game anymore. You won't even bother to remove unnecessary time gates and "squad link" from the event. Haven't played for months, now won't play for life. It was fun though , when you cared about feedback. Bye bye, forever.
  2. 5 Hotfixes in and it's still broken, as you would expect from DE. Grind Grind Grind Grind, or play another game 🙂 I just pass by the forums from time to time, haven't played in months
  3. I said it they should remove the victory payout, remove the 100/100 goal, and just multiply the score you get by x3. Fair for everyone. And no more waiting time because you completed a flotilla too fast .... but they WON"T do it. So i won't play it, and i'm not alone. Other games are better at respecting a player's time
  4. Seems like you gave up on the main issue of the event.
  5. Wait chief, wait, it's 110% 🙂
  6. Already addressed that. Well there's a difference between playable and enjoyable. I should have said enjoyable, repeating the same mission X times for little rewards. CONTENT : A mobile defense with extra steps is not content, all this update brought is 2 new missions, 2 new weapons. Also for time gating, why is that logic not applicable to profit taker ? Why is it not applicable to exploiter orb ? Why is it not applicable to plague star ? Why is it not applicable to acolytes ? Oh yeah because in those you can't ... rush them ? Well you can ... your point doesn't make sense. Also Scarlet Spear will probably never be rushed because people need arcanes, and people who have arcanes will farm more to sell them , i don't get the "rush" part. Rush for what ? There's nothing to rush. A good example of rushing would be the Ivara intrinsic farm, that was rushing through content (75k MR).
  7. Just logged in, assumed that after 4 hotfixes new event would be playable. I was wrong. Why time gate an event ... i have never seen a game drop an event and make it unplayable the faster you are at completing it ... except for mobile games. You know what i did, alt f4'd because i won't spend 10 minutes waiting for this to finish. People may say 10 minutes isn't a lot, well except when you login to play the game and realize you can't .... you just lose all the will to play. I may be the only one though... Like what don't they remove this 100/100 restriction and these time gates ? Just let us do it infinitely, i don't see any reason for a cap.
  8. You are comparing HP scaling with challenge, more HP does not mean more challenge.Go take a look at boshy, that is what i call a challenging game.
  9. Why in hell would you give an event a timer that makes you unable to play it based on how well you perform ? So better flotillas just have to wait and wait and wait. Wtf is wrong with this thought process. Just remove this 100/100 BS , multiply all rewards by x3 and call it a day, that way you won't have problems not receiving the "Bonus", you won't have to care about timers at all, you can play WHENEVER you want. I just don't #*!%ing get it. Players are quitting the game left and right with every update ... and why would you push an update if it's full of bugs, these hotfixes and changes are things that should have been here at launch, not 3 days into the event, also you are not extending the event, so #*!% all the people who got no points before. Oof, quite toxic heh. Good job for the nova skin, looks amazing. Balance team sucks, they don't play the game for sure.
  10. Don't you think relying on other players to be "rewarded" for your effort is a problem ? Also what happens if i wanna play with someone who is in another flotilla, i won't grind the 5k in just 1, can i not just get 5k overall in any flotilla and receive a bonus ? So for you everything is fine. Fair.
  11. Oh but i stopped playing, i login every update to try and play again. I don't even bother to login for daily rewards anymore xD
  12. Here's the thing railjack lasts forever, scarlet spear ends in 4 weeks .
  13. Aside from bug fixes. It's just too much farm for 6k MR , a simulacrum and some sigils (exclusives) . And the arcanes cost way too much for how many you can get ( most people would go for 15k points, that's 10 r0 common arcanes, in 3 hours because you CAN"T exit your relay) . Do you know how many rank 0 common arcane you get for 3 hours of Terry ? Yeah that's more than 10 for sure,probably in the hundreds. Balance is always the issue. Also the event is just a mobile defense with extra steps ... hey NEW WAR, "It's gonna be a war, changing the whole game, not just an island of content" Yeah ... trueee. I know some people are gonna say it lasts a month, well how about it lasts 2 weeks of hotfixing bugs, 1 week on balancing, and 1 week of a quasi-finished event ? That's how i see it. I'm just disappointed in myself for having expectations on an update from DE on release ... and if they don't change the balance, or reduce a 0 from every item in the shop or increase the standings we get by a LOT, i just won't even bother. I'm max MR, i like to collect all things, but this is just ... nah. Your opinion ? I can't find any positive, except the Nova bundle that looks amazing imo.
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