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  1. I got my first dispo nerf after 4 months of playing (April 2019) when I was already way past any regular content and grinded kuva and rivens pretty hard, it killed a big part of interest for me and my playtime, but I still had something going. Now 3 more months of mostly occasional playing I literally have no content, no challenge, and no incentive to grind for rivens. It's a really bad system that at least was offering some goals to accomplish, but with how devs are just S#&$ting other player's efforts to reach those almost non-existent goals it's just not justifiable to keep it silent. I personally don't care about rivens anymore and don't need them to do 2 hour solo arbitration, but how it's handled is a big #*!% YOU to the players. The whole riven system is broken in the first place and the way dispos are changed only makes it worse. Just get rid of rivens at all if you can't build and maintain a healthy ecosystem.
  2. I won't count times I've lost 1mln damage stack on Gara due to a host leaving... That's like an hour of keeping 2nd on a 50sec repeat timer. So... it's like going solo only. Great ping, no host migration, no one else to blame. In a coop shooter :)
  3. @[DE]Megan Arca Plasmor and Catchmoon are still bugged with Gara's Mass Vitrify. The projectiles do bounce off the glass wall being both inside or outside of it. It's almost a month since this bug has appeared.
  4. I mean, no one cares since I'm like 1/100 players using Gara, but when I do use her (especially on Arbitrations, where everyone have either Plasmor or Catchmoon)... yeah, it's not good for anyone. If it's defense I (and basically everyone) have to constantly leave-return from-into Mass Vitrify to keep operative alive, if it's other types of mission I don't care that much, but it's very inconvenient, to say the least. Been that since Big apri's update when Plasmor/Catchmoon projectiles became shootable through objects.
  5. Still no fix for Arca Plasmor and Catchmoon shots bouncing off Gara's Mass Vitrify? @[DE]Megan
  6. Max Crit Radiation Catchmoon shreds Wolf and there's enough raw damage to kill anything armored up to lvl100 and all flesh at basically any lvl. And ammo efficiency is insane as well.
  7. No it wasn't. It was perfectly fine.
  8. No one plays Gara so why bother with fixing some real game-breaking bug:
  9. Recent Arca Plasmor and Catchmoon change broke how their projectiles work with Gara's Mass Vitrify - shots bounce off the glass instead of going through it like every single other weapon. This happens both being inside and outside the glass wall.
  10. Catchmoon and Arca Plasmor are still bugged with Gara's Mass Vitrify - they bounce back off the glass instead of going through it.
  11. Arca Plasmor's and Catchmoon's projectiles are bugged with Gara's Mass Vitrify:
  12. Changes to how Arca Plasmor's and Catchmoon's projectiles behave resulted in inability to shoot through Gara's Mass Vitrify being both inside and outside of it - projectiles just bounce back off the glass wall and then dissappears. Other projectile weapons work fine (tested Lenz, Supra, Staticor).
  13. That's exactly my problem here. The difference at 160lvl+ is huge. I personally view rivens as a means to go full endgame with endless missions, they are not needed at star chart or sorties at all. That's a slap only to an extreme players like 6x3 eidolon hunters and 2 hour endurance runners.
  14. Thing is, 0.8 Catchmoon nerf wont change the fact that 3-4 forma no riven Catchmoon will clear anything on the star chart and sortie level. It's the actual endgame that gets the hit - like 200lvl arbitration enemies. I got my riven off the devstream, got close to top tier CC/Multi/Toxin/-zoom on first roll and grinded my ass out for 2 weeks like mad just to build it and now it was partially taken away. That hurts. Not the fact that it's a nerf, the fact that it's a spit in the players face. Like I got an Akjagara riven drop awhile ago, farmed the gun like 2 or 3 days ago, put 4 forma, rolled a riven 22 times to get close to top cc/cd/cold/-corpus stats yesterday and, suddenly, Akjagara users all other the place! Haven't seen a single one for months lol. It's still a beast, still shreds, not much has changed, but, like, why? I understand Catchmoon nerf, it's OP as hell without rivens, but that thing is insanely hard to get thanks to the time-gating. You don't see many MR10s with Catchmoon. Ignis, hell, I got a riven for it, rolled a few times for decent stats, even got myself a free Wraith, still can't force myself to use it because it's boring and stupid as hell, don't even know why I put 4 formas in it. And not endgame viable by any means. I see Ignis Wraith sooooo much on like really low MRs it really deserves the nerf, that's the most overused weapon in the game. Last time I saw Tigris Prime with same 1/5 dispo? I dunno, once a week maybe. Not that I think TP needs rivens at all, it's just a funny thing to compare. 1/5 Staticor - how many of them do we see now? Not really endgame viable, not overused in recent times, not even a slight buff. Supra hurts aswell. I agree, I see it sometimes, but that change? No way, it's not a popular weapon by any means. Thankfully my -puncture riven still shreds 160lvl armor. What about things like Exergis, for example? It's so deep beyond grind-gate, it's really uncomfortable to use without sacrificing damage or using specific frames like Harrow or Chroma, you never see it in a game, and my riven for it is still 3/5. The logic is genius. Not even gonna talk about snipers nerf. Too much has been said before me. I think changes to rivens should be made not solely on the popularity of the weapon across the board, but also on usage at actually hard content like high level endless missions. That's what rivens are actiually for. Not to clear the star chart.
  15. Well, rip 2 hour sirvival builds. Guess Chroma will now be much more mandatory.
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