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  1. Splinter Storm - The 90% damage reduction now absorbs the damage and adds it to the scaling damage count that grows from breaking mass vitrify. Spectrorage - Mirrors will not break from taking damage and will now reflect damage back at the trapped enemies (similar to Octavia's Mallet) and one mirror will break for every trapped enemy that dies. Mass Vitrify - When the wall is broken by shattered lash, the damage from the explosion will explode with the same scaling damage as splinter storm. Let me know what you think of these potential augments as well as any additional ideas you may have. Edit: I know she already has some augments, but these are just additional ideas.
  2. That works for me as well! That is basically what I'm asking for in the first place is to be able to have room for more than one augment. But like you said earlier FrostDragoon is that "what sort of effort could justify allowing that on a frame."
  3. Hey buddy, if you really fixed it for me, you would have said, "Hey guys, I had a stupid idea". If you don't have anything productive to say, please go away!
  4. Hey guys, I had an interesting idea, but its not likely to be implemented because it would make frames way too OP. What if you could forma a frame a certain number of times like say 15 or 20, or 50 if DE wanted to murder us. Doing this would give you the ability to pick an augment for that frame to now be considered an inherent part of that frames kit. Take Ash for example, say I forma ash 50 times and now I can have the seeking shuriken augment be part of Ash's kit without having to waste a mod slot, and now I have room for his rising storm augment in my build. What do you guys think? Lastly, what if this feature was only available on prime frames as a way of making primes more valuable to the players because right now they don't really have much going for them besides fashion frame and slightly better base stats. Editted: Hey guys, I understand you guys don't like formaing, but the concept as a whole doesn't have to be dependent on formas. That was just a easy way for me to get my point across. Also, the whole idea of this concept is to have something challenging to do that rewards you for completing it rather than RNG, and I used formas as an example because we all know how much DE loves to make us farm. Now is 50 forma ideal? No! So if you guys have a different idea for what the challenge would be, I'd love to hear it. What I'm most curious about about is what you guys think of the reward itself, and how it can be implemented rather than the specific challenges it takes to get that reward. An alternative challenge could be completing 3 hour Mot survival with a frame to get the reward.
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