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  1. @[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Scott Why reduce (nerf) the Forward Artillery charges from 5/5 to 2/2 ??? Did you know that Volatile missions in the Veil Proxima require you to break 3 reactor weakpoints and you can only break them with Forward Artillery? The materials for Forward Artillery rarely drops and you have to waste extra 10 to 15 minutes finding them just to make ammo and complete the mission.
  2. @[DE]Megan I found what seems to be an old overlook bug in Warframe upon tweaking random display settings. Bloom has been bugged for a couple of years. It produces black squares. I thought I was the only one but, when you search Google: "warframe bloom black squares" etc, look how many results appear in Warframe Forums.
  3. Just right now while finding Nautilus parts, the camera gets buggy inside Corpus Capital Ship. I could not look up, and when I look down the camera turns upside down / inverted.
  4. Octavia Prime's helmet vanishes after mounting the Railjack's pilot seat while invisible. This could also mean frames that can become invisible loses their heads. There's also some weird framerate drops inside tiny Corpus Crewships tiles. The new huge tilesets such as Freightlinkers and Ice Mines are alright in comparison. Also, thank you for fixing the camera zoom and rotations on the Corpus Crewships.
  5. Why nerf the ammo cap for Forward Artillery to 2/2 (used to be 5/5) when you need destroy 3 weak points in high level Volatile Railjack missions? There's barely any Ticor Plates (resource for Dome Charge) dropping throughout the Corpus Railjack. In the Defense Railjack missions the music overlaps in the Deadlock Protocol Defense tileset. And, sometimes Crewships get stuck or spawn inside colossal asteroids and soft-locking some missions. I play-tested every single Corpus Railjack node and those are the only problems I encountered.
  6. Can you replace the boring and lame aimbot / aim-snapping Level 10 GUNNERY instrinsic into letting us fire the FORWARD ARTILLERY while piloting the Railjack.
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