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  1. Thank you. Here some suggestions. 1. Add custom crosshairs. 2. Please add more dynamic music. 3. Can we get the somachords from the new tileset from Deadlock Protocol. 4. Turn Orb Vallis and Plains of Eidolon freeroam into dedicated servers (like relays/Scarlet Spear) to simulate MMO experience, it might encourage roleplaying, kdrive racing, and a place where players can hangout.
  2. Can you let us get Deadlock Protocol Somachords please. The music is great and the Sound team Devs did a really great job.
  3. Still can't K-Drive grind on the Gara Toht Lake arcs in the Plains of Eidolon. Operators can't use the K-Drive. Can't use K-Drive on normal missions. "This is unacceptable!"
  4. Please add Hardcore mode for all quests (make them replayable) and missions. Level 150~200 at the start. Also add more music for Grineer and Ice Corpus tilesets with Kuva Fortress music feel. I really love what you guys done with the Corpus fleet tileset music.
  5. Please add more in-game music...
  6. Hi, DE please replace the level 10 gunnery intrinsic. Make it so you can fire the Artillery Cannon from pilot seat and wing turrets.
  7. Hi, DE. Can you replace the level 10 gunnery intrinsic to be able to fire the Artillery Cannon from the pilot seat and wing turrets instead, please!
  8. Thank you for the hotfix. I've been playing Mag a lot recently and I noticed emissive colour doesn't work on Mag Ferro's helmet, it still uses the old energy colour just like before emissives were introduced.
  9. Thank you for the hotfix. I have some requests. Give Titania her own unique roll animation, she has her own run animation but it looks weird when she does a forward roll. Give Titania archwing intrinsic bonuses after unlocking them like lower blink cooldown and extra health. There's also this gear wheel bug that removes everything you have above slot 12 every other hotfix.
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