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  1. Completely agreed. I have yet to go into PoE without crashing at LEAST once. Im not exaggerating here. I have never been able to enter that map without crashing. Sometimes its fortunate to happen right on entry. Othertimes I get completely screwed and it occurs during a bounty and no matter what bounty it is...I have to start all over. So its quite frustrating when it happens on the 5th...or even worse after the 5th but before I can make it to extraction. How can we hope for fortuna to work properly when its twice the content as PoE? Very worrying indeed.
  2. (NSW)Aldent

    Cetus Crash NSW - There needs to be a better way

    If they cant fix Cetus from crashing literally EVERY time I go there since the game came out (I dont even eido hunt or do bounties anymore because crashing is a garuntee if I go there, and im not trying to be in @(NSW)osueboy's situation), what do they figure is going to happen on fortuna's release, which has an open world that is not only exponentially larger, but exponentially more populated? Spoiler: Nothing good.
  3. So when I want to close a chat tab...its been kind of random. Sometimes when I click one of the chat tabs (another players name), a drop down menu appears that has options such as close tab...close all tabs...etc. But most of the time when I do this...instead of giving me a drop down menu, it just changes to that tab. I'm not sure what I'm doing to make the drop down menu appear or not appear. Hoping someone can shed some light on this for me...it gets super frustrating having 10+ chat tabs open and not being able to close any of them.
  4. (NSW)Aldent

    Warframe Builder

    Are there any plans to implement Builder into a mobile app?
  5. (NSW)Aldent

    False Advertisement (feeling cheated)

    No. Its not clear. And anyone whos saying it is needs to take a look at how EVERYONE ELSE is presented with the prime access packages. Its made clear here without any doubt that accessories are not a part of the $80 package. Why is the switch version so different in how these packages are presented? The only reason I knew beforehand was because I asked. But initially I was under the impression that the $80 package was the top tier deal and came with everything. But the way they word everything is very misleading. @OP Sorry man. It sucks you had to find it out the hard way. :/