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  1. Same. He's still really good, and just as viable as he always had been. Amazing tank and great CC, and people S#&$ on how amazing his bubble still is. Don't underestimate the bubble.
  2. This may or may not be the "Snap To Enemy" function, or whatever's it's called -- can't check rn since WF is updating/redownloading. But there's a setting which makes it so the trigger will snap to an enemy to make it easier to aim. It may be that, though I'm doubtful based in how you're describing it. But maybe give that a check, it could be accidentally applied to all instances and could be "fixed" by disabling that option, at least before it is perma fixed.
  3. I'll always love Space Momma. Nothing will change that. Even if she starts purging Tenno, she will have my forgiveness -- that is, while I'm ripping her ?head? from her body.
  4. Shouldn't this release today? Also, I don't wanna sound nitpicky, but PoE needs optimization fixes. It drops framerates really harshly in heavy situations, and adding rain to anything will just kill it. I'm no graphics/performance hoe or anything, but it kinda sucks when my game freezes and my inputs come out much later than actually input, causing me to miss or mess up melee combos (not a real big deal with PoE enemies but still). But I do want the graphics to be optimized first tbh. I look at the PS4, XB1, and PC versions and can only drool of how good they look, and as much as I know the NSW version can't ever look that good, being as close to possible might help. Maybe when the Switch Pro is released can we see larger performance and visual upgrades. I'm very happy with what DE's done so far and am very thankful of the file size decrease.
  5. Agreed. Dude is my go-to for all things. Fast, fun, reliable, and when the going gets tough, I can survive and CC EVERTHING, just as long as I don't run into a nullifier. But, with 3 seconds of invincility and an explosion when Warding Halo runs out, I just recast it since he never runs out of health or energy -- debuffing myself and the team in the process with my flame trail because I'm so damn fast. Then I nuke everything regardless of level with my 4 and 2, and the Reaping Chakram augment, bringing everyone to max health and energy in the process, and making me even more unkillable with Health Conversion. Nezha is honestly, by far, my favorite frame and the most fun to me. Even Volt, and I'm sure the reworked Wukong (hopefully today on console) can't match up, as fun as they are. Can't wait for his prime in December/January. Also can't wait for running man frame, since I love speed. Nezha will still be tops though, too much versatility and fun not to be my favorite.
  6. I should say since posting this, I really enjoy the "It will come to you in time" thing Warframe has going on. My purpose of this post was to shed light on something, not ask for it to be changed in any way. Thought it should go into "Feedback" since there's no "Shed Light On" section, but most of you should've already be able to figure that out. I really like being made to try new things, especially when it's risk free, so I'm happy with the Mastery system requiring me to try different things. But these problems are still relevant for others. I should also make it crystal that all but the plain text was taken from a Steam post, I don't agree with everything that person said, but I do see where he's coming from. I thought since I saw so much of this "problem" while researching and learning more about Warframe, I should bring it to light and see what people have to say. I'm 100% fine with Mastery, and I was 80% fine with it when I posted this thread, and I'm sure more people will be able to enjoy and see the uniqueness behind Mastery as well. I really appreciate the kind, mature, and helpful feedback most of you are giving.
  7. Okay great. Thanks. That greatly reduces my grind and allows me to focus on getting MR10. 1/3 way from MR9 to MR10, then it's time for so many awesome weapons!
  8. So I'm looking to craft a plague Zaw. I need 20k standing to get to the rank I need to finish 2 Zaws (Need to be able to craft Fersteel Alloy). If I have the plague parts for my Zaw crafted, but Plague Star ends, will I still be able to use them to craft a Zaw, or will Hok not have them as an option until Plague Star reappears? I'm asking this because I'm not sure if i'll be able to get enough standing for Fersteel Allow BP before Plague Star ends.
  9. Has anybody heard when it's supposed to release? I'm dying to get my hands on Bionicle-Ganon. Also, while I'm at it, props for such cultured individuals at DE. Truly brought back my childhood with that Bionicle reference, and I'm so hyped for BotW2.
  10. Your Nezha skin link is broken. It displays "Not signed in" 3 times stacked in a column double-spaced.
  11. Hey I'm not salty at all, so don't bring your negativity into my thread. I was just starting a controversial topic. I'm more than fine leveling up myself, and I personally think Mastery adds longevity to the game and goals to aim for. I was just speaking in a few things I read from a decent chunk of players and I can definitely understand those feelings. Hence, "Controversial." You're welcome.
  12. I'm aiming for 14, as I'm pretty sure that allows me the ability to craft every weapon in the game. I have a little less than 11k to go until MR9. Planning on getting to MR10 for the time being. I want the Arca Plasmor, Amprex, Redeemer Prime, and Destreza Prime, among many others.
  13. Agreed. There are things I wouldn't have enjoyed if mastery didn't require them.
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