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  1. It doesn't matter if a player using Trinity thinks she's a nuke frame. Or if Equinox nukes the map before enemies spawn, causing the spores to die alongside the enemies. I swear some people just choose the worst timing to kill enemies in ESO.
  2. I only use her in ESO, and even my clanmates seem to forget to keep at least some goddamn enemies alive, let alone randos. It's so damn annoying. She stays in ESO and only for focus farming, but it's still so annoying.
  3. I run a very fast Volt from time to time, but he's built for more than just speed (nuking as well, though he lacks range, but makes up for it with above average strength at 171%). I don't know if 171% qualifies as a speed build, but I can see it as annoying. I lack any sort of range for that option, but my build doesn't include any room for negative range. I run it instead of my main setup when I feel a bit slow with him. Never encountered the second, as they just don't answer, which is more annoying. True. I try to unmute him at rare times if I'm bored, but I immediately regret my decision and shut him back up, the poor cephalon. Anyone who has that mindset is so ill-informed. Have they not heard of CO? Like how do you not know, at least, how superior status is to crit, especially a mixture. Melee 3.0 will change things though, in 2157 when it's released. Thank. You. Just thought I could share a few thoughts.
  4. Got a 75% off, ripped myself off by selling a Jolt for 45p, and bought her deluxe skin. She's 180p on the Switch Primed, so I'll farm for more plat after I finish finally farming for her parts. I've neglected so many warframes in favor for their primes. Unfortunately, on the Switch, we've never gotten the chance for her Prime I think.
  5. #*!%. That's 1 pm CST. Why are all of your streams so completely inaccessible? These streams times are so inconvenient. Who is ever free at 10:00 am? People have work and classes, even children have school. I work from 8 am until 2 pm CST, and that's 9 am to 3 pm EST. Most people work longer than I do, and most college students have their classes between 9:00 to 3:00. This stream schedule really needs an overhaul, I don't even know why anyone thought it was a good idea in the first place. I literally cannot watch any of your streams, and I'm pretty sure 90% of the playerbase can't either. Also, why is this not at 6:00 EST like just about every other devstream? I'll just felt on Tactical Potato and OGWicked Fun for the info. In the words of Frieza, "This is such a mere disappointed." And of Vegeta, "What a waste." Edit: I just want to clarify, since most people will probably assume incorrectly, I couldn't care less about the drops, I just want the experience of hearing it first-hand from DE and seeing their live reactions and the passion they put into the games, and being able to react properly myself.
  6. I agree. It's awful. Please fix it soon DE, thank you. We appreciate your hard work and effort 😊
  7. My wifi is amazing (140mbps download, 30mbps upload), and my ping is set to 200 maximum. But ever since last mainline, it's been constant crashing and kicking either me, my clanmates and randoms. I get (Couldn't connect to chat server) and notifications of failed server communication proceeded by being sent back to "Main Menu," being my Orbiter. This has happened to both me and clanmates, and by the perceived large increase in randos randomly leaving, them as well. It is especially bad today, and mainly today. Edit: This has happened over 10 times today in my ~4 hours of playtime. It has been kicking me, randos, and clanmates constantly and in just about every single mission I've done. I just got kicked from a 3rd wave Sortie. I'm not even mad anymore, this is just indicative of a server malfunction. Please look into this.
  8. This guy starts off by naming Mogamu, Rob, and Rio. I've got the popcorn if someone can bring the soda.
  9. I hated it when I first did it, but I just decided to watch a few guides and learn the routes, and then I TOOK MY TIME. Taking my time is all I needed. Also, the Skiajati you get alongside Excalibur Umbra helped. But take your time and never follow the guides directly, as enemies will check corpses. You can use that to you advantage, but I'd just get general enemy pathing tips from video guides and then take my time. Also, JUMP ONTO THE TOPS OF THOSE TOWER-THINGS, AND THEN SWOOP DOWN ON ENEMIES TO KILL THEM EASILY, JUMPING BACK UP AGAIN ONCE YOU'VE KILLED ONE OR TWO. DON'T BE AFRAID TO KILL ANOTHER VULNERABLE ENEMY IF YOU SEE THE CHANCE. STAY CLEAR OF THE CENTRAL TOWER AT THE END, AS YOU WILL BE SPOTTED. JUST JUMP TO THE OTHER ONES. AND TAKE YOUR TIME. YOU AREN'T TIMED, SO TAKE ALL THE TIME YOU NEED. I hope I helped if you haven't passes yet.
  10. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the answer right now is no. But, they did state last May that they're looking into cross-saves, and from what Steve said in TennoVIP2019, it sounds like they are in the brainstorming stage of development. It won't be until late next year at the earliest, and that's a stretch, so pick your poison. I, myself, am waiting for cross-saves so I can play the game in beautiful graphics, but that'll probably be on the Xbox Scarlett, so I have some waiting to do. I'd encourage you to do the same (to wait, that is) if you've made a lot of progress and if you have the choice, but it's up to you. I hope the best for you, Tenno.
  11. The Sentients are coming. The Sentients are here.
  12. It worked for me, but not for my clanmates who also suffer the issue. It's definitely worth a try. I hope it fixes your issues too 🙂
  13. 1. Nezha 2. Volt 3. Wukong 4. Ash I enjoy all of their play-styles, and I love speed -- which all of them have except for Ash. But with Ash, this is the first time I've truly felt like a Ninja in a videogame, even counting other Ninja videogames. Walking into a room, wall-latching into an angled bullet jump, turning invisible before I hit the ground, marking enemies, then seeing my shadow clones kill them all before turning visible again is just so fun, ninja-y, and badass. And don't even mention the animation with Teleport -- oh my God it's amazing and epic, seems almost too out of place for Warframe, but in a really good way. And the fact that I can teleport and assassinate them with CL. Arguable one of the best parts is that his shurikens are actually fatal -- like real life. The only thing keeping me from playing him as much as I'd want to is the horrid metalics on his Koga skin, which looks even worse on the Switch, and the lack of his amazing Tennocon skin on the Switch because of DE's mistake which should have been long fixed by now. Saryn may have taken 5 (pre-Gauss) if her Tennocon skin wasn't missing from the Switch. She is far too ugly without it, (including her other skins, which are just awful and the color placements are abhorrent), and I can barely use her without feeling physically ill due to her ugliness and that disgusting glob on every of her skins except the Integra, which, again, is missing from the Switch. When Gauss releases, I expect him to make it at least in 5th place -- he may even make it to second, but nobody beats Nezha. These all are so close together that you could easily say I love them all equally, though Nezha holds a special place in my heart since he's? (lol) he first frame I really wanted, and getting him? (t r a p) is what kick-started my Warframe experience, as I really got into it once I saw and set out to build him? (trolololol). I, of course, bought his? (tralalalalalala) deluxe skin to defuse the trap -- also, it's my favorite skin in the game by far, except being closely followed by Volt's Zener skin; Rekkou really deserves one with this one. But Nezha is, and always will be, first. Everything is still so close-by that you could out them all in second, and I see equal use from all of them as well. Mesa Prime is cool, but mostly because she looks amazing, and because I enjoy the gunslinger motif. But she isn't enough to put in a #5 spot, but she'd be next on the list (pre-Gauss) if I HAD to choose one.
  14. But MR30 means you have mastered every single weapon. That means, upon the release of MR30, no more weapons will be released, basically marking the end of Warframe. That's something I've been thinking about a lot. DE will probably just increase mastery levels or have to revamp mastery as a whole -- an example could be making new weapons that don't contribute mastery by linking it to some story explanation. Maybe some alien type of weapons that are not considered mastery worthy or not accepted by the Tenno as actual weapons, that then have a different type of progression. This would lock ALL of these weapons to exclusively MR30 players, though, which would riot 90% of the fanbase who doesn't play the game just to master every specific weapon just for the sake of it (as not nearly everybody is a collector, and that is the collector gamer mentality). So what DE could also do with that is just simply have it exist alongside Mastery instead of being defined as a post-mastery system. Just a thought. Whatever comes up, I'm sure DE has been brainstorming and testing ideas since day 1.
  15. The colors are way too off. I'll wait to use her once the Tennogen issue is fixed, even though I doubt it will be by now. So Saryn Prime will he rotting in my inventory at R11 for the foreseeable future. Edit: We also have more skins from the SAME EXACT artist as the Saryn Integra artist. Why do we have their other skins and not this one? Is the contact a per item basis? That's dumb. Oh well.
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