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  1. Tried few ESO runs and couple low level relic missions. Damage is fine but she feels incredibly clunky and i spent most of the time looking at the corner of my screen trying to keep spores active as watching "decaying" process is really frustrating. It is also feels very bad on low level missions where damage ramps up to a certain level just enough to oneshot enemy with spore and continue decaying process. Not happy with update. Didn't really matter in ESO past first wave/room, but made her significantly worse everywhere else. Also being constantly worried about some counter in screen corner is not something i look for.
  2. Can we just go back to pre-rework spores with ability to carry toxin damage? Just keep them corrosive and no molt turret :V
  3. Looks like she will be VERY power hungry with these changes. No energy refund from popping spores with toxic lash as it was before and no spread on tick death will force players to spam spores. Also. This change is really pointless outside ESO. Especially on low level missions. Cast spore on enemy - enemy dies - nothing else happens - energy well spent. But in ESO lower damage rampup will mostly affect first minute or so mainly hurting focus gain from bonus period.
  4. This kills the main fun of Saryn. It was so satisfying to observe that uncontrolled chaotic spread of spores.
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