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  1. When is Rising Tide going to come out on consoles?
  2. I would like the Vasca Kavat Starter Kit,Titania Empress Collection,Radient Requiem Relic Collection,and Exilus Weapon Adaptors
  3. You guys at DE are legitimately awesome 😎,have you started preparing to send Rising Tide to Cert yet?
  4. Do you have a timetable for releasing Rising Tide on consoles?
  5. Lately I’ve been thinking maybe this could why The Old Blood is being held up in cert: https://www.rocketleague.com/news/the-blueprint-update-rolls-out-on-december-4/
  6. When can we expect the Railjack Drydock to be added?
  7. Devstream on my Birthday!!! BEST. PRESENT. EVER!!!!!!!!
  8. Any idea when Plague Star will happen again?
  9. This and required materials to build Railjack Drydock are the top 2 questions I’d like answered
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