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  1. (NSW)Kaffeebohnson

    Fortuna: Part 1 on Switch: Launches February 5th!

    They found a huge bug and went "Party's off!"
  2. (NSW)Kaffeebohnson

    Fortuna: Part 1 on Switch: Launches February 5th!

    Can we get a few "Sunday streams" by Steve (or his Nintendo Switch Dev Team counterpart), just rambling about the technical details and challenges of it all? I am super interested how you manage to squeeze the game onto Switch, it would really make the wait go by quicker :) Love this port, want to know more!
  3. (NSW)Kaffeebohnson

    2019 Schedule Opinions?

    I am mega hyped. Especially that New War Key art, I have been waiting for the Sentient Outpost to make an appearance forever. Not really sold on Railjack yet, it's REALLY cool in concept, but the gameplay demo they showed seemed very tedious and slow, samey and not very exciting in the long run. I hope they have some surprises up their sleeves with that.
  4. (NSW)Kaffeebohnson

    Fortuna: Part 1 on Switch: Launches February 5th!

    Could you activate the quest in the codex? Mine is frosted out. Support assures me that this is a known bug, but the quest is completable anyway. But I don't know how. Here's hoping the next update fixes it......
  5. (NSW)Kaffeebohnson

    Fortuna: Part 1 on Switch: Launches February 5th!

    Did you actually manage to complete the Revenant Quest? Mine is stuck after I collected and crafted all of the parts. The last phase where you get the BP simply doesn't trigger.
  6. When cycling between your Warframes Mod loadouts A, B, C, the screen can get stuck. I can't figure out what causes it, but it happens very frequently.
  7. (NSW)Kaffeebohnson

    Fortuna: Part 1 on Switch: Launches February 5th!

    Bringing back the baggy pants? I am genuinely curious about the way you lug around this brick 😄 The Switch is a neat concept, but I have to disassemble it like a weapon to fit it into my winter coat pockets. I wish the Switch was Vita sized... maybe on day.
  8. (NSW)Kaffeebohnson

    Fortuna: Part 1 on Switch: Launches February 5th!

    Welcome to Certus, Nintenno.
  9. (NSW)Kaffeebohnson

    Fortuna: Part 1 on Switch: Launches February 5th!

    Can't wait! I honestly can't imagine how you squeezed Fortuna onto the Switch. I hope to encounter some amazing bugs on launch 😄- it's kinda part of the experience :) (Though I hope this Update also comes with a slew of bugfixes (Revenant Quest!) and performance improvements for PoE.) P.s.: Can you estimate how long cert from Nintendo takes? Is it longer than on PS4/XB1?
  10. (NSW)Kaffeebohnson

    Helminth virus discourages me from using new frames

    It's just frame puberty you have to go through once for each one. I wouldn't mind it to show instantly and be removable right then, though.
  11. (NSW)Kaffeebohnson

    23.5.0 Mask of the Revenant - Hotfix 3

    Vomvalysts spawn during Teralyst fights. You get like a dozen each round. Haven't seen one in the wild on the plains, though. Oh yeah, I crafted the third part - nothing happened after that. Quest seems stuck or broken. 😞 😞 😞
  12. (NSW)Kaffeebohnson

    Mask of the revenent wont activate

    Support assured me that the quest is completable, regardless of its bugged state in the Codex. I got the Mask from Nakak Saw the "ghost" at night around Gara Toht Lake touched hands collected (oh god that grind) ALL of Revenants parts and crafted them ??? Now nothing happens. Researching online, I am supposed to go out at night again, but no further ghost or touchy hand spawns. It seems stuck now. I have no idea how I am supposed to get the crucial Blueprint. It's especially infuriating with all the parts sitting in my inventory ready to go.
  13. (NSW)Kaffeebohnson

    Focus: so cofused

    That's good news! (I totally forgot to research what juicy leaks his stream snafu caused) As Steve said "Playing Warframe is a big commitment" - while frustrating at times, it may actually help improve the quality of its userbase XD Warframe's obtuseness may actually be a catalyst for its helpful community and sense of ownership/mastery its players experience.
  14. (NSW)Kaffeebohnson

    Focus: so cofused

    You prove my point. DE should strongly consider creating small tutorials for these huge new features. Nothing fancy, just a few tooltips that pop up when you first look at a new menu, to guide and inform you. "This does this, click here to do that" - in plain language without the obfuscating layer of in-universe Orokin-speak. Other games do it, why does Warframe need a team of investigators to fill out a third-party wiki so I can learn about its systems.
  15. (NSW)Kaffeebohnson

    Cetus enemy spawn problems

    I've had multiple defence sections where no enemies spawned (yay). I also had multiple extermination sections where no enemies spawned (boo). There where also enemies spawning underneath the map. Running in and out of the yellow circle sometimes manages to reset things. But yeah. It feels kinda unstable atm.