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  1. I dunno... I have two variants that differ only slightly and they both seem to perform quite well: I also tried swapping Bleeding Willow for Twirling Spire and Exodia Triumph for Exodia Hunt in my simulacrum tests but didn't notice a whole lot of difference against level 155 heavy gunner eximus. The most affective thing against heavily armored targets with a lot of EHP seems to be to build up combo to about 5 or 6x and just do a heavy attack to get rid of it which isn't too hard to do in a crowd. Apparently Shimmering Blight is currently the best polearm stance but Bleeding Willow seems to have very similar function in terms of motion and procs. Shimering Blight also requires an extra forma. The settup displayed above can get to a x8 multiplier in about 2 or 3 seconds when fighting amidst a dense crowd of enemies. It seems to do really well in missions with a lot of confined spaces like kuva survivals. Building for Spire/Hunt might give better results in missions where enemies are less likely to bunch up because of the combined slam and pull functionality on the forward aim combo. I would imagine though that this weapon would struggle with single targets in arbis at high levels. It's probably best used for clearing large groups of fodder in most situations up to around level 125. Hopefully this helps someone who was as confused as I was.
  2. I think for the Dehtat I've decided to build a polearm, and use Seekalla for the grip because of the speed and Vargeet II Jai for the maximum critical chance. Apparently damage boosts to strikes from patch 3.0 made fast grips a much better choice overall and most people I've talked to have said that 32/10 will generally out perform 25/14. I'm thinking I'll be using Quickening in combination with Exodia Triumph for faster combo building. I doubt I'll even be able to hit E fast enough to be able to utilize the speed boost from berserker with a base speed of 1.167. I'm expecting the combination of high attack speed, the 20% combo count bonus from Quickening, the 50% combo count bonus from Exodia Trimph, and the additional range from my riven will be enough to help me get to or close to a 12x multiplier in a relatively short amount of time. I'm also hoping the bonus critical chance on spin will help me one shot most targets once I'm there. I really have no idea what I'm doing, but this seems like an interesting idea and worth a try. I'll post my results after I've tested.
  3. Man, I'm sure you had the best intentions but forums are for asking and answering questions. If you're gonna tell someone to go do their own research, just don't, please don't even bother to post. I also searched for what you typed and found information on builds for heavy attacks but not combo building. Did this guy just troll me or am I crazy?
  4. Sorry to sound like a total jerk but it really sounds to me like you're here to brag and spam this thread with useless posts. I was asking if you would be able to explain what you mean by new meta. What mods do you use and how is it different from the old meta? I'd like to know how to build what you are talking about otherwise it doesn't do anyone much good to just post that you're using a new meta and it's working great for you. That's nice but I didn't start this post for that.
  5. I just rolled a riven with incredible critical stats so I'm really tempted to build 32% crit and 10% status for a dehtat rapier. I was originally going to go 25% and 14% but now I can't decide. Will I notice a big fall off in performance at higher levels if i lose the extra status? Also, should I consider building a polearm instead to capitalize on the range?
  6. Here are some of my Ideas. Please read the entire post before reacting as these are highly synergistic kit change suggestions. I may edit this post based on suggestions in order to keep my concepts localized and organized. Hall of Mirrors: Tap to place an independent damage dealing/taunting image/decoy at current location based on light or dark respectively (up to 4. when Mirage is in darkness, enemies will prioritize focusing any of her images before looking for her) Tap with crosshairs over any image to swap locations with image (maybe allow swaps to reset duration or remove duration when images are independent) Hold to remove all independent images and create images around Mirage as usual (may require slight casting time reduction to compensate for additional holding delay) Tap again to remove images around Mirage and begin placing independent images again (this is so the player doesn't get locked into the buff and lose the mobility option for its duration) I believe this kind of functionality would allow Mirage to switch between her light and dark buffs more instantaneously since the player knows what light state they are in when they place the image by checking Eclipse. I also believe that simply having an indicator for light or dark is not enough to help Mirage players in finding their desired lighting state. Many times when I am playing Mirage I simply cannot figure out what the game determines to be light and what is dark. Sometimes I will be standing in an area that looks dark to me only to have my damage boosted. The opposite is true for areas that are seemingly bright. Mirage needs to be able to see exactly which areas provide light via custom interface and if possible the intensity as well. This kind of vision should vastly improve Mirage's current frame concept's potential and make her eclipse 100% practical to use. Her passive is still relevant because the added mobility aids her placing her images. Slight of Hand: I believe slight of hand should have functionality similar to Vauban's Mine Layer ability. Tap to toggle between functionality Hold to disperse jems/traps as usual Hold to place a light emitting gem to cover an area with an intensity scaling based on power strength Hold to place a black hole like node that will soak light out of an area Hold to... Idk (just a place holder for the time being, some other situationally specific trap, or a way to apply her reduced visibility state in situations were going under the radar is needed, darkness is not present, and mobility is required) Cooldowns could be added to 2 and 3 for balancing purposes if necessary. Eclipse: My idea is to have Eclipse's damage percent scale of light intensity and make the intensity of mirage's light generating abilities scale off of power strength. Greater proximity to her artificially generated light sources will yield greater intensity. This way she has to play a more stationary style in order to maintain control over her Eclipse in environments where lighting is static (like POE at night) where as she can rely more on her Hall of Mirrors to manage Eclipse buffs in environments where lighting is dynamic. This is also intended to offer Mirage players some varied play options for different mission types, and will hopefully make her less monotonous to play and more balanced overall since the way Hall of Mirrors and Slight of Hand are used will be determined by what kind of lighting is available. The only drawback to this idea is that the dynamic game lighting environments will also need to provide the same potential scope of light intensity that Mirage can produce through modding for power strength. Otherwise, players will simply rely on her artificial sources in every case because of the damage output difference. This would also make Mirage a very stationary frame which doesn't really seem like what she was intended to be. (This may not be practical if there is no way to code a method of determining light intensity into the game.) Prism: I think Prism could also be a light generating source. If the speed of the ability projectile is designed to travel depending on power range like projectiles from weapons that travel further based on projectile speed, less power range would cause the Prism to move at a speed that she can either walk, run, or parkour with (not sure what speed would be most practical.) This could be another option to help mirage maintain her damage on the move down a dark hallway for example and should work well with buff based builds that utilize Narrow Minded, while also adding more coverage to nuke builds that use and benefit from more range at the same time by speeding the Prism up. Mirage's Identity: I know some people have suggested that Mirage gain a static buff from Eclipse depending on which light state she's in when she casts it and maintain that buff for the remainder of the duration but I feel like ideas like this move her one step closer in the direction of becoming a Chroma clone. I don't think anyone would particularly enjoy the game as much if frames begin to homogenize because then what is the point in having different options. I tried to come up with ideas that are both practical in use and maintain her unique light and dark theme. The more I think about it the more it seems to me that mobility and moving between dark and light is the most integral aspect of Mirage's play style and the most central aspect of her identity. She should be rewarded for making shifts between light states and moving around. Maybe the ability to generate a much larger amount of images should be considered, or something like gaining speed, parkour, or some other buff each time she moves between light and dark.
  7. Often times it seems like 3 of my party members will load into the plains and one will be perpetually stuck at the cetus gates. Or I will be stuck at the gates while my team wonders were I am as they start hunting eidolons. Anyone have any clue as to why this happens? Is it just me or is this a known issue?
  8. Middle mouse is the default binding. I didn't require a "dual equip" secondary. I tested throwing in the simulacrum and was able to trigger the explosion. I had hiko prime equipped at the time.
  9. Glaive returns, no explosion. Something is missing from this explanation. Edit: Someone said press E on another post but this just recalls the glaive. Use the middle mouse button right after the glaive leaves your hand.
  10. Has anyone been able to do this? I keep trying to recall the glaive right as it's thrown and nothing happens. What mods do you use? Edit: Solution; use middle mouse to trigger explosion while glaive is in air.
  11. Neither of these is working for me. I can recall the glaive but no self damage is done. Is there some new build that I need to set up? Edit: Using the middle mouse button (default heavy attack) while the glave is in flight will trigger the explosion. Greystar is correct. Do not try to use E to trigger the explosion as this will simply recall the glaive and nothing will happen.
  12. Can't seem to get what you're saying to work. It's not super clear what you mean but pressing E after a throw seems to do absolutely nothing. Edit: Okay this is straight up wrong. If you press E again the glaive will be recalled and no explosion will occur. You need to use the heavy attack command (default middle mouse button) while the glaive is in the air to trigger the explosion.
  13. I've rolled nothing but kuva stubba and chukkur or whatever its called for the past month. Can anyone else confirm that its possible to get a non old blood related weapon riven from palladino?
  14. I'm trying to consider a variety of possibilities for these strikes. Would anyone be so kind as to share what you find to work for you and why? Also any specifics such as mods and which frames, and scenarios you use them for would be most appreciated.
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