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  1. The second round for plague still cant be finished unless someone leaves squad. The is a new bug that in one squad chat there are more than 5 people, or multiple squad chats. navigation pins to guide you in caves will instead lead you back and forth and doesnt guide. Infested spawners in plague will apear during second phase and come in forth phase with 4 min delay
  2. Hello megan, i got a ingame message saying that i been reported for offensive or profanity in chat while i didn't talk with anyone in the in game chat for the past 2 weeks, any opinion why would this happen?
  3. Sometimes its ideal not to do it, example being u know first and second one ia right after u tested, your requiem murmur is about full, so u wont finisher the lich to keep the fury level so he/she got more chance of coming in next mission, but if u just started the third murmur then finishing is a better option
  4. Hi megan, can u report a bug about focus school way bound skills, not unbounding when having 1mil focus and eidolon shard, basiclly when u hit the button to unbound, it does nothing
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