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  1. Just saying, the opposite of a disadvantage is not a vantage... 🤦‍♂️
  2. Why are the forums so god damn snarky, dudes been without a PC for a year, and They are asking for something they would like. What is so wrong with you that you have to berate innocent people on forums? God damn, grow up.
  3. Battle passes are the new norm, and I thought everyone agreed they were okay? It’s paying for content, and the only thing you miss out on without it is the vex offensive. Which as someone without the battle pass is not a huge deal. Also, what’s the issue with having a store that sells cosmetics? Warframe literally sells you power for money, you can’t sling that S#&$ at another game when your own is much, much worse. People blame activision for how much creative control they had over the game. Everything was restricted and scrutinised. Activision are the reason the original story was cut up and the base game of D1 had to get completely rearranged. Bungie have spent years pain stacking my weaving the story that was meant to be back into the game. That was entirely activisions fault. During activision we got Curse of osiris and Warmind, two soulless, shallow cash grab DLC’s. Without them, we got forsaken and shadow keep. Two expansions that were bloated with content. And no, the game isn’t entirely RNG grind, Thats warframe. Pursuits for pinnacle weapons and exotic quests have absolutely no RNG in them at all. The parts of the game that do, are par for the course and nowhere near as scummy as what warframe pulls.
  4. Well, you just described warframe. Destiny’s Meta is around exotics and pinnacle weapons, all of which require genuine dedication.
  5. It was, prior to one month ago. What caused more than half the playerbase to suddenly and simultaneously all stop playing warframe on steam? You can’t just blame coincidence for tens of thousands of people all doing the same thing for no reason.
  6. And what in the last month has suddenly caused half the playerbase to play warframe outside of steam? The narrative you are spinning is weak.
  7. You reckon it takes 20 hours to finish 5 campaigns? and campaigns aren’t even the meat of the game. 75 hours of story content, doubled for entry level end game, tripled for the actual end game. Meanwhile you think it takes 300 hours to repeat the same 6 missions to complete warframes star chart? thats a joke.
  8. Vex crit spots are in the middle of their body, and are vulnerable to different weapons. Cabal troops have thruster packs and can glide across the arena. taken can twitch teleport around and dodge attacks. Different factions attack with different elements and they can be exploited in different ways. Cabal shields have weak spots that can drop them, Hive knights summon bits of rock that have to be worked around. They are functionally dramatically different.
  9. How do you balance an auto rifle that shoots rockets, how do you balance a homing hand cannon? They are stupid ideas, that’s why they aren’t in the game.
  10. The first month a free to play game comes out, yeah, the sharp intake will bleed out players. Still, Destiny is at 117m and warframe is at 37m. Pretty embarrassing, really.
  11. See, unlike warframe enemies, Destiny enemies actually change up gameplay. So “escalation protocol but with Vex” is actually hugely different from the hive. What’s more, we actually got new weapons with the game mode. What did warframe get in that time? A new frame, that you grind old content to unlock. A new cat, without any of the issues surrounding companions being addressed, and Atlas prime, one of the most boring frames in warframe. The comparison to destiny is not favourable for warframe. That’s where all the playerbase is going.
  12. Because that was publishers knocking them back. Now it’s their playerbase, the games life blood. This isn’t DE trying to catch a lucky break, it’s them ramming their game and company into the ground.
  13. I was suggesting the reasons the playerbase is melting. A disappointing prime release is one of them. Shut up.
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