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  1. Would be really impressive if you actually responded to the things I said, instead of making up arbitrary points that I never said at all and responding to those instead.
  2. Keep in mind, that the daily focus cap, converted 1:1 with xp, would be just enough to get a weapon from level 29-30. you really think one free level per 24 hours would cause issues at all? If so, please explain.
  3. If you have 100,000,000 focus, you are not focus poor. I have nearly every waybound unlocked and I don’t even think I’ve used that much focus.
  4. How is it an unfair advantage? MR5 and MR27 players are not competing in any tangible sense. There is no logical situation where that could be called unfair. Also, you talk about leveling as if it’s a core part of the game. Do you really think doing 20 rounds at Hydron for every single item you build is an important part of the game? No, it’s gruelling and repetitive. DE doesn’t need to worry if the MR5s are upset that the MR27s need to farm Hydron less. It’s ridiculous to even suggest that.
  5. Why would lower MR players feel cheated? If an MR5 gets mad because I’ve spent the past two years working on operator progression, why should I care?
  6. Why not? Is running Hydron really such a core and essential experience to warframe? No, it’s tedious and gruelling. The only reason this system won’t be implemented is because it can’t be monetised.
  7. 1 focus = 1xp means 29-30 would take your entire daily cap of focus. 24 hour time gate. For a single level.
  8. As the game grows you have more players at the lower end desperately trying to sell things like Braton prime’s and the like. Those sets have dropped down to being worthless. Prime sets being sold for 10-20-30p. So many people are now trying to make plat from primes that the supply outweighs the demand. With prices so low, any demand there could be evaporates almost instantly. Leaving, as you described, big ticket items like rivens. It’s strange to hear a PC player complain about this though, as this has been the case on PS4 for last year at least. TL:DR; Supply outweighs demand, too many people need platinum for their progression or just for cosmetics, so trading “small ticket items,” like low MR Primes has become a relic of the past. Unless you intend to get all of your plat by selling prime sets for 10-20p. Edit: One of the most reliable ways to make platinum these days is to hold prime frame sets till their vaulted. But it’s only a matter of time before that reliable method gets over cluttered with supply too.
  9. Good to see you’re still as toxic as ever. It’s a miracle you haven’t been purged from these forums yet.
  10. Will your operators chest fill out? I mean, doesn’t that tend to happen to women as they grow from being children into adults? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. Its probably been said already, but the trailer sort of explains it (kind of.) In Duviri content you will play as your grown operator. I don’t think that will have any effect on your operator outside of Duviri content in terms of aesthetic. Which is why I think they made sure to show the young and old versions of the same operator in that trailer. I am personally extremely excited for this, I’m hoping it’s going to be some sort of rogue-like dungeon crawling game mode. But that is entirely speculative on my part. I haven’t been this hyped about game content in soooooooo long.
  12. Its not invalidating any other archwing at all. Itzal is the fast archwing. That’s it’s strength, that’s what it does. This is like giving every frame Mesa’s 4 because Mesa too strong. the Itzal is the preferred choice for open world missions where all you want is speed. It is however the absolute weakest in combat. Which seems PRETTY DAMN BALANCED if you’d ask me. Also, “to save you those precious few seconds.” My Itzal can go from one side of PoE to the other in about 2 seconds. Wanna know how many hours I spent walking the plains by foot before I ever had an archwing?
  13. Nah you’re being too logical. DE likes to get angry and nerf stuff when it’s being used for its intended purpose. WHAT!? PEOPLE ARE USING THE FAST ARCHWING TO GO FAST!? Ridiculous, let’s ruin all the archwings. WHAT!? People are farming resources with the frame we made for farming resources!? Impossible! How could our playerbase be so cruel! etc, etc. For the record, I’m a fan of Warframe and of DE, but damn do these guys look proper incompetent sometimes.
  14. I didn’t mean posting in GD will get you heard by the devs. The reality of the situation is that the more popular the post the more attention it gets. Naturally. If someone wants to discuss their feedback with people, that’s okay, right? —and if enough people join the discussion, the issue is likely to get noticed, right? Much more likely than DE taking notice of a post in the feedback forum with two replies and 12 views.
  15. Not misleading at all, the reason people post feedback in GD is because feedback has such little traffic. Every single thread there’s people asking why did you post this in GD. That’s the answer.
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