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  1. Pop change is... interesting will break the week over week for popularity for my discord bot (Shameless plug 😀) for the previous week before this change.
  2. So the midnight UTC still isn't set, I had something waiting 10 min to pull the data and after looking at this week the data appears the same so was going to push the pull time back. Looks like an hour or more push back is in order for now.
  3. I've given up on doing the fractures, I submitted a ticket and haven't heard anything back. I play this game to relax and have fun and the lost time and effort just make me say away from this event.
  4. I don't think I've been able to get credit for fractures in OV in a group this entire time. Every group I've been in ended in me crashing or a host migration which resulted in a lose of everything I had done. I am to the point of staying away from any group content in the open world places due to these issues.
  5. I would agree, it really stinks having played for any length of time in a group and have that time lost due to a crash. Sure I could solo the fractures, but then it's a slog doing that alone. I am about ready to give up on the fractures due to the crashes. The open world content is great, I'd love to do it more with a group. But the crashes and host issues make it really hard to do so.
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