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  1. It would be nice if you have already mastered a weapon that the weapon parts would show the mastery laurel wreath in the top corner.
  2. 1. The new Gas City map for the Index is too dark. It's really hard to see anything there. 2. The snowy area on the other side of the portal in Mithra is constantly completely washed out in the large tile where the Lynx boss is. Every time I go there the entire screen is just white, and stays that way as long as I'm there. 3. Most of the UI changes regarding relics are a downgrade from how they were previously. Clicking a text link takes you to a needless huge image of a relic, forcing you to mouse over the "info" tab just to see a text list of what the relic contains. No pictures of the items or information about whether you own them. The relic selection screen at the end of matches is also worse. The ability to upgrade relics midstream is great, but that's the only redeeming feature of the changes.
  3. The official drop table: Jupiter/Ganymede (Disruption) Rotation A 2X Hexenon Uncommon (19.23%) Lith C4 Relic Rare (7.69%) Lith B6 Relic Rare (7.69%) Lith K2 Relic Rare (7.69%) Lith M4 Relic Rare (7.69%) Lith A3 Relic Rare (7.69%) Lith P2 Relic Rare (7.69%) Proton Pulse Uncommon (11.54%) Motus Signal Uncommon (11.54%) Aero Agility Uncommon (11.54%) Rotation B 4X Hexenon Uncommon (17.86%) Meso T1 Relic Rare (7.14%) Meso T3 Relic Rare (7.14%) Meso D3 Relic Rare (7.14%) Meso R1 Relic Rare (7.14%) Meso M3 Relic Rare (7.14%) Meso Z3 Relic Rare (7.14%) Meso E2 Relic Rare (7.14%) Proton Jet Uncommon (10.71%) Motus Impact Uncommon (10.71%) Aero Vantage Uncommon (10.71%) Rotation C 6X Hexenon Uncommon (28.57%) Neo G1 Relic Rare (9.52%) Neo A2 Relic Rare (9.52%) Neo Z2 Relic Rare (9.52%) Neo M2 Relic Rare (9.52%) Neo S11 Relic Rare (9.52%) Neo N10 Relic Rare (9.52%) Proton Snap Rare (4.76%) Motus Setup Rare (4.76%) Aero Periphery Rare (4.76%) A little disappointed there are no Axi relics, and that the Volt/Loki relics aren't there. The new mod sets are mostly too niche to be able to sacrifice the mod slots for. I really think that niche mods and augment mods need dedicated slots added to incentivize using them. As far as the gameplay is concerned, this mode is awesome! I love the dynamic nature of the rounds with the random buffs/debuffs and demolists. There's a really good balance between being able to use warframe abilities to deal with trash but needing to focus fire the demolists. It's a very exciting and challenging game mode, even for someone fully geared out. *thumbs up*
  4. Feedback incoming... Here is how you make everyone happy with Nightwave: 1. Give players access to the full list of weekly and elite weekly acts. Allow them to activate any act(s) they wish to do, and upon completion it will be greyed out until two weekly resets have passed. 2. Give Nightwave a standing cap that increases each week and retains previous progress. So the first week, the cap is 35000, the next week is 70000, and so on. If you got, for example, 20k standing done in the first week, you'd have 50k available that you could do the following week, etc. Implementing these two suggestions would allow players to play at their own pace through the whole season, only doing acts they feel comfortable doing, while having them grey out for a while would still ensure some variety in the selection. Many of the issues such as using forma, gilding items, and slotting sculptures would become non-issues in such an environment. You could do it if it was already convenient or choose something else to do if not. ------ 3-Day Alerts: In the same way that we get a daily challenge for Nightwave that lasts 3 days, give us an alert like those from the old alert system each day that lasts for 3 days. These alerts should be for things like Aura and Nightmare mods, caches of rare resources, kavat genetic code, etc. The main reason alerts were removed was because their short duration created a "pay to sleep" situation. By extending their duration and making them appear once a day, you'd strike a good balance. ------ Nightwave Act Suggestions: - Kill X enemies with Bow/Sniper/Sword/Hammer, etc. - Complete an Extrerminate mission with only a Primary/Secondary/Melee weapon equipped - Harvest 800 cryotic from an Excavation mission without losing any excavators - Defeat (Assasination target) within (time limit) - Accept 3 bounties while in PoE or Orb Vallis (not Cetus/Fortuna) - Defeat 5 Thumpers in PoE - Complete a bounty in PoE/Orb Vallis, while primarily in Archwing mode (>50%) - Kill 25 enemies with a K-Drive equipped with damaging mods - Kill 25 enemies with a stolen Dargyn on the Plains of Eidelon - Acquire a Calda, Vega, and Sola Toroid from the Orb Vallis - Use a Specter in a Defense mission - Buy a relic pack from 3 different syndacites...or just buy 3 relic packs - Revive 10 fallen allies - Dissolve 10 mods for endo - Collect 3 Vitus Essense from Arbitrations - Earn 300 Ducats from selling Prime Parts at a Relay - Complete a capture mission in under 2 minutes - Open 3 radiant relics - Complete a trade with another player - Complete a spy mission of each tier (1, 2, 3, Lua, and Kuva) - Kill 50 level 30+ enemies with a weapon that has no mods equipped - Have your companion get the killing blow on 25 enemies - Kill 50 enemies with Void Energy (Operator mode) - Use Void Dash to travel 300 meters without touching the ground - Attack one enemy with your Primary, Secondary, Melee, and Amp weapons P.S. Under the system I described above, acts that relate to Operators could be hidden from players who have not completed The War Within.
  5. Did both alerts and farmed the last alert a handful of times to get the bp. This was very fun. I liked the hordes of escapees that you had to clear to move through the level and the multiple shorter wolf battles. I do think he was nerfed a little too much. Strong groups can down him in seconds, but less min maxed ones still take a little while. I actually enjoyed the challenge of the previous iteration of the wolf a lot. In any case, bravo. I feel bad for the poor souls who spent tons of plat/time to get the parts before today, though.
  6. The drops from the Thumpers are very much appreciated! It was a lot of fun learning how to take them down as well.
  7. Haha, I main Gara, and just always assumed all abilities could be cast in the air. Do it! P.s. Directional ground attacks are great except for the reeeealy long animation at the end that messes with the fast paced flow of movement. Can we please be able to break out of that animation immediately???
  8. Ok, so most of the top prices were between 10k-15k, and that's for big sellers like Rubico and Lanka. Then you've got Vectis...Someone seriously spent 60k!
  9. I've been playing Warframe for just over 100 days. I haven't focused much on Solaris U grind. Just yesterday I got to the 3rd rank. If I could grind out the rest before the week's end, I would, but I am MR 16, and 17k rep per day over 7 days will not be enough to get me there. It's pretty disappointing that the only thing keeping me from completing this challenge is needless daily rep restrictions. They could at least give us the courtesy to turn those restrictions off this week...
  10. 1. Gild something - for me, I still had my original Mote amp ungilded, so this was super simple, but I sympathize with people who already built and gilded everything or those who recently gilded something, or aren't in a position to make/level one quick enough. 2. Forma - I used a forma earlier today on a weapon. Would have been nice to know I could have waited and gotten one use that I was already intending. As others have said, this can put players who already have their weapons in the place they want them in an awkward position, and seems like an odd request given that one of the Nightwave rewards is 3 forma. 3. Profit Taker - I am only about half way through the Fortuna rep grind, and because of hard daily caps, there will be no way for me to reach Old Mate by the end of the week. This is a bummer, as I had intended from the start of Nightwave to do every challenge. If I could grind out standing beyond the daily cap to get there, I absolutely would. I wish selling gems/fish didn't count toward the standing cap, only bounties. All the other challenges are super easy, but these three have problems. I didn't have an issue with any of the challenges from the first three weeks, personally, but this time I have to agree with the crowd.
  11. Aimed arial slams are awesome! I like auto-blocking too. I'm mostly an E masher or spin-to-win type of melee player, so the transition to the new system has been seamless for me. Personally, I like all of it.
  12. These are great changes. I'm very excited for the mainline update! @[DE]Rebecca It would be awesome to get some answers to a few questions: 1. Is Host Migration problems an issue that the team is working on? It would certainly be great if it were seamless, especially in light of the new extraction opportunities. 2. Is operator activation something that will also be looked at for client-side authority? 3. Can the mods exclusive to incursions be repurposed in a way that doesn't give them abysmal drop chances? 4. Can we get a similar extraction screen, like that for defense missions, when the timer runs out when someone is at the extraction point? 5. (A bit off-topic) Regarding Nightwave, it was mentioned that feedback would be considered for implementation in Season 2. Should we therefore expect no changes during the remaining 8 weeks of Season 1? Thanks!
  13. @Andvarja I appreciate your perspective. I certainly was not trying to insinuste that constructive criticism was unwarranted. I gave my own feedback and suggestions a few pages before. The toxicity I am referring to is people calling Nightwave garbage, calling for Steve to be fired, and saying they are done with Warframe because of it. This is all massive overreaction and immense negativity for a system that has many very positive features. I played Elder Scrolls Online consistently for years and was very active on their forums. Those devs got raked over the coals a lot, and in many cases they deserved it. Coming to Warframe, I saw a community that stood behind the dev team and recognized their dedication and care for this game and this community. It's just been disappointing to see similar behavior showing up here. I'm sure there are people being rude to those who voice concerns about this or that aspect of the system as well, and that's also not good. We should all strive to be level-headed, civil, and thoughtful in our discussions.
  14. It really boggles my mind that there have been so many complaints like "I have no friends, I can't do this." or "I have to do 2 60min survival missions?!" There are two very simple facts that completely undercut all of that. 1. Recruit chat is full of people looking to complete challenges. You join a group doing a challenge like kuva survival, or sortie from last week. You ask for someone to add you as a friend to complete the challenge. You accept their friend request. You complete the challenge. If you want to remove them as a friend at that point, go right ahead. It doesn't require you to have a clan or real friends in game. How is this not obvious and extremely simple? 2. Multiple challenges can be accomplished simultaneously. I did kuva survival with a random group from recruit chat, adding one of them as a friend and got both of the survival challenges done at the same time. If I had not already finishes things like kill this many enemies/eximus, or kill with this damage type, I could have easily finished those then too. When I was doing my perfect captures today, I was also killing roaming corpus with blast damage for the daily. Just think a little about how you can multitask the challenges. Again, this just seems so obvious and simple to me. I hope people will settle down after a few weeks, because this is certainly the most toxic I've ever seen this community, and it is definitely not the appropriate response to a system that is a brilliant innovation on the battle pass formula.
  15. @[DE]Bear Feedback and Suggestions for Nightwave: FEEDBACK 1. Personally, I am really enjoying the whole Nightwave experience. The challenges have encouraged me to engage in activities like 60 minute kuva survival and perfect captures that I had not gotten around to before. I think the system really helps to get players engaged in the really wide array of content this game has to offer. 2. The rewards are really nice, both in terms of the rank up rewards and the cred offerings. Personally, the sigils and such are the least interesting things. Cosmetics like the armor are very cool, as well as all the very useful things. The weapon augments are hit or miss, as players may have no interest in using that specific weapon. 3. I appreciate work is already being done to add Nora's quips to the transmission hint toggle switch. While I understand where the inspiration for this character comes from, I have to admit she seems very out of place in this world. She really pulls me out of the sense of sci-fi fantasy. I can handle her in small doses, like the lore cutscenes, but I really don't want to hear her all the time when I complete a challenge or every time I need to check the Nightwave menu. 4. It's good that some further adjustment will be done to balancing the challenges a bit more. Overall they are good, there are just a few outliers that have already been called out. SUGGESTIONS 1. 24 hour Alerts: One of the main problems with Alerts was the "pay to sleep" problem of how limited they were on time. The Gift of the Lotus alerts were purposefully extended to give players a chance to get them. Since a good number of players are giving feedback that the Nightwave system, while good, doesn't directly replace the Alert system in terms of immediate 1-mission 1-reward payoff, I suggest adding back in a set of alerts that last for 24 hours. Say, 3 a day, at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced positions on the star chart. They should be for a large amount of credits and a particular resource. Example: Wednesday's Alerts - Earth, 10k credits, 2k alloy; Saturn, 20k credits, 5k plastids; Pluto, 30k credits, 5 gallium. This limited use of alerts would allow that itch in the playerbase to still be scratched, with a bigger payoff from each alert, so the fact that there were only a few each day would not be a big deal. 2. Early Nightwave Creds: To help new players, I think the first rank of any Nightwave should be for Creds. This way players can access cred offerings immediately. Especially considering the Aura mods will be on rotation and not just all available all the time, it's very possible a casual player would not get to the first rank that offers Creds in the first week, meaning they would have no opportunity to pick up a specific Aura they wanted. So like from Season 1, shifting the 3rd tier reward to the 1st tier, and then shifting the current 1st and 2nd tiers back to 2nd and 3rd would have been better. 3. Acts = Thematic Categories of Challenges: I think one of the best ways to address negative feedback from this or that challenge is to give players more choice. There should only be a certain number of Elite Weeklies that a player can do (3), but what challenges those are could be different from player to player. Say there are a variety of challenge "sets" that are categorized by different kinds of Acts. Acts of Endurance, Bravery, Stealth, Speed, Precision, Compassion, etc. Each week, 3 Acts would be randomly generated for the Elite Weeklies. Example: [On the Nightwave Screen one of the challenge spots would simply say something like "Elite Act of Endurance: 5k standing, Select an Elite Endurance Challenge from a set of 3 choices." The player clicks on the Act and a submenu pops up that reveals a list of 3 challenges: 1. Survive for 60 minutes without using life support (cumulative with multiple missions). 2. Collect 4 rewards from Arbitrations (cumulative with multiple missions). 3. Earn 400k credits from the Index (cumulative with multiple missions).] These would not be the only 3 possible Endurance challenges ever, but a set of 3 from a larger list that all fall into the Endurance category. So there would be randomization both of which Act categories were available each week and out of each category, what 3 challenges in that category would be available. This would give players freedom of choice, while still keeping the range of options limited and varied. The same process could be done for the regular weeklies, as well. Example: ["Act of Speed: 3k standing, Select a Speed Challenge from a set of 3 choices." Submenu choices: 1. Complete 2 capture mission in 60 seconds or less (cumulative). 2. Excavate 1000 Cryotic in 20 minutes of less (cumulative with multiple missions). 3. Complete a Hive mission in 5 minutes or less.] Once the player selects one of the 3 choices, that becomes what Nora tracks. The player can return to the menu to swap out for a different one of the challenges if they change their mind. This system would make sure that players could only get the allotted amount of available standing each week, but would give them much more flexibility in what activities they engaged in to earn that standing, while still keeping things thematically appropriate. Bonus example of a weekly set: ["Act of Abundance" 1. Turn in 20 fish for standing in Cetus or Fortuna. 2. Perform 10 perfect captures. 3. Mine a total of 100 ore or jems from deposits.] Thanks for considering these suggestions!
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