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  1. When rerolling a riven, we are sometimes faced with a new roll that we are unsure, at face value, would be more or less powerful than the current version. This can lead to choosing the new roll only to find upon further testing that the selection was actually a downgrade. My suggestion is to allow a window of time, 1 hour, 24 hours, whatever, and during that window, a player could go back to the rerolling screen via the mod station and rather than be faced with the standard image of the current riven and the button to reroll, we would be brought back to the selection screen between the previous and new version of the riven. If the player wanted to roll the riven again, they would simply confirm the version they want to stick with and then could reroll. This would allow players to test out a new roll of a riven before finally committing to it, which I think would be a worthwhile quality of life improvement.
  2. It would be nice if you have already mastered a weapon that the weapon parts would show the mastery laurel wreath in the top corner.
  3. We were going from the 6th to the 7th wave in the Interception Fissure mission in the Void. One player selected to leave, the rest of us opted to stay. That player was apparently the host because we got hit with Host Migration and came back to the relic selection screen which was frozen forcing us to force-quit the game and lose everything. It may also be worth noting that, at the time this happened, the mission had expired in the void missions selection area of Navigation.
  4. 1. The new Gas City map for the Index is too dark. It's really hard to see anything there. 2. The snowy area on the other side of the portal in Mithra is constantly completely washed out in the large tile where the Lynx boss is. Every time I go there the entire screen is just white, and stays that way as long as I'm there. 3. Most of the UI changes regarding relics are a downgrade from how they were previously. Clicking a text link takes you to a needless huge image of a relic, forcing you to mouse over the "info" tab just to see a text list of what the relic contains. No pictures of the items or information about whether you own them. The relic selection screen at the end of matches is also worse. The ability to upgrade relics midstream is great, but that's the only redeeming feature of the changes.
  5. My feedback: 1. Lore-bomb was awesome, but it's very difficult to see and navigate the level with Natah taking up half the screen for so long. If we could skip the dialogue or minimize her window, that would help. 2. The fight overall feels too easy. The jog to the boss is often longer than the fight itself, which can easily be done solo. If we had to break the glass for the conduits ourselves before the Ropa could overcharge them, if the sinovia had about double the health, and if it's attacks were more powerful so that it posed more of a threat, then I think the fight would be more interesting. 3. The idea of riding it is cool, but the animation isn't nearly as polished at the Exploiter. As soon as one person successfully hits the button to ride him, we should immediately go to a cutscene where the character climbs on, flies it toward an available conduit and jumps away at the last second. The actual flying is clunky and looks bad from the perspective of other team members. It's also totally unnecessary since there's nothing to do but drive it to the target. If we needed to force it shoot targets, that would be worth actively riding it, but the way it is, it would be better for it just to be part of the heroic cutscene.
  6. They said they specifically wanted to provide some down time so that people could unplug a bit from the weekly challenges treadmill. There were a lot of complaints about burn-out from people forcing themselves to do every single challenge, even the ones they hated, which in retrospect they really didn't need to do.
  7. He kicked his computer cable while doing something for the update, which caused a little delay. Steve poked fun at him a little during his twitch stream. Hang in there, Ron!
  8. No. They are working on it. Probably a few weeks. Steve mentioned they might do something in the interim to help people with nitain and such. Some generic challenges, or something.
  9. The official drop table: Jupiter/Ganymede (Disruption) Rotation A 2X Hexenon Uncommon (19.23%) Lith C4 Relic Rare (7.69%) Lith B6 Relic Rare (7.69%) Lith K2 Relic Rare (7.69%) Lith M4 Relic Rare (7.69%) Lith A3 Relic Rare (7.69%) Lith P2 Relic Rare (7.69%) Proton Pulse Uncommon (11.54%) Motus Signal Uncommon (11.54%) Aero Agility Uncommon (11.54%) Rotation B 4X Hexenon Uncommon (17.86%) Meso T1 Relic Rare (7.14%) Meso T3 Relic Rare (7.14%) Meso D3 Relic Rare (7.14%) Meso R1 Relic Rare (7.14%) Meso M3 Relic Rare (7.14%) Meso Z3 Relic Rare (7.14%) Meso E2 Relic Rare (7.14%) Proton Jet Uncommon (10.71%) Motus Impact Uncommon (10.71%) Aero Vantage Uncommon (10.71%) Rotation C 6X Hexenon Uncommon (28.57%) Neo G1 Relic Rare (9.52%) Neo A2 Relic Rare (9.52%) Neo Z2 Relic Rare (9.52%) Neo M2 Relic Rare (9.52%) Neo S11 Relic Rare (9.52%) Neo N10 Relic Rare (9.52%) Proton Snap Rare (4.76%) Motus Setup Rare (4.76%) Aero Periphery Rare (4.76%) A little disappointed there are no Axi relics, and that the Volt/Loki relics aren't there. The new mod sets are mostly too niche to be able to sacrifice the mod slots for. I really think that niche mods and augment mods need dedicated slots added to incentivize using them. As far as the gameplay is concerned, this mode is awesome! I love the dynamic nature of the rounds with the random buffs/debuffs and demolists. There's a really good balance between being able to use warframe abilities to deal with trash but needing to focus fire the demolists. It's a very exciting and challenging game mode, even for someone fully geared out. *thumbs up*
  10. Ok. I read the whole thing, and I appreciate the articulate and example-laden presentation of arguments. Here are some points I agree with, with some caveats: 1. There are a handful of hold-over artifacts, like the solar rails room in the dojo. DE does seem to be weeding them out little by little. I know they removed some things from the codex that were out of date recently. Even still, none of them are really detrimental to general play. 2. There are a bunch of mods that end-game players would never use. Some are very niche, and the limitations of mod space without being forced to use niche mods somewhere means they don't really have a place once you have better options. There is a small window of time in the new player experience when the mods they have are quite limited. You reference Melee Prowess vs. Drifting Contact. Sure, Drifting Contact is objectively better, but a player may get Melee Prowess first and not get Drifting Contact for some time (since it is a nightmare mod). During that time, it is a useful mod. Afterward, it doesn't become a complete waste either. It just turns into endo/credits/transmute fodder, which is not a bad thing. I would like to see two new specialty mod slots added to warframes: an Augment slot and an Auxiliary slot, where niche mods could be categorized similarly to the Exilus mods to go in the Auxiliary slot. 3. The game needs to provide more and clearer information. It is unfortunate how reliant we must be on the Wiki. The abilities page update was a good first step. I am hopeful they will do an overhaul of the codex as well at some point. Even though it's not ideal, at least we do have a resource that is exhaustive. I play on a dual screen setup, so I often have a notepad with my warframe to-do list along with tabs on my browser for the wiki and market. So it really doesn't bother me at all to use the wiki, but I do appreciate that it is a problem for others. 4. On the Amalgum mods, I absolutely love Amalgum Serration. The others are just ok. The new ones coming out have some potential, and might become good choices for the Exilus slot. But yeah, without new dedicated slots they probably won't get a ton of use. 5. Bug are bugs. The zipline thing is a known bug. I remember it being mentioned recently, so I think a fix is incoming. It sucks, but every game has them and it's tough to prioritize them along with other stuff, and new ones show up along the way. If you play a game that receives regular updates, you just need to come to terms with bugs always being a thing. 6. The purpose for no batch building and time gating, along with login rewards and sorties is to keep people coming back at least daily. Keys are not an issue at all. You keep 2 in your inventory and every time you finish a mission that uses a key you go start another key of the same type building. You still have one left so you can immediately run the mission again while the 2nd one is building. They do have a bulk Cipher bp, though it's much more expensive to use. Also there is an official Warframe mobile app where you can access the foundry to claim and build stuff any time. I use it a lot. Also, what MR are you that running 2 bounties is enough? I'm 22. It would take hours for me to max all my daily standings. I think having a daily standing cap tied to MR is one of the best incentives to encourage people to push for higher MR. 7. "Play your way" is absolutely possible in Warframe. People who decide to min/max are playing the game their way. That is what they have chosen to prioritize. People who choose to use what they just feel like is fun, regardless of how efficient it is can still accomplish 99 9% of everything in the game. I pub Eidelon hunts all the time and get all sorts of wacky group combinations. I use Gara for about 90% of everything in game because I love her kit. Don't confuse "this way is more efficient" with "you HAVE to play this way." Finally, props to you for being a mentor to new players. I hope you enjoy your next adventure.
  11. Same as anything else. In order of effectiveness: 1. Elite Sanctuary Onslaught 2. Sanctuary Onslaught 3. Hydron It works best if you get into a squad with a Volt or Saryn that are constantly room clearing. Just go into Operator mode and kill stuff.
  12. Amalgam mods were conceived by DE as a way to combine common weapon stat mods with warframe enhancements (i.e. Serration+Run Speed). Using the system mentioned in the OP to combine one normal weapon stat mod with one normal warframe mod would allow players to craft Amalgam mods that are suited to their particular taste, trading some raw power for utility. Combining multiple weapon stats together is already accomplished in rivens, but since they are RNG based and don't exclude using the standard versions of mods, they don't really function the same way an amalgam weapon mod would. If the goal is to free up mod slot space for more niche mods, then I don't think even this would solve the problem, as people will always try to min max and come up with new mandatory mod setups. What you need is more specific slots like for Aura and Exilus mods. On the warframes, they should bump those two slots over and add two more slots up on the top row, so you have 3 rows of 4. The 3rd new slot should be specifically for warframe Augments and the 4th slot should be for a category of mods that are specifically for niche use. Call them Supplemental mods. Weapons could also get 2 slots above their usual 8, one for a weapon augment and one for a supplemental mod. I think that's the only real way you'd get people to use niche mods consistently.
  13. This is a cool concept. I would argue against two points, though. First, both mods should be max level to be combined. I don't think combining unranked mods, even after having maxed one out in the past is good. Players should have to invest specifically into the mods that will be combines. Second, the idea of combining already combined mods goes too far. You should just be able to combine two normal mods into an amalgam mod. Also, the only mods that should be available are common, uncommon, and rare mods with only one stat from the weapon type and warframe.
  14. Feedback incoming... Here is how you make everyone happy with Nightwave: 1. Give players access to the full list of weekly and elite weekly acts. Allow them to activate any act(s) they wish to do, and upon completion it will be greyed out until two weekly resets have passed. 2. Give Nightwave a standing cap that increases each week and retains previous progress. So the first week, the cap is 35000, the next week is 70000, and so on. If you got, for example, 20k standing done in the first week, you'd have 50k available that you could do the following week, etc. Implementing these two suggestions would allow players to play at their own pace through the whole season, only doing acts they feel comfortable doing, while having them grey out for a while would still ensure some variety in the selection. Many of the issues such as using forma, gilding items, and slotting sculptures would become non-issues in such an environment. You could do it if it was already convenient or choose something else to do if not. ------ 3-Day Alerts: In the same way that we get a daily challenge for Nightwave that lasts 3 days, give us an alert like those from the old alert system each day that lasts for 3 days. These alerts should be for things like Aura and Nightmare mods, caches of rare resources, kavat genetic code, etc. The main reason alerts were removed was because their short duration created a "pay to sleep" situation. By extending their duration and making them appear once a day, you'd strike a good balance. ------ Nightwave Act Suggestions: - Kill X enemies with Bow/Sniper/Sword/Hammer, etc. - Complete an Extrerminate mission with only a Primary/Secondary/Melee weapon equipped - Harvest 800 cryotic from an Excavation mission without losing any excavators - Defeat (Assasination target) within (time limit) - Accept 3 bounties while in PoE or Orb Vallis (not Cetus/Fortuna) - Defeat 5 Thumpers in PoE - Complete a bounty in PoE/Orb Vallis, while primarily in Archwing mode (>50%) - Kill 25 enemies with a K-Drive equipped with damaging mods - Kill 25 enemies with a stolen Dargyn on the Plains of Eidelon - Acquire a Calda, Vega, and Sola Toroid from the Orb Vallis - Use a Specter in a Defense mission - Buy a relic pack from 3 different syndacites...or just buy 3 relic packs - Revive 10 fallen allies - Dissolve 10 mods for endo - Collect 3 Vitus Essense from Arbitrations - Earn 300 Ducats from selling Prime Parts at a Relay - Complete a capture mission in under 2 minutes - Open 3 radiant relics - Complete a trade with another player - Complete a spy mission of each tier (1, 2, 3, Lua, and Kuva) - Kill 50 level 30+ enemies with a weapon that has no mods equipped - Have your companion get the killing blow on 25 enemies - Kill 50 enemies with Void Energy (Operator mode) - Use Void Dash to travel 300 meters without touching the ground - Attack one enemy with your Primary, Secondary, Melee, and Amp weapons P.S. Under the system I described above, acts that relate to Operators could be hidden from players who have not completed The War Within.
  15. Did both alerts and farmed the last alert a handful of times to get the bp. This was very fun. I liked the hordes of escapees that you had to clear to move through the level and the multiple shorter wolf battles. I do think he was nerfed a little too much. Strong groups can down him in seconds, but less min maxed ones still take a little while. I actually enjoyed the challenge of the previous iteration of the wolf a lot. In any case, bravo. I feel bad for the poor souls who spent tons of plat/time to get the parts before today, though.
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