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  1. It got a dispo buff for a reason, i suggest finding and rolling stats to strengthen where it is the weakest [ms sc dmg neg zoom] It is a very mediocre-at-best kind of weapon imo, but it looks cool as hek (same goes for aksomati) which is why i **think** about using it sometimes 😛 but then i remember i have dread with a groll so i'm all set for my 2hr mot runs 😛
  2. The zhuge prime initial fire is silent, its the secondary explosion that's deemed alarming.
  3. The ips balanced in favor of more slash, more slash dmg means more slash procs, and slash procs mean more true dmg. From what i've tested, initial hit deals ~60% total dmg, and delayed explosive deals ~40% total dmg. The dmg inflicted is in a 3m aoe dealing damage of its own status and crit chance. Which effectively double dips into overall dmg potential. I don't 100% agree on dmg splitting, but i can understand why it would be somewhat necessary.
  4. Primed mods are cheap (at max rank) due to the amount of endo Arbitrations spew out. It cost comparitevely nothing to max a primed mod since endo is so much easier to farm. As for R0 primed mods, XB1 is at a steady 50p per mod. However due to con barro coming soon the demand is just low. But nothing has really changed.
  5. Please don't tell me you're using maim on para.
  6. Halikar disarm was one exploit, which will be patched on console soon, but for the most part ppl used the set mods to sleep demos umtil timer ran out.
  7. You dare question the mighty, and all powerful Pablo? Disgrace good sir, disgrace.
  8. To the OP, sounds a lot like thumpers to me 😛
  9. Bruh, i was so commited to this super secret hidden easter egg hype train, but like now... Just lol.
  10. ^^^ what this dude said. What OP ks aaying is just absolute nonsense to me.
  11. Uhm, why do you have CP on? 90% of Hildryns have this on her, and I can't for the life of understand how that's a good idea. The last person I talked to about this honestly though CP and pillage stacked. I hope you're not confused about that either. Edit: Just noticed someone else brought this point up.
  12. 'scuse me, but wut. It literally can do both elemental damages that grineer are terribly weak to (excluding alloy armor). It shreas armour and health like no one's business. It triple dips in damage. It's an immensely capable beam-shotgun, only further pushed by its riven dispo.
  13. I understand your joke, but allow me to brutally butcher it. Name tags exist. ;D
  14. As much as I enjoy the thought of blowing up a fellow player afk-ing, or leeching, I, and other slightly twisted people like, are the reasons why it's not a thing. Hella funny to picture though. I'm looking at you Loki mains, time to send you Lua XD
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