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  1. Do DE every respond to any of these questions? The forums just seem like lots of people asking with nobody from DE replying.
  2. Thanks all, yes i noticed the in-game achievements but none have been added to the xbox achievement list as of yet, didn't realise they were bugged though as i haven't gone back to the game yet because of the lack of said achievements. Also i would be very disappointed if the in-game challenges were the actual achievements we end up with for Heart of Deimos as they are just trivial, could probably get them all in an hour or two. I'd prefer a more substantial list, maybe similar to Plains or Orb Valis as i'll be getting everything in-game anyway so extra reward in the form of achievements is ap
  3. Installed this update recently expecting to get back on the game and explore the new content. Noticed that no new achievements have been added which was unexpected considering the previous open worlds had time consuming achievement lists. Would really appreciate if DE added some achievements to Heart of Deimos, and preferably a list similar to Fortuna which will take some effort to get through. Achievements do provide a fulfilling experience for many. There are a lot of people that i know who play games on xbox solely for achievements and have no reason to come back to the game to experience t
  4. Ok i see that now, i thought that was just related to the mobile app from how it's presented in the forum list, thanks.
  5. At least i got a reply though, so where would you suggest i post this for the devs to see? Couldn't see anywhere that seemed appropriate from the forum list, thanks.
  6. I want to know where i can post about this so the devs will actually see it as nobody has even viewed my previous post. Would appreciate if DE added some achievements with the latest title update. Seems like they stopped bothering with achievements for some reason. Disappointing because there are a lot of people that i know who play games on xbox solely for achievements and have no reason to come back to the game and experience the new content. Plains and Fortuna both got significant achievements lists added, not for the latest open world though. If anyone can tell me where to post a question
  7. I was hoping that there would be a substantial list of achievements to work through when the new infested open world was revealed. Which honestly would have been a long overdue addition to the game since the previous set of achievements that required even a tiny bit of dedication were added with Fortuna. Quite disappointed that no achievements have been added at all on any versions of the game. I noticed there are some in game achievements which probably take 30-40 minutes to earn but even if these were actually added to the xbox achievement list, i'd still be disappointed but that would at le
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