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  1. 1. I was wondering if it were possible to have the Forma blueprints reuseable? Forma seems to be a very important item of the game and its rather frustrating to keep trying to get new blueprints for it, especially since its also needed to build the clan hideout. 2. Is it possible to have Orb Vallis rebalanced? With the Corpus being everywhere, I find it difficult as a new player to the game to work on earning standing for any syndicate without getting shot at (if trying to get standing for K-Drives) or overwhelmed on low level bounties. The way the enemies behave in this game it really seems like saying what level they are is completely irrelevant. 3. Is there a way we can get a jukebox decoration for the Orbitor ship or Clan House? I was looking for a way to change my title theme music when Im about to log in as I miss the melody that played before this Fortuna theme song...as it was reminding me of Metroid. 4. Is there a way we can get a hover-over comparison chart when comparing equipped gear with unequipped gear? 5. With items that involve the main quests that require crafting, could they have lower craft times? It makes no sense to have items have 12hr+ wait times on them. 6. Can we get hover-over tooltips for the icons of the game? There are many icons, especially ones of currency, that I have no idea what they are and how to get them. I think if we also had this info in the codex as well as the components acquired in the game (as well as where to get them like how it was done for mods), it would make things easier to understand and create more usage for the codex.
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