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  1. I was a little disappointed to find out that grineer galleons in railjack are just static objects that dont do anything, when i was hoping they'd function as a kind of boss ship. Are there any plans to make huge ships like galleons do things other than just be scenery? Will Fomorians appear in future railjack missions? If so, will they function differently than they do in the archwing mission? Many archguns dont work too well in railjack, especially grattler (very short range), corvas (short range), fluctus (slow projectiles), ayanga (slow projectiles) and velocitus (slow projectiles, even when fully charged). Are there plans to make them work better in railjack? Other than Amesha, which works great, archwings arent very good in railjack. Elytron is especially useless due to its abilities being too slow to hit enemies in railjack missions and also very weak against enemies in all mission types, a problem it has had for a long time. Odonata has similar problems. Are there plans to improve the archwings to be more useful in railjack?
  2. A lot of the archguns don't translate well into Railjack. Velocitus' projectiles are too slow to hit targets effectively, making it extremely difficult to make useful. Grattler is near unusable due to its extremely short range and hard to see projectiles and its blast radius is too small to be useful. Ayanga and Fluctus' shots travel too slowly to be useful. Corvas is also limited by its short range. I was wondering if there were plans to improve archwing guns in railjack so that players wont just automatically go for Imperator Vandal or phaedra and ignore all others. I was also wondering if the grineer on railjack missions were meant to have such extreme armor amounts. By saturn most of them have as much or more armor than lv100 sortie grineer usually do. Lastly i was wondering about the reasoning behind sacrificial steel and other melee crit mods getting such an outrageous boost. With some weapons (Furax Wraith, for example) and a riven I can easily hit 7 digits on my crits and it feels like im cheating or something. Im usually cool with things being overpowered, but with so many melee weapons being able to exceed 100% crit chance with just one mod i feel like its a bit too much. Most weapons with high base crit require 2 mods and a riven to hit 100%.
  3. I would like more mods to count as weapon exilus mods. Stuff like Nightwatch Napalm, Kinetic Ricochet, Napalm Grenades, Tether Grenades and other mods that modify how a weapon works without directly impacting its DPS should all be included as exilus. Weapon mods that add unique functions to the weapon like Neutralizing Justice, Meticulous Aim, Bursting Mass and Exposing Harpoon should also be included, since while they do affect DPS, they don't do it by simply adding numbers to the damage.
  4. Who here has used Zarr and forgotten to switch to barrage mode before firing point blank? Ive failed an arbitration or two back before the new arbys mechanics because of that.
  5. In one of the updates this year, the way the "random colors" button works was changed. In the past it would choose all the colors from the same palate, but now it will pick the colors from any palate. This change is annoying to me because when all the colors are from one palate they tend to go together better, making the random color button more useful. Honestly, I wouldn't mind having both! It would be cool to have a "random colors" and a "random palate" button.
  6. The infested are by far the least threatening faction. Ive noticed that when doing arbitrations, people will usually go 4 or 5 rotations with corpus and grineer, but will often go 10 or more with infested, simply because the infested are so much less capable of killing you.The most they can do is be inconvenient. Whereas Grineer have durability and lots of strong enemies like bombards and heavy gunners, and corpus has nullifiers and high damage weapons, infested really only have ways to knock you down or drain your energy. Ancients are mostly annoying with their grapple hook but are too slow to actually hit you themselves and their buffs and debuffs are mostly just annoying. Boilers dont do anything, since spawning more weak infested is the same thing as infested spawning normally. Brood Mothers are also incapable of being a threat, since rolling and jumping kills their maggots, which do pitiful damage anyway. The mutalist moas throw dust and poo-jelly on the ground, which is only dangerous if you are stationary, which you wont be. Also they have a total lack of ranged threats. Infested can be beaten by standing on a large crate, and their spitball attack they use when they cant reach you isnt a big deal, and isnt used consistently anyway. They need something that is immediately threatening and worth prioritizing over others, as well as things that can get a hit in before they are blown away. Id suggest making special volatile runners that cause a dangerous status effect such as viral or corrosive if they get you. Id also suggest making an infested enemy that is a dedicated ranged attacker, or one that has a continuous ranged attack like elite crewmen do. Have an enemy that can hurl a projectile to cause status effects. Also enemies that can close the distance for melee attacks better like grineer flameblades do. Whatever it is, infested are severely lacking in their ability to fight the player, they need help.
  7. Id mostly just prefer that he be able to utilize his shadows more. Most importantly he needs a way to tell them what to attack so they dont just mill about doing nothing useful. I'd also like his shadows to deal more damage since they aren't good at dealing damage as it is, especially if they are infested. Also, maybe shadows should be their own units rather than copies of units you kill. There's a huge difference in quality between getting heavy gunners and bombards and getting less effective summons. I don't like getting stuck with a bunch of nullifiers that block my shots or any infested at all, since infested are atrocious at fighting anything, especially other enemies. I'd rather have dedicated ghost guys with ranged attacks than get stuck with undesirables. I'd like if his shadows could just be more useful than human shields or a damage resist buff. I'd like to be able to sacrifice them for buffs or heals, or to have a way to buff and command my shadows so they are more worthwhile and useful.
  8. I would suggest making nekros' abilities synergize with his shadows more. Make him a real necromancer. Nekros's summons have unique models of 3 types: A melee ghost, a ranged ghost, and a tanky defense ghost that gives a small defense buff. Which ones you get are based on enemies killed. Like killing variants of crewmen, lancers, and mutalist moas will get you ranged ghosts, killing prodmen, butchers, and most infested will get you melee ghosts, and killing Nox, ancients and nullifiers get you defense ghosts. Attack power of ghosts is based on Nekros' build, so now strength matters a bit more. This way you won't get stuck with a bunch of bubble boys blocking your shots or napalms lighting themselves on fire over and over. Max number of shadows is now 10. Shield of Shadows drops that number back to 7 but retains its current effects. Passive: Nekros' damage increases with each shadow he summons, up to 100%. 1: soulpunch- Nekros strikes a target with an intangible force that tears away the enemy's life force. Deals damage and ignores armor and shields and has infinite punchthrough up to its maximum range, diminishing in power with each subsequent enemy hit. Enemies killed by soulpunch will become shadows automatically if the max number of shadows is not reached yet, and will refund 50% of the energy used if max shadows are already active. This can be used as an alternative way to summon shadows if you need to replace one or two instead of using 4 to do it. It also gives you better control over what type of shadow you will get. 2: Soul Sacrifice- Nekros converts a shadow into a projectile fired from his hands, which explodes and deals damage. Alternatively Nekros can fire the shot at his feet and heal himself by doing so. Holding the button will charge the projectile by sacrificing additional shadows, adding one every .5 seconds. Healing effect is 5% of max health for every shadow sacrificed. Can be rapid fired by mashing the button. 3: Desecrate - same as before but in addition to the loot rolling desecrated corpses now have a 10% chance to burst, causing toxin procs on nearby enemies. 4: Army of the Dead - Max number of shadows is now 10. Pressing 4 while aiming marks an enemy, causing shadows to direct all attacks at the marked enemy until it dies or a new enemy is marked.
  9. Nekros desperately needs a rework. Something to make him more useful than just a farmer. As he is his abilities aren't very effective for anything but farming resources. Id like something to make him feel more like a powerful necromancer with the idea being to make greater use of his summons. He just doesn't do much as it is. I'd like to be able to tell my summons what to shoot at or even use them as bombs to throw at enemies. Id like his abilities to synergize with his summons, the way a necromancer would. Something like using an ability to mark enemies for the shadows to kill, or being able to sacrifice a shadow to buff yourself. Shadows also need to be stronger to be able to damage enemies.
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