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  1. I was a little disappointed to find out that grineer galleons in railjack are just static objects that dont do anything, when i was hoping they'd function as a kind of boss ship. Are there any plans to make huge ships like galleons do things other than just be scenery? Will Fomorians appear in future railjack missions? If so, will they function differently than they do in the archwing mission? Many archguns dont work too well in railjack, especially grattler (very short range), corvas (short range), fluctus (slow projectiles), ayanga (slow projectiles) and velocitus (slow projectiles, even when fully charged). Are there plans to make them work better in railjack? Other than Amesha, which works great, archwings arent very good in railjack. Elytron is especially useless due to its abilities being too slow to hit enemies in railjack missions and also very weak against enemies in all mission types, a problem it has had for a long time. Odonata has similar problems. Are there plans to improve the archwings to be more useful in railjack?
  2. A lot of the archguns don't translate well into Railjack. Velocitus' projectiles are too slow to hit targets effectively, making it extremely difficult to make useful. Grattler is near unusable due to its extremely short range and hard to see projectiles and its blast radius is too small to be useful. Ayanga and Fluctus' shots travel too slowly to be useful. Corvas is also limited by its short range. I was wondering if there were plans to improve archwing guns in railjack so that players wont just automatically go for Imperator Vandal or phaedra and ignore all others. I was also wondering if the grineer on railjack missions were meant to have such extreme armor amounts. By saturn most of them have as much or more armor than lv100 sortie grineer usually do. Lastly i was wondering about the reasoning behind sacrificial steel and other melee crit mods getting such an outrageous boost. With some weapons (Furax Wraith, for example) and a riven I can easily hit 7 digits on my crits and it feels like im cheating or something. Im usually cool with things being overpowered, but with so many melee weapons being able to exceed 100% crit chance with just one mod i feel like its a bit too much. Most weapons with high base crit require 2 mods and a riven to hit 100%.
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