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  1. this is happening to me as well. normally I dive in a nearby pond or something to get out of it.
  2. Can you PLEASE revert the murmur progress for liches only counting for that persons lich? This removes all incentive to help your teammates in fighting it, and you'd be better of fighting it solo because of when your team sits on extraction giving you under a minuet to kill your lich.
  3. what mission types has everyone lost the "guaranteed" requiem relic to in kuva floods? cuz I think it may be a bug with only rescue missions as that's the only one that didn't give me it and other people said it was mainly on rescue.
  4. where you able to use the parazon on it, and did you get any of the rewards from it? I don't think you should be able to thrall the liches.
  5. this happens to me on that one all the time. I think the bug has been around since the challenge came out. i'd think they would've fixed it by now.
  6. the same thing happened to someone else's lich in a mission. the health bar was grey.
  7. not only are the kuva floods not a guaranteed chance to drop the relic, but there's only one at a time! It would be really nice if we had multiple kuva floods at a time. farming this thing would be MUCH easier if we had different ones to go to if we got the wrong relic.
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