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  1. took some screen after another try (so after migration and obvious missing mods) See, only using melee / claws with even combometer and mid health ...dmgs are like "none" , cause before migration , its around 96% status 400 viral and 250 radiation and condition overload...even with the 4th skill "active" it not deal any / quiet any damages , would link others later if had time but its bugged for sure, but maybe not only garuda's claws edit: the captures come from the same run
  2. after migration on garuda's claws, its just dealing very low dmg , like on old time bug when some mods were missing after migrate...even usin her 4+1 + charged one and condition overload , happened 3x times row on taveuni's kuva's survival
  3. Ty for the fix, but can you take a look at this nova's antimatter weird bug, specially on arbitrations, wich make them quiet random/unfair the forum thread ive opened for this
  4. after few hours of dl, of the entire game , its fine, after removed steam files and the content of c:\user\appdata\local\warframe (total suppress so) its not stuck to "verify cache" stayin for hours on the same state 😇 , hope it would maybe help some fellowed tennos around o/"
  5. Im still at "redownload state" here , but update failed, stuck4life at 21% cache verify on launcher , same after restart, "sfc /scannow" , etc, whole supress / re dl , will see 🤕
  6. soz for not following guide of reporting with f6 screennies but wasnt aware of it, got sereverals locations of holes in kuva's survival tileset This 1st one made me force quit to around 7-10 missions , where for a damn miracle moment , mostly when ppl decided to "play" warframe and stay for mid/long run 😭 this wall just stuck me the time it was out but was blocked in , even after an /unstuck here is for kubrows/kavat/venari and the last Good job fixing theses and will post nexts one with proper way o/"
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