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  1. Unfortunately, they do read this place. But they are simply not obliged to reply to every thread. Remember the Pablo-Saryn nerf fiasco? *shivers*
  2. Doesn't mean there shouldn't be any change at all now does it? Someone's gotta start somewhere. You and I both know very well that changing anything against player interests (by that, I mean nerfs), even when it is absolutely needed, will be met with backlash no matter what.
  3. Its worth mentioning that "attack speed" is not the only thing that affects melee's bonkers level of damage. Its also the cc they provide. Currently, every hit you do staggers the enemy. Meaning, there is no risk factor at all if the enemy is unable to even do anything when you smack 'em. DE specifically mentioned removing the staggers. So, I think there will be a bit more risk involved. But regardless, I think what could to be done, is when you are in 2 to 3 meters from an enemy, then the enemy will start dealing percentage damage. This would I think fix some problems rega
  4. Frankly, I don't play pubs because they NEVER end well in spy missions. I would say, as much as I don't like to say it, that the problem here is the players. One could make the same argument in an exterminate/defense mission, where one player decides to AFK leech everyone's work and rewards... That said: If I were to include Coop: Have stealth multipliers separate for each player. If everyone's stealth multiplier is high, then the average stealth multipler is calculated. This average will be added to each players' existing stealth multiplier, and from that, the rewards fr
  5. I believe its because its parkour orientated. There currently no tools such as the fabled "no_clip". As long DE doesn't add no_clipping, any parkour oriented puzzle vault is fine. And frankly, I've been wanting a gamemode regarding warframe's parkour ngl.
  6. SoonTM iirc, no real fixed date as of now.
  7. Hmm... Perhaps we can use an incentive for stealth. For example, increase rewards based on how less enemies have "detected" you, how many enemies you've killed without drawing alerting nearby enemies and how many times you casted abilities. For example, lets say we use a variable: Stealth_Multiplier. (decimal/float number) Per killed enemy without setting any other enemy to "alert" state will increase your "stealth_multiplier" Per enemy that has detected you (by sight) will lower your stealth_multipler. Every undetected enemy on mission end will increase it however Per ab
  8. Play "Never Gonna Give You Up" on her roller ball. Now it will be the perfect rick roll...
  9. Aadi880

    Void Damage

    Wow ok... I'm using the same exact amp as you are xD. In that case, I don't see why you wouldn't see the mag bubble proc... I see it rather often in the same amp configuration (32% status chance)... I presume you've already gilded it? Here's what it says in the wiki, if you want to know more of it: Sauce: Void Damage | WARFRAME Wiki | Fandom The Status Effect of Void damage is Bullet Attractor, which creates a small 5 meter field centered on where the target was shot for 3 seconds (e.g. proccing Void on the target's head creates the Bullet Attractor field centered on
  10. Aadi880

    Void Damage

    What's your other parts? You didn't convert your damage type with arcanes did you?
  11. Aadi880

    Void Damage

    Status chance... Chances are, the amps you are using as very low status chance, so you haven't seen it yet. The magnetic bubble he is talking about is a bubble similar to Mag's Magnetize. It pulls in all projectiles to the center of be bubble. The bubble itself spawns on the part of the body you hit. This is the status effect of Void Damage.
  12. It was added on the same update as Deimos technically. Remember Velocipods?
  13. 3d modelling is not a simple task as 2d artwork... These things are called a "concept" art for a reason. Artist themselves cannot fully describe 3d models from 2d sketches, and 2d sketches from their own imagination... SPECIALLY if what they are imagining are complex structures.... Its a concept art that tells what THEY THINK they can fully translate into the game. Thats the whole point of a concept art. On top of that, concept arts are not under limitations of the game engine. 3d models are. Personally, I thought it looked pretty close to the concept art. I'll most l
  14. Unlikely. Exterior is already ~65 meters shorter than the interiors (~210m vs ~275m, from what I remember correctly), making the interiors shorter makes it already a bit more similar perhaps... If anything though, I think the exteriors could be changed to make the exterior windows and stuff more accurately represent the interiors. Who knows how the interior will look...
  15. a small TL,DR: Umbra inherits specter AI. Meaning, whatever a specter AI does, Umbra will do so too. For example, Specter Garuda will never cast Blood Altar. So, Umbra with blood altar subsumed won't cast Blood Alter either. However, Specter Wisp will cast Breach Surge, so Umbra with beach surge subsumed will also cast it too. You can look up specter AI in warframe wiki. There you will find a list of what abilities that are whitelisted or blacklisted in the specter AI's dictionary.
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