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  1. Races and grinding on the pipe behind fortuna's entrance (Get off the pipe after you can calculate that you've hit 3000 points, for that's the max combo).
  2. Well, considering the heavy attack has innate electricity, taking toxin will mean taking corrosive on your stropha. This is good enough for all content EXCEPT steel path. If you are going to use it against eidolons, then maybe heat for radiation? I don't use it for eidolons so idk.
  3. Getting yourself hated by a syndicate is a good method of farming these. For they send a decent amount of eximuses at you. And I think smeeta kavats gives you a free drop? IDK, but I once got one essence for seemingly from nowhere. I have completed venus completely. Earth, Mars, Phobos and Mercury are incomplete (I am rushing to MOT). I have gotten 5 steel essence.
  4. For the most content through steel path, its pretty good. Personally speaking though, I don't use his 4 often unless if I use catapult, but for dealing damage, I take Range and Efficiency + Hunter Adrenaline. Press one, do a 360 mouse flick, and then uh.... The toxin procs normally kill the enemies. To get my energy back, I sit in one place and let them hit me to max energy. If my health gets too low, I just use Vazarin Protective Dash. And repeat. EDIT: When armor is completely stripped, I just use stropha and oneshot everyone.
  5. The Blitz Eximus units is actually capable of doing this. They have the longest attack range of all enemy types. I would be most happy if such behaviour can be implemented to every enemy in steel path.
  6. I've tried it. It... struggles, apparently. On corpus, you pretty much need to land a head shot or else it won't one shot at all.
  7. Corinth Prime does the job pretty well. Even after the modifiers, its still a oneshot to armored enemies. However, I recommend you NOT to take viral+heat on everything. You won't be able to oneshot corpus that way, Magnetic+Toxin actually performs better than just viral. same goes to the exergis, though it mostly does it from the slash procs and its absurdly high status chance. I've been using the Corinth Prime and so far, zero issues. Definitely recommended.
  8. Please put Umbral Forma as a reward, or a crafted forma/aura forma. Stance Forma is the most useless forma in the game right now. Also, please allow hard mode apply to nighmare and fissure missions, with their drops also affected by the innate booster. (including void traces.) Also, the affinity gain is bugged. There is no affinity increase due to higher level enemies, even though DE Rebecca has stated that it should.
  9. Copy pasting from my older suggestion thread. It seems appropriate here. I have some suggestions to it that can, well, keep the player engaged onto it. Some of the suggestions were mostly inspired by the blitz eximus units. Increased attack range Increased grenade throwing range, and throws are more horizontal. Enemies will blind fire on an invisible player, should the invisible player melee attack another enemy that's in line of sight. Enemies will be able to fire as they run. Enemy spawn rate is twice fold Already somewhat implemented, but perhaps can we up the spawns in non-endless missions as well? Enemies will attempt to destroy life support capsules in survival, and won't rush to the players. Rather, they will rush to the life support capsules. (Pablo's idea) Hostage in rescue missions will not teleport, but will run faster depending on the number of players near them. (4 players will increase the movement speed by 4x) Spy missions has a "no alarms" requirement. In defense, there is no downtime, Defense objective will be mobile as well, and will move to different tilesets. This means defense missions will no longer take place in a single, fixed tileset. Enemies will have increased priority with 100% accuracy on stationary players, unless if another player is significantly closer. Increased enemy movement speed by 1.5x.
  10. And I decided to take Grendel... And uhh... Needless to say, non of the 45 enemies survived when i vomited them out... Nor do I think one of my teammates PC, for he disconnected when I did so. 😕
  11. Considering they managed to do ball physics with grendel, I think the engine can do swinging physics. Perhaps they just need to add momentum to the ripline's pull, instead of being replaced. I was more thinking about Valkyr actually grabbing the yeeted dude and do a finisher. Perhaps this could be a good synergy with her 4. (btw, I think it needs some update to its stance) I'm kinda conflicted on increasing paralysis's range at base due to its extremely low energy costs (though not if its manually increased by draining energy). Same goes to the duration. I think its better balanced if I can increase the energy usage to cover more area for a longer period of time. Also, for a first ability, Ripline is indeed pretty neat.
  12. Not really if you think about it. 😕 Not gonna ask for more nerfs tho. 😛 ... (Other than, possibly some LOS stuff, but thats a topic for something else entirely).
  13. Valkyr's first ability is at the moment used purely for mobility, and one that isn't as useful/needed given that bulletjumping or spoiler mode exists. This makes the ability rather redundant for the more experienced players. Valkyr's Third ability is not useful in normal gameplay missions at all aside from using the augment, and having to require an augment to give an ability a use is really not a good ability. It's currently a worse version of excal's 2. I suggest the following improvements: Ripline: Added functionality: If casted onto the terrain, holding the ability key will NOT retract the line, and valkyr behaves as a physics ball attached to a string. This allows valkyr to swing around with ripline. Releasing the ability key will cause Valkyr to be pulled in, while still retaining previous momentum. Valkyr can pre-maturely release the ripline by pressing the key again before the line fully retracts Casting the ripline on an enemy will pull it towards valkyr, like it currently does, however if the player presses "X" when the enemy is pulled close enough, Valkyr will execute a finisher on the target, Paralysis: Added functionality (+animation tweak): On ability tap, paralysis is a one handed ability, and therefore cannot interrupt other animations. This makes it more mobile despite its smaller range than before. Finishers are therefore immediate. Holding the ability channels in the the ability, (and becomes upper body animation ability instead of one handed). Channeling into it increases the range while draining shields and energy. Once shields are completely drained, the cry is released, knocking down every enemy within range. Enemies stay knocked down for a duration proportional to the amount of energy drained. (SHIELDS does not affect the knockdown duration) enemies knocked down are vulnerable to ground finishers. Anyone else are free to post their thoughts on this as well. I'd like to hear if you would like these changes by adding functionality to it. (I'm rather opposed to changing the ability entirely)
  14. Doesn't feel like this conversation matters anymore. If Sony buys Leyou (I'm not saying DE, because saying "Sony is buying DE" is misleading has hell), Sony receives funding control as a backer and investor to "The Group". If you do not know who "The Group" is, I recommend you read Leyou's annual report (2019 one). DE just happens to be one of them. Digital Extremes by legal rights hold their game to themselves and to themselves only. Sony being their investor is a choice of Sony and Sony themselves. Digital Extremes simply needs to return the investor of what was invested and agreed upon. To do this, The investor (Sony) invests on the game's developement. This could be an increase of workforce, or a change of micro transactions, or well, ANYTHING, as long as DE agrees onto it. Sony is HIGHLY UNLIKELY to change DE's micro transaction strategy. DE's strategy has withholded its reputation by being extremely successful, AND keeping a community reputation. This has served them for almost 8 years. It makes no sense to change it from a business perspective. What Sony is likely to do is to improve its PlayStation support. There is no need to make it a playstation exclusive. If its support, QoL, Performance, Graphical enhancements, lower costs and cosmetical exclusives is more attractive, people will convert to it regardless. This can be achieved by placing a performance specification for DE to achieve, and provide the funding needed to do so. This can alternatively improve the development cycle has a whole, improving the game for even the Xbox players, Switch players and ofc, the PC users. PC users are Sony's other customers. Improving their experience will improve Sony's profits simply because Sony provides PC equipment (monitors, towers etc). This can go both ways, but will be a more sensible approach for long term goals, SHOULD SONY AIM FOR LONG TERM GOALS. If Tencent buys Leyou, then things are different: Tencent is a tricky one. They can do two things. One is based on past records: Tencent may invest DE a HUGE sum of money, probably more than Sony, however, this will also result an EQUALLY HUGE return of investment (ROI) at a potentially SHORT PERIOD OF TIME. DE has to work harder. They need to make money fast in order to return it. DE also knows they have a reputation of having one of the best micro transaction systems in the gaming industry, and they CAN'T afford to lose it. If the time period is too short, they would have to rely on cosmetics. LOTS of them. These are basically short term goals. Needed to make a quick sum of money in a short period of time in order to return investments. Things may become grindier. Game may become more appeasing to Chinese audience. Platinum prices may increase. New content may potentially be buggier if DE overexerts. However, if the time period is longer, DE can spend more time hiring more devs, or work on more content, or both. They can also have enough time to make cosmetics to go with the content, and potentially less buggy releases, albeit, still grindy content. This is the other side of the coin for DE's employees and developers. Here's the OTHER thing Tencent can do: Nothing. They won't change anything. Investments and ROI are the same as before. Why would they do this? For that, lets ask why is Tencent buying Leyou. A reason could be because of the fact that DE's micro transaction system is a good one for long term goals. They might see that there is no need to risk profits if the risk can simply be removed entirely for potentially MORE profits. Not only that, but there are OTHER members in "The Group". If DE is doing fine on their own, and the other members are not, Tencent will focus on the other members instead, and they could possibly do what I mentioned above to get them back to speed. Tencent may not be eyeing at DE at all, rather, they are eyeing the other members of "The Group" that are not doing so hot. They could replace their dev team there to do other stuff, or redirect the funding. And the other thing is DE would break off from "The Group" entirely, but that's different topic.
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