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  1. It is stuck at 40.7KB every time I open it. Tried disabling bulk and aggressive download and the launcher ends up not responding for a prolonged period of time. Same with closing it. I have also tried changing my internet connection. (Wifi to mobile data) No effect. Still stuck at 40.7KB. I was also monitoring my data transfer. It's not sending or receiving any data in either cases. It was working just fine at 29.3.0 Prime Access hotfix before, but the broke it.
  2. There is no such thing as "real difficulty" in warframe. One will like it, another will call it tedious. This community will never ever agree on anything regarding difficulty until DE themselves sets a standard for it, AND set it to stone. There is no standard on difficulty in warframe, and therefore, no difficulty that anyone will agree on.
  3. I think its not a glass texture because, well, black color on glass doesn't apply. It just makes the glass loses shine and become dull. Kinda how it is on Gara, or black energy color I'm not sure if metallic will look well either, considering the rim and guards are also metallic. Would make a lot of clashing issues. Now, if it actually were to be "black glass", a way to do it would be by keeping it matte plastic, except you give it a glass texture layer coating on top of it, so that the plastic looks like glass. Not sure if the engine can do that though, and I'm not sure how i
  4. False. "Efficiency" and "Viability" are not the same thing. The most efficient tool is viable. But not all viable tools are efficient. Tombfinger Secondary is a viable tool for eidolons, for it can break a limb in an acceptable amount of time and investment. That does not make it an efficient weapon, because other weapons gets can do the same thing better under the same investment. The most efficient weapon is a subset of all the viable weapons. And therefore, it is impossible for it to be mutually exclusive. Either that, or you and I are not talking about the same thing at all.
  5. Looks like a problem with the lift strength on that stance. Other stances like blind justice has lift on its forward attack combo. However, the enemy does not fly into the air like that, rather, the head flips forward making the NEXT hit of the combo a headshot. The lift strength is low. Here though, it looks like the lift strength is excessively high... :-/
  6. Same way on how the battacor fires its alt fire visually. There's a 0.3 delay with a charging animation before the alt fire actually fires. Hold alt fire to dictate how much ammo you should/want consume. There's a play in practice here too. Once you keep doing it, you'll know how much charge you need via instinct, and end up avoiding wasting charges when you don't need them. "Right tool for the Right Job" and "All weapons made viable" are not mutually exclusive. It does not make the Kuva Bramma a right tool in Eidolon fights, but it should not prevent you from using it
  7. Why not keep both? On kill, 1 charge. Charges can be used without ammo cost. 5 kills for 5 charges (same as current battacor) If no charge is stored and weapon's alt fire is still used, it will use up 20% of the ammo reserve per 1 charge. So, a full 5 charge shot will use up the entire magazine. I think that's balanced and more versatile. (Rifles have a lot of ammo reserves by default. So you should not be running low on ammo as long as you hit consistently.)
  8. Faster thread handling and loading into RAM. Instructions spends less time in RAM as the queue times are shorter since processors are processing more instructions in a shorter period of time. This results in faster loading speeds, of course.
  9. Check the warframe folder in appdata I think its in C(whatever drive your OS is in)>Users>("Your username")>AppData>Local>Warframe Make sure "Show hidden folders" in file explorer's "View" tab in the ribbon is checked on. This folder will be in the same drive as your operating system. (Its always there, and you can never move it). It should have records on what problem your game's having. Consider discussing it with support: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us For now, just move that warframe folder in AppData>Local elsewhere such that the ga
  10. Yeah, in my case, the results are way too different. I've only encountered a Ogris once, but Seers are rather common for me. Ofc, I haven't been keeping count.
  11. Dunno, ya'll kept saying DE is too silent and doesn't say enough on what they are up to, now ya'll saying they're not silent enough? Make up your minds.
  12. It would appear DE has made changes to lighting and such so that the demo looks nice. This setting is unstable. If you listen closely, DE_Steve literally says "Thank God, It didn't crash" when that fortuna in you screenshots was loading up. Now, the game CAN actually look like that (Specially the orbiter one.). The captura settings can let you set the lighting just right. The only thing you can't do is the skybox for the orbiter. The fortuna one however should be possible to make in captura. (ie, there is a lot more blue probe lighting. and increased depth view). As
  13. Shimmering Blight does it right. Probably also why its one of the most popular stances.
  14. The opposite can be said for Decisive Judgement stance on nikanas. Forward Melee combo has almost little to no forward movement at all while the standing combo has more consistent movement...
  15. Give me a kuva, bartender. *slides golden kuva violently across counter* *glass shattering noises*
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