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  1. Title says it all. The scales in the shawzin has no notes that sounds like a A#4 or G#4. As a result, Shawzin players have to workaround by using the vibrato, which for some reason, bends a note by half-note (Vibratos don't do that DE). It also sounds rather odd. Please add the A#4 and the G#4 notes on the shawzin and then fixing the vibrato after that.
  2. While I'm not a fan of conclave myself, I don't think it is right to ignore the mode entirely (hell, lunaro was fun). However, I saw in the devstreams, where steve said "conclave will return, but not in the way you remember it." Idk how much of that holds true.
  3. Please revert the changes done to metallic. It looks lifeless now, with excessive diffusion, breaking a ton of prime frames and skins.
  4. Yeah, electricity looks really bad now. It just a couple of lines and nothing "electric".
  5. There is way too much diffusion in the metallic. Mettalic should be reflective, not like a rough surface.
  6. Your "impovements" to metallic has turned them into matte. Everything, from lisets to the gold in primes, have been reduced to plactics! wtf? They have completely lost their glow and their reflectivity. all the metallic are now completely bland and lifeless.
  7. Titania's Dex Pixia deals insane damage with a viral + slash build, granted you have the [Razor shot] mod (+120% slash) even without razorwing blitz. It 3 shots almost everything, including infested, that is, if the viral proc procs. However, the Dex Pixia is a status weapon, so more often than not, it will proc. I find this better than corrosive as it is more universal, so I don't have to keep switching builds. Her Diwata on the other hand, is like the that first arch melee you get in the game. Good at first, but terrible at higher level content. Hell, both weapons have low crit and status, which makes me feel like it's just a re-skin (Diwata might be a bit stronger though.) perhaps make it have innate corrosive? so that I can couple it with viral and deal an additional 150% damage grinner and 75% on others? Sounds better to me. I have complaints with her 2. Reflected damage is just not useful in any way in warframe, and neither is entangle. (it's not like enemies run away from us.) Her 2 definitely needs an entire rework. (Also, why are they not affected by ability mods DE?) Kinda wished her spell bind would affect more than 6 enemies, but I guess it's ok atm.
  8. What time is it in DE's area? it is Monday 15th here 6:08pm. Is that like 8:00am in Canada?
  9. Titania rework is not enough. Tribute: Entangle: It is absolutely useless. What benefit will we get by a 25% decrease in enemy movement speed? It's not like enemies runs away from us in the game. A better option would be it giving a cold debuff such that it decrease enemy actions (shooting, etc) as well. Throns: Everyone agrees that reflected damage is insignificant on all enemies who have like 15k health and enemies who only deal like 70 damage per second. Please have it become "Deflected" and not "Reflected" such that Titania takes less damage and the damage she is not receiving will be deflected to enemies. Razorwing: Give it a higher acceleration and deceleration such that it is easier to control (Not changing the top speed).
  10. I heard the Host Migrating thing only appears if the host (the guy who sent you the invite) disconnects or has a connection loss. If so, I'm not sure if they can fix it the way we want to : /
  11. Game won't connect properly anymore.
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