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  1. Valkyr, Inaros (though he's kinda boring), Grendel, Nidus, Garuda, Barruk, Excalibur Umbra (Umbra can certainly take a hit.)
  2. There are certain warframe heavyblade skins (ie Tennogen) that does emulate such effects. You should check those out. Also, Particle effects = Ludiculous .
  3. It is impossible to prove that we are not in a simulation. (yes, I'm bored.)
  4. Aadi880

    Auto sniper?

    Yep, that's the kind I'm looking for. Though its "headshot only" gimmick is the only thing setting me back form this. Still like it nonetheless.
  5. Anything that the game "rewards" you, and not needing "crafted" from the foundry or buying from market, can be acquired regardless of MR. Examples: Broken war, which the game rewards you after the second dream quest. Kuva weapons. Game rewards a weapon stored in the foundry, so still no crafting. MR requirement in kuva weapons are essentially meaningless. Login rewards also fall in this category. They are a "reward" and so bypasses MR requirement.
  6. just checked, yep. Elemental mods are ignored. My bad.
  7. And Titania's spellbind. Status immunity for all once casted, including the defense objective, if it ever attacks us. (You never know).
  8. Neither. Its based on your modded damage. Slash deals around 30% of that damage value. Lets take a rubico that somehow deals 1 million damage. Due to armor, the shot dealed 10 damage instead. However, the slash tick will deal 300000 damage, hence "Ignoring the effects of armor". Dunno about the mesa one, as I rarely play as her.
  9. A thumper is a 4 legged "tank" with 3 different guns on its sides. They appear in the plains of eidolon and Its quite large and hard to miss, while making distinctive "Thumps" as it walks. Thumpers do not spawn if you are in archwing. You have to keep walking around for it to spawn. Alternatively, you can archwing-walk-archwing cycle to speed things up. You can check the wiki for their spawn locations. A thumper has alloy armor. I think you can solo them? I do those solo myself but I often have it distracted by something (Titania's razorfly, Being invisible etc ). You need to shoot at the green lights on their feet, and also at their weapons to disable them.
  10. Aadi880

    Auto sniper?

    Can we have a sniper rifle that is automatic in nature? Like an auto sniper or something? It seems to be the only sniper class that is missing. The Vulkar varients could be made into automatic sniper rifles and this also gives them something unique and not just a bootleg rubico.
  11. Its tennogen, created by the players such as ourselves. You need steam to access tennogen.
  12. Gunplay? were you able to see your weapon/aim down sight? As in like a view model?
  13. Then where will I put my Thief's Wit? I need dem loot. Titania has increased vacuum and it's the closest thing DE will ever give as Universal Vacuum (FFS DE) .
  14. Titania users wants to know you location.
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