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  1. No, they don't. It never maintained momentum after the animation ever. With Protea, the dodge animation is faster so the "loss of momentum" you are describing is far more noticeable. But it has always been there on every other warframe too. The reality is that Dodging NEVER maintained momentum after the animation. You can see it for yourself. Aimglide with zero horizontal velocity to a directional dodge and see if you gain any momentum. You won't. Only directional bullet jumps provides momentum, and that, is by overriding any existing momentum. Meaning if you bulletjump while travell
  2. Or perhaps, going a simpler route, change how its calculated. Make Serration and other straight damage mods are multiplicative to base damage. Make Elemental and IPS mods are additive to modded damage. Now you have a reason to NOT use serration everywhere, and some Impact mods would provide better damage output if you combine it with an elemental if a weapon happens to be weighted towards impact (Rubico Prime). Gives the IPS mods more use cases depending on the weapon's IPS weightage. That, or perhaps you could add restrictions like "You cannot have more than 3 Madurai Pola
  3. People don't seem to realize, but resetting your position is a main attraction of this ability, not just the refunds. A major part of Warframe content requires you backtrack. This is a fact. Players backtrack a lot. The game is not "everything exterminate big damage". No. Y'all keep thinking about exterminate and capture. Have you ever thought about Rescue, Defense, Defection, Mobile Defense, Disruption and Spy (Or hell, even Assault)? In fact, spy has the most use as you will be immediately exiting a vault to proceed to the next. Her turrets and grenades help on exterminate, bu
  4. If I was a normal person, and not tenno: Head to cetus as soon as possible, and get some help. Figure out how to get off the planet, and head to the Strata Relay. Ask around on how to join steel meridian. get myself a damn job. Do some basic errands till my reputation is high enough to get myself a Vaykor Hek Shotgun. Go back to cetus. Start mining. Sell mining resources to Tenno who hates mining for more credits. Now I don't know what to do. (I'll probably fail at step one)
  5. Perhaps +11 is an array index. I'm assuming you had more than 1 items that you renamed? If it is an array index, then I would also presume its stored as a linked-list. Would make referencing easier, no? Because now, the game can just save +11 in your "loadout slot"s instead of "DEADBEEF" as +11 references to "DEADBEEF". It would also allow you to store multiple items with the same name too.
  6. I feel like you are engaging in content far too early for your level. And it seems you just do not know where to look. What resources do you need? I ask because your experience does not coincide with the criticism warframe gets. Warframe is actually flaked because the game is way too easy , not the other way around. Or at least, thats what I see in almost any social media platform. I feel like you hit a stumbling block somewhere.
  7. Neither does the players. No really, I mean it.
  8. Dedicated servers won't help. The AI limit for complex AI is 64. If you have a server that has the run the same AI script as Warframe, it will not exceed 64 AI units, or else, it will likely crash all the clients. You won't find more than 64 AI units (friendly or not) inside a game. This doesn't change regardless of Coop, or solo. If the limit acts indiscriminately like this, chances are, its not a network limited problem, or at least, not JUST a network limited problem. But something far more internal. Solving this will require AI to be largely stripped down such that it can ac
  9. huh... I remember it being 4 for some reason. Haven't used the normal Corinth in a long time I guess
  10. Not disagreeing with you here. Personally, I prefer the Corinth Prime despite not being an upgrade in all aspects. I'm just saying to OP, that weapon power increase that used to be the case (in other words, no double-edged-ness weapons) for primed weapons are no longer continued. Current trend is to give primed weapons some kind of downsides. Corinth Prime's Reload nerf, Tenora Prime's charged shot nerf etc. They revolve around some kind of gimmick. If they don't, chances are, the weapon is really basic not nor warrent it, like Baza Prime, Aksomati Prime, and the Zakti Prime.
  11. Because its got a larger ammo pool. 20 instead of 5. 4 TiMeS ThE ReLoAD!1 Yes. The people who liked the Cornith cannot get used to the Cornith Prime, as unlike its previous brother, the same playstyle don't work for both of them. Nope. That era was long gone mate. Now, most ranged Primed Weapons have some form of downsides to its normal counterparts in some way, shape or form, unless if the weapon itself is basic enough to not warrent it (Baza Prime). Its been a year or two where this has been going on. As of why this happened... Dunno. Change in design philosophy,
  12. You read my post wrong dude. read the last line I'm literally saying the analogy OP brought into this game doesn't work to his favor. Nowhere am I agreeing with him.
  13. This is factually wrong. In life, you make a mistake, you still get paid for the work you did. In railjack, you failed a mission. YOU DID NOT "JUST" MAKE A MISTAKE, YOU MADE HUNDREDS OF IT. You are expecting to get paid for not doing any correct work at all. In real life, you would be fired. Not paid. The analogy you tried to bring here is not correct. Just saying.
  14. Pretty sure its Suda. My only guess is that you unknowingly started Octavia's Anthem Quest. Or at least, it auto started if you completed its unlock criterion. Check your codex
  15. In theory, it would, yes, but it largely depends on "how" the AI units are stored in your RAM. For example, Source and Evolution could be limited to 64 because they are using the same method of storing the AI in your RAM. Having minor experiences in working in Unity myself, a constantly updated open source engine, Unity can support +10,000 AI agents. However, this comes at a cost of well, performance, as well as AI complexity. Warframe's AI is very complex, despite what players are led to think by youtubers. A "complex" AI is not "smart" AI. Warframe was once a slow paced g
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