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  1. Here are some problems i'm starting to get:

    • Chrome/Opera window is getting cut in a half showing the browser window in a side, and warframe in another side overlapping it.
    • Constant screen flicking from Chrome/Opera like if i did some alt-tab really fast between the game and the browsers.
    • When playing a video in youtube the screen entire Chrome/Opera screen disappear and only the video is showing overlapping the game window.

    I have a nvidia gtx1050 and i updated the drivers today and i'm getting the same result.

    I did some testing using the new and the old renderer, neither worked, i try to test another games (destiny 2, apex, etc), neither of then did reproduce the same problem.

    I would like to know if anyone is experiencing the same issues.

  2. 6 hours ago, --Excalibur-Prime-- said:

    I don't see the problem you are trying to fix nor the solution to the problem you invented. Lich missions are already separate from regular missions, you can only get pugs that are also hunting a lich in your game. If you want to play the regular node you have the option to do so.

    Holy... I didn't know you can make that, thanks dude.

  3. The Lich system superposition in nodes can be solve so easily to remove the island that is the lich system right now, DE just have to:

    • Remove the Lich nodes (keeping the red stuff covering the planet).
    • Add lich thralls to all startchart (They appear in a mission if any of the players in the squad has a lich hunting them), scale the thrall level to mission level and scale spawn rate with mission level too (less spawn rate in the earlier start chart, sedna and eris get more thralls,  but still they get less spawn than when the lich modifer is added). Only the players that are being hunted by the lich are gonna get their reward stolen and only them get the lichs messages.
    • Add the condition of spawning the Lich and leveling up all the mobs in the mission a conditions is applied:
      • The players are in a premade squad (3 or 4 players) or is playing solo..
    • Add a lich modifier (indicator that ta mission has a chance to spawn a lich) when the condition of spawning are gonna be applied.
    • Remove the freaking blue color of thralls, and limit the enemies to only kuva soldiers with a yellow or purple aura.



    • New players are not going to deal with liches, if you want ot deal with liches in early planets you have to do squad or solo.
    • No more node superposition.
    • More teamplay.
    • People that are playing and don't want ot deal with liches are free of them, since only premades squads and solo guys are the ones that deal with liches.


    • People are gonna rage because they can't clean thralls with saryn spores because muh invincibility phase,  and they don't want to see the enemy resting untargetable.
    • People are gonna rage because they want to play lvl20 missions with the boys.
    • Lots of bugs.


    That's all.

    • TYPE: In-game
    • DESCRIPTION: The toggle to aim option doesn't work when aiming in a k-drive.
    • REPRODUCTION: Aiming in a k-drive with toggle to aim active.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Weapon should stay in Aim Mode when tapping the button (Since toggle to aim is active) and should at least stop the K-drive Turbo (Shift Button) when toggle to run is active.
    • OBSERVED RESULT: Can't use k-drive weapon effectively.
    • REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% consistent for me.
  4. 38 minutes ago, phoenix1992 said:

    I find it hard to not be harsh on DE, but this update is a mockery of promise and delivery for me.

    Is kind of hard to offer some rewards that don't resolve around Riven RNG, Cosmetics (Like the operator set we are getting) and Weapons (Probatly a reskin). What could they offer?  Forma? They can't, that hurt the gains, Boosters too. They can't really offer much when it comes to rewards if they are not big updates (Which Steel Path isn't),

    then you get the problem that you have to set "how much the playerbase are going to spend getting all of this". They just choose the easy path of making the operator set a grind fiesta to  mantain players interested in the mode. A stance forma and a relic pack to fill spaces. Why would it be a mockery?  is the thing that we wanted, more bullet sponges with 100+ level to feel "challenged".

    The game has been flawed for a long time. Because the game is focused in resource holding and lack of RNG, and the looters shooters should never have any of this, because when you have it. You can't really offer anything to the "vets" because they have everything (a lot of resources) so you can't reward them with resources, and you don't have enough RNG to make them use those resources. You can't strip those players of they "precious resources" since they will just start to cry and make a scene. So the reward pool is kind of problematic.

    The AI is another problem, you can make a better IA, but that cost too much and you would need to break a lot of stuff in the base game. The easiest way of make them strong right now is giving them more damage and tankyness, which isn't really making them more challenging but is something i guess. 

    There are some ways to make the game more challenging, but they are kind of hard to implement since the system just give players so much oneshot potential and strength that every stuff that you implement is gonna get oneshotted and ignored (except when they have invisiblity phase, which is a really awful mechanic). Because of how the core is designed, you just get a ton of ideas that get abandoned (Parazon Finishers, enemies with shields, nullfiers) because the game itself have so many core problems, and changing them would just make warframe another game for the playerbase (more cry and etc).

  5. So, Steel Path dropped recently, and i guess that some people forgot that they are basically a modifier to enemies to raise their level 100+. I don't know if the same group that is criticizing Steel Path is the same that was asking for it (I wish they aren't), anyway, I would say that i really like this update since i consider that it was something we had to have for a lot of time. 

    Would i play it more? i don't really know. I just keep sticking to sorties and 1 or 3 survival/defense arbitrations 1 or 2 days in a week. But i consider it a good step, and i kudos for the developers of bringing it to the table.

    Futhermore, i would like to tell to the people that are looking for "challenging enemies" and just keep spamming this update as "boring" and "content island", that the only thing that you would get are 100 lvl mores to your grineer bullet sponges, 5000 endo, and a ephemera.

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  6. 1 hour ago, (PS4)Lollybomb said:

    To sum this up: Disable player abilities. 

    Well, nullifiers are still disabling abilities.I am just presenting a way of how nulifiers could be less of a "i appear and nullify your abilities" and more of "take a action or you get your abilities disabled in a speciflcy zone of the map" if you take into account only the nulifiers.

    And yes, there is not workaround that takes two steps. We are too powerful with our abilities. We don't have cooldowns. But working into a game that solve those problems is just game breaking. You would need to strip the game from the core or just dich the entire warframe, and make warframe 2. Rework at least half of the roster to solve the main issue. 

    Everything that any player or dev come up would just be band-aids (I should put my idea as a band-aid too, is simplistic but at least give more oportunity to players of working together to avoid enviroments that hurt their base playstyle, and make them take action in case those changes happens).

    I'm really sure that you too know that 150lv+ corrupted heavy gunners into a tileset spamming isn't the way of making the game better and we need more than that.

    1 hour ago, (PS4)Lollybomb said:

     Except for the speed enemy, who wouldn't really change anything since he'll get nuked by abilities anyway.

    Well, we are going to get 150lv+ corrupted heavy gunners in the entire startchat, maybe with this mechanic you are going to get speedrunners 150lv heavy gunners. so is a win win. I'm really sure that you can't nuke those.

    1 hour ago, (PS4)Lollybomb said:

    Really, the only possible way of creating challenge is to disable player abilities.  That's it.  The entire problem of creating challenge is we're too powerful with our abilities.

    Warframe 2 : Electric Boogalo is the way to go.. 


    By the way, i am not saying that the new Hard Mode is a bad idea (Is something that should really be implemented), i'm just pointing out how focusing in that as a whole new experience to players isn't the correct way of break the same loop of "enemy appear, spam E to make it disappear". When you play the necessity of taking decisions make you more invested in the long run.

  7. I have been playing this game for 2 years, i really like it and i see a lot of people saying that they want a game with more "challenge", but i really don't think that a lv150 horde that would kill you with they insta aimbot and that can't be oneshotted easily should be considered a content that make the game harder. I have been thinking that this game need something else, a new way of interact with the enemies and change the flow of the game.

    I would really like to take a example as a good way of reworking the dificult by focusing in the nullifier, this guy is just a perfect way of starting to work around this problem of dificulty. I have been thinking in a way of make him more interesting that the one we have right now and some enemies that would make the game more about decision, instead of just shoot and disconnect yourself from the world. My list for now is::

    • Nullifier (Reworked): this starts as a normal unit instead of being a nullifier starting. When you kill this guy, instead of being killed he could be drowned and he would spawn a object device (with a strong blue color) that need two keys to being desactivated (The keys drops from enemies, until there are not nullifiers in the field). You need to take those keys and put in the device, if you don't do anything the unit would spam a nullifier field in the area with 3mins of lifetime, the field would need to have at least 1.5 of the size of the normal bubble. 
      • In defense/mobileDefense missions this guys would have the chance of run into your defense objetive and spawn instantly a nullifier field with 0.5 of the size of the normal bubble for 1min around your defense objetive.
      • They sould appear in the map with a blue icon or aura covering their bodies. 
    • Speeder (I don't have a good name yet): same as Nullifiers but spawm a device with a yellow as color and you have to hack it (you have 2 oportunities). If you fail to hack the device or you don't hack it in at least 1.5min. He dies and spawn a field (That would be great if looks like ivara invisibility arrow) that make the enemies run at x3 times the velocity they usually have. This field is alive for at least 2min or 3mins.
      • In defense mission, mobile defense, and survival this guy have the ability to run into defense objetive or life supports and spawn a the same field. This field would need to have same size as the initial and the effect is changed to slowing the firerate and attack speed of every warframe inside the circle.
      • They sould appear with a yellow icon or a aura covering their bodies.
    • LifeDrainers: This guys would have would need to be fast and they should be inmune to warframe abilities. They should appear in defense/mobile defense missions, they would attach to a objetive and would spawn a timer of 20seg, fi you don't kill them with in that timespan, a field would appear covering this zone. inside that zone the HP of the warframe would be drained with a velocity that scale with the time that the warframes are inside the field. would need a lifetime of 1 or 2mins.
      • They should appear with a red icon or a aura covering their bodies.

    This enemies would only spawn in defense/mobile defense and survival since i don't think they would make so much diference in capture (speedrun is the meta) and etc.


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  8. 39 minutes ago, (PS4)LeBlingKing said:

    1. Endgame will never exist because the Tenno’s favorite thing is to find the easiest method of getting something done for the grind and then trivializing it to kingdom come. It’s been done with ESO, it’s been done with Eidolons, etc.

    Yeah, can't argue again that.

    39 minutes ago, (PS4)LeBlingKing said:

    2. When was it ever stated that Railjack was going to be an endgame? Did I miss something?

    By the devs? i haven't seen any stream where they called it "endgame".

    By some players? just scroll through General Discussion and you will catch on.

  9. I usually go through this place once in a while to see some rant posts and stuffs like that (Since i got a lot of free time for now). I usually get into this topics about "What happened to the Endgame Content" that comes often based in a feature that the mayority of the playerbase defines as endgame being nerfed to the ground to appear to the masses (railjack seems like the recent example). 

    Usually my curiosity about what do the people that get to wrote it thought about this question drives me into read them, and i just get into the same conclusion as i go through every post about this topic. The same take about "why does the devs just cripple our enemies from being hordes of bullets sponges with a IA capable of hit my warframe with 100% accuracy, into a merely group of cannon fodder that can be deleted soo easy by my 7 forma Kuva bramma with a Multishot+CritChance Riven", or the usual disappoitment to see how the enemies that used to take 3 mags from a Baza Prime before, now die with half mag.

    The usual questions that comes to my mind when i read those post is: Why is considered this as lowering the dificulting? Why are the bullet sponges considered as dificult? are really those mechanics of shooting something from a long time to kill it or be deleted by it in almost half of a second something dificult or no just simply a awful approach to make the player invested into playing the math game as entertainment until the numbers hit the limit that are suppose to hit and you can wistand 3 seconds more to spam spoiler mode. I don't really see the dificulty in this way of playing.

    I know that the enemy scaling is important as way to limit our damage input as the game progress, to take you into the way of getting the best build to go thought the startchart, to farm efficiently all the pieces or cosmetics that you want, but there is something that i always see that this gameplay lack when it comes into that point, i often think that is the lack of interactions and mini challenges that the flow of the game doesn't have like a some different approach of nullifiers (i freanky hate those), maybe the energy leechers but as nullifers, maybe some enemies that should be killed with expecfic arsenal choice like those in destiny, by the way, that is really my take on the problem, and can't be set as solution to this problem, probably is a awful idea, but hey. that is the meaning of free thought i guess.

    I do really like to play at the way is now and i the same time i don't like it neither (Maybe because as players we usually go through the "what if" phase of ideas that would make this game our ideal). I usually just log into some arbitrations to farm, or get a resource booster to the kuva to roll indefinitely my rivens. 

    There it goes my first post that makes more than 1 paragraphs. Free time is a good way of unleash your inner writter, by the way. I don't really think i would write something like this ever and my grammar is really awful so, that's all.

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  10. Just now, (XB1)Orcus Imperium said:

    (Not sure if you're joking, so imma bite.)

    arcane trickery turns the user invisible when using a finisher kill. has a 15% chance of triggering and lasts 30 seconds at rank 5.

    on most frames, it's not all that useful, but on ash, inaros and banshee(silence build) it becomes amazing.


    but it's especially potent on ash because his 4's clones can trigger it(remember, his 4's attacks count as finishers.) this means that 15% is MUCH higher with ash than any other frame and becomes integral to him surviving in higher level content.

    if you combine this with ultimatum(which carries the same trigger, but has a 100% chance of activating.) this means when trickery somehow DOESN'T trigger, ash still gets 1200 armor for 45 seconds(on top of his base armor, so 1375 armor...which can be higher if you have an armor mod.)

    note: ash is all about finishers with 3 of his powers(one with aug) being able to open enemies for em. this makes using these two arcanes a horrifying combo for him.

    Ii was just thinking that invisible (incapable of be damaged by enemies) and tank (resistance to enemies damage) doesn't sound like a good combination of words.

    I know how it works, it was just kind of funny when i imagine that description in my mind. Sorry for that joke.

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