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  1. Same here, stay in the Orb Vallis too long will increase the chance of game crashing. To prevent such situation we have to restart the game before import mission. As the Thermia event is going on, hope they can fix this asap.
  2. I played in a fissure defense mission on Saturn as Hydroid, my teammates are Saryn, Ember, and Inaros. At wave 11, a new wave of enemies spawned in a corner, where I saw a Nox and tried to trap him with Undertow. After I cancel my ability, the Nox appeared and killed by my teammates, so do other enemies, but the wave count stuck at this time. No more enemy spawn, we checked each place of the map, but there was no enemy. This last to the host migration and after that everything works again as usual.
  3. This happened when I play in the index, we have three players, two of which used Excalibur Umbra and experience this bug. We switched to the operator and the Excalibur Umbra jump off a cliff, then once the operator‘s hp went to 0, we become invisible and invincible. When this happens, we cannot run, jump or attack, use abilities or send messages, and our health bar becomes silver which means invincible to damage.
  4. As I capture Eidolon for a few days, I found it hard to always keep looking on the PoE time. So I made a shortcut for it on my iPhone. To use it, get the shortcut and run, it will automatically add new reminders on your iPhone for the remaining nights of PoE, the current night that hasn't end will also count. PS: You may need to modify the basic date and text language if you are not GMT+8 or use Chinese. Shortcut link (English): https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/ced0f4396a304c9aa6b957ea07c5799b Shortcut link (Chinese):https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/65a48192a8d84e24bf975e2763920608 Basic reference time comes from https://tithen-firion.github.io/warframe/poe.html Screenshot in iOS reminder (Chinese version):
  5. Each time I capture Eidolon Teralyst and go to retreat, there is a high probability of a game crash, so I have to restart it with no items get and wasting 20mins of fight. I used to hear the crash issue has been solved and come for the Teralyst, but it just hasn't. Is that because I'm using Chinese lang or some encoding error on NintendoSwitch? If this issue still exists, we will not be able to capture a Teralyst.
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