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  1. Hello, I encountered a bug two times while playing the Exploiter Orb "mission". In both occasions, I was the host. When in front of the door to Deck 12, when it is loading and not opening yet, I pressed "5" in order to get to operator form and put down an energizing dash field. However, I did not get into Operator mode, because of "Ability use prevented" as it stated on the bottom left of my screen. At this point, I waited until the door opened, but I still could not use Tenno From whatsoever. I thought I had to kill myself in order of getting it back. But I was invincible. I did not have a grey healthbar, nor did I have someone in my Squad who could have provided me with this. Summary: I was invincible the whole fight and could not use my Tenno Form, other abilities worked fine. Kind regards to any reader out there and good luck with the fight yourself 🙂 -Karu
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