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  1. IamSalva

    Hotfix 12.3.2

    And no rollback, again the honest players are the dumbones, with those who abused the hell out of this bug laughing with millions of credits and 1000+ R5 Fusion Cores. GJ DE, way to keep you players happy...
  2. IamSalva

    Steel Charge Update

    No, they can´t. Because all the ppl who think level 20 enemies are hard will whine that they can´t get it.
  3. IamSalva

    Steel Charge Update

    THats not the Problem, the Problem is that Rank 6 is like nothing in cores, rank 10 is a whol lot of cores...
  4. IamSalva

    Steel Charge Update

    Yeah i have a maxed one and 2 that i started ranking up to sell them later... Its really stupid that rank 6 is the same as rank 10 in legandary cores.. rank 6 is not even 1/3 of rank 10...
  5. IamSalva

    Frost: 2/5/2014

    Yes, Iron Skin is useless for high level now. Also, oh no! my snowglobe has gone down! What shall I do?! Oh, right, nothing, because some random mob onshoted the Pod... Fixed that for ya...
  6. IamSalva

    Frost: 2/5/2014

    We used Banshee in 2h Grineer Survival and she was usefull...
  7. IamSalva

    Frost: 2/5/2014

    WOW, simply wow... Frost = complete trash now... wonder how anyone will do 100 Wve Defense vs. anything but infested now... 3500 Health on Snowglob.. that not even 50% of what ONE enemy will do to it with ONE shot at highlevels... @(*()$ kidding me...