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  1. I know its already been discussed before, figured it wouldnt hurt to ask for this to be a feature though.
  2. As the title suggests, i wanted to know this as ive been playing warframe for awhile now, and started on the switch. I just came back from the support desk and learned that account transferring isnt available, and always wanted to play on pc but couldnt due to slow internet speeds. Always wanted to play on pc bet couldnt in the past, and really bummed to learn that i cant use my save from switch to pc, if you guys ever plan on implementing this please let me know, thank you.
  3. Have rewards scale based on enemy levels and in turn allow people at the start of arbitration to use a system similar to mutators (increased enemy dmg resistance, etc. this would allow players to scale the difficulty for added challenge.) Remove the debuffs from those tokens, and PLEASE shorten the length of rotations!
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