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  1. Hello, The following scenario was tested on PC, on kuva Survival, using a Saryn Prime to test ability strength. I tested for 30 minutes during the mission and discovered that Aura mods (i.e. Power Donation) equipped on warframes inside Limbo's Cataclysm bubble do not work on allies (and possibly enemies) standing outside the bubble. From a logical perspective this makes sense because limbos rift is on a different plain of existence, so why should the Aura mod extend past that. On the other hand this might be a bug and not working as intended, so I wanted to make this post just incase. If this is indeed working as intended, it might be worth noting it under the TIPS section of the frame, so players become more aware of the consequence of being inside the Cataclysm. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.
  2. Glad im not the only one annoyed by the AWFUL change. Reflective metal no longer exists. Just boring flat and dull crud.
  3. Hello, The new and "improved" metallic textures deployed with this mainline patch have completely ruined Prisma weapons and especially the Prisma Liset dropship skin. Before, it was a very reflective and lovely design. Now its flat and dull, barely worthy of being called metallic. Not sure why the DE team decided to go this route but I hope you reconsider. It was perfect how it was before.
  4. Oh interesting. I actually had a riven for a bow that caused me to do negative critical DMG, and like you said, it would just do zero dmg to enemies. Glad I never tried it on the Demos. Thanks for the explanation.
  5. Sorry could someone explain the riven DMG exploit. I can't think of a way in which a riven that givens negative weapon dmg could ever be useful, let alone used to easily kill enemies in this event?
  6. Were there changes to the way lighting works in this update? When particle effects (especially energy particle effects from melee weapons or warframe abilities) start amassing in number, the screen darkens itself. This never used to happen prior to the patch for me. Sometimes it's just a light dim, other times the screen gets so dark you can't even see the map or enemies anymore, only the energy particle effects.
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