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  1. Ok update Everything works now. It seems that i had to press the "Save" button in the Warframe Account Management :/ Sorry for causing trouble, and thank you for trying to help.
  2. Like, i can log in, but, as i said, i have to write a verified code that was sent to my email. But it isn't sent. Everything else, password change, email change was sent to my email. Except the veryfication code, without which i cannot enter the game.
  3. Stolen? Rly? How? Altho you might be right, as before changing the email i had to change the password as my normal one didn't work... No way to regain the account then, right?
  4. It isn't there. i'm not that idiotic to not check it <,<
  5. Hi, i planned to return to warframe bcs of heart of deimos and prime Inaros, so i installed it, and when i wanted to log in, my mail didn't receive the veryfication code. I tried everything - changing password, email, restarting pc, reinstalling... is there a way to fix this issue? Any other warframe related things like links to change password/email were sent, why veryfi code isn't?
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