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  1. clan name - nclan clan tier - shadow clan role - founding warlord platform - ps4 this dojo has alot of seacret rooms. with mini games that makes you explor the dojo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMTMGHaI0o8
  2. Clan name - Nclan Clan tier - shadow Clan platform - PS4 Clan role - founding warlord In Nclan’s dojo visit Dojo City and tryout the mini games and puzzle’s that make’s you explore the dojo to find secret’s and hidden room’s. In youtube - nnn844 https://www.youtube.com
  3. Clan name - NCLAN Platform - ps4 Warframe name - nnn844 the founding warlord Contest entry is a puzzle box Video link - problem linking youtube NCLAN contest
  4. clan name : nclan clan tier : storm platform : ps4 clan role : founding warlord In nclans dojo visit dojo city. the dojo is full of hidden seacret. having problems up lodging pictures
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