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  1. If a kick option was implemented, all public groups would have the option. I am also at an age, late 40s, where I do not play to make pals, I don't even group with the same people, I public group it and thats it. I have 0 time to try to find pals to play regularly with and that is how I like it. The one, online pal I have is so far beyond me in this game that we don't group because I hold him back. Votekick killed WoW group finder, in fact it helped turn WoW into what it is now which is a dying piece of raid finder crap. If this system is implemented: Just wait until your vote kicked because of all the reasons stated here. Eventually, only MR20+ with the right weps and frames, and skins will be allowed to stay. One big old elite fest... and down the hole it goes like WoW.. Leave the elite playing to closed groups - clans.
  2. If this game had a kick function I would not be playing, fact is neither would tens of thousands of other players that fall into my demographic: part-time gamer, middle aged or older. The reason is that no matter how good you think you are your not going to measure up well against people that play the game daily and they will be kicking you if they feel that your not measuring up. I have a solution for you: run private games. Select other people to join you that are on your level of skill. I gave up trying to be perfect years ago. Fact is, I am so bad that even with countless hours of tweaking mods, weapons, frames it took me around 18 tries to get past the last Defend mission to finish the rail-jack solo quest. And, after almost two years of play I am only MR 13. So yeah, I am usually less overall damage and kills then most people in public groups. Its not for lack of trying. I never go AFK. So yeah I will be the guy that gets kicked. I also spend 200, 300 or so bucks a year in the prime store.. so me X 100k older guys.. if they want to lose tens of millions in revenue.. go ahead and put a public kick option in. Because thats what will happen. People will rage quit.
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