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  1. Banshee's sonar. Its currently multiplying the damage after the liches damage reduction, easily multiplying your damage delt 10-20x
  2. You may try using banshee, I built her for lich hunting (0 forma, only a potato) and even at level 5 she can near instantly erase the liches shields/health, not to mention her silence ability causes liches, hounds, and enemy specters to become unable to use their abilities. Just be carefully as she is quite squishy, I put mesa's shooting gallery over her 4 for a half decent croud controll
  3. Damage scaling similar to rank 3's may be a good idea, not reliable one shot territory, but still able to be downed with heavy weapons with a bit of patience. Another issue I see with the current system other than what this thread has been discussing is the fact that there is no animation implemented for when your lich leaves for the railjack node upon successfully using all 3 parazon mods on them. Not sure if its just a glich on PlayStation right now, but the lich just dissapears mid parazon finisher animation with no diologue, animation, or anything, the screen just returns to normal gameplay instantly with the lich having vanished. this transition is quite jarring and made me think my sister glitched out when I first beat her.
  4. I believe what he's meaning is that challenge derived from a single source becomes tedious quickly. Think of fetch quests in games, the best ones make you feel like your accomplishing something or Doing new and interesting things while you run them. As it sits the current system is just too basic, the liches ability's are amazing, which is a good starting point, but there needs to be something more to do then just standing around in a room firing at a enemy over and over on loop for multiple minuets at a time. I personally think it would be best to strip back the lichens resistances a bit, not enough to get to one shot territory, but just enough to where its still challenging and then add in more interesting ways to engage the lich once to the assassination mission. Up to this point they've been coming to you, it would make sense for them to be under prepared. But in these missions your chasing them down, to their capital ship, in their area, when they know your coming. I feel they should at the very least try to stall you and use their minions to defeat you, no? It would be much more engaging if they did things to stop you like planting traps or using interesting gimics (think of the cool features of the new jackal fight from last year) before finally being backed into a corner and fighting you one on one.
  5. A statsquish would work, true. But would be seen by the broader community as "omg! Another game breaking nerf!!! Hate on DE! Hate on DE!!!" I personally think the best option would be to peel back some of this damage resistance and add a more engaging fight in general, as it sits the lich assassinate mission in the veil is simply too basic, you shoot a handful of ships, board the galleon/flag ship, and imidiatley fight the boss. This is their turf, the entire fight up to this point they have been coming to us, but now theres the chance to flip that precedence. We are coming to them, to their capital ship, on their grounds. They should set up ways to stall and stop us along the way, after all they are a commander. Even if its something as simple as a series of mobile defences to open doors along the way to the boss, it would be much better than how the current system works.
  6. It scales back down when not dealing damage, making burst DPS a necessity. I've found quite a few way to deal with the liches now, but the entire system just feels tedious and almost not worth it at this point. Fake difficulty through mass mob spawning and high effective hitpoints. These things can be done well, but when relied on as heavily as this system does without any accompanying systems to break up the monotony, it gets boring and uninteresting very quickly. Ive stopped running sisters or liches in general now after killing 3-4 since you have to stand in one room for a couple of minutes shooting an oversized piñata that can randomly insta-GiB you over and over, on repeat, again and again, making me not care about the fight or new content at all.
  7. I agree with you for the most part, I'd enjoy a more balanced system that wasn't all one shots all the time or nothing, but at the same time systems like used for the new liches that are as limited/basic make any non meta builds non-viable, and any damage output past the caps completely meaningless. The games just not designed with this in mind as of current as everything from the rudimentary AI to the copy pasted rooms built for looks rather than gameplay heavily push things to be more mindless/simple. Maybe if they rebalance things and implement more difficult fights like this it would be fine, but DE has a sub-par to poor history of bad balancing and creating engaging content. (That said I absolutely love the new railjack, definitely a step in the right direction IMO, but some people disagree)
  8. This is my punishment for chewing through hundreds of thousands of grineer, corpus, and infested without a second though, isn't it? Lmao
  9. I like the tougher fight with the more climatic experience, its just jarring for it to use such a simple damage calculation while there are tons of different build styles in play, it went from being accessible for almost every warframe to now only a select couple will work well in it at all. Only the ones that have ways to handle the liches high armor and resistances, whether through attrition, or armor reduction means. Mirage being a glass cannon of a warframe is now quite a poor choice for this as you get steamrolled easily by the lich firing back and going through your shield gate. Just instantly killing you
  10. I'm used to deleting their health bars in less than half a second, jumping all the way up to 15-30 seconds per health bar now at any level was just jarring, I ended up using a Morgah to finish off the lich, went fairly quickly all things considered, but it felt like it took 6 years, I just hate how it feels like my character I've spent years perfecting to where it can easily take on multi hour steel path runs is now just hitting like a wet noodle or a limp spit wad. ya know? Decided to use banshee after another recommended her to me, she's able to nearly bypass this whole system, reliably 1 shotting the lich with snipers like my mirage had done for the last year or more before this update.
  11. I mean your right, LOL, but like. I don't like to be hit with what I dish out D: lol
  12. I may give that idea a shot as well just to see how it works, also banshee feels purpose made for fighting these liches, 100% armor strip for the same cost as nyx's, 11x DMG multiplier which stacks on itself causing snipers like the rubico prime to reliably 1 shot sisters. Its crazy
  13. The only reason I'm hitting so high is because of a maxed out meta stropha heavy attack build combined with a 300% pwr strength mirage using eclipse, hall of mirrors, and smite infusion (smite infusion gives a buff that makes her damage more consistent, it negates eclipses wonky light level loss of damage effects and actually applies to her clones once spawned) You can replicate the same damage output with my build if you would like me to share it, you don't get builds like this by following YouTube, but rather figuring the numbers for yourself. I've run 4 hour long steel path runs concistantly 2-3 shotting most enemy's with my kuva ogris, and almost never taking more than 1-2 shots (once primed) to down anything with the stropha, including acolytes.
  14. 1. Yes, I understand there is adaptive damage now, but its also useless seeing as banshee and a few other frames can bypass said resistance entirely and reliably 1 shot a lvl 5 sister. I just wish it was implemented in a way that didn't completley ruin any slow firing weapons, like the majority of the ones I like to use. 2. My lich was weak to toxin, which my stropha was dealing, Its built with statuses to fight her 3. The radiation is coming from the 301% smite infusion buff on my build. I use this not only because it makes mirages high damage output more concistant with any light level, but also that it applies to the clones she spawns as well. Basicly extra damage over top for free since I'm unable to subsume roar or xatas wisper onto her. The strophs is modded for a pure heavy attack build with primed fever strike equipped.
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