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  1. I'm sure this has all been said 100 times already but here's my feedback: - 10 weeks is too long, especially with a new thing you can't course correct in the middle of. I think it'd be fine to have it be 5 weeks with a break in between. - Have challenges all available at once. I know some people will chew through all of it in a couple days or less but they're the same people who do all of it on Sunday night anyways. - Use the weekly reset for a lore cutscene for the story or something. Maybe even start a week long alert that's an instanced mission with a guaranteed visit from whatever enemy is featured in the story. - the credit shop is weird but would work fine if every challenge rewarded a bit of nightwave credit instead of it being a tier award - the challenges and ratio needed to get all of the rewards seems pretty fair for pretty active players.
  2. System is pretty solid as is, there's enough wiggle room to skip stuff that looks awful (perfect hunts and long survivals) and still get the rewards, but that's probably not obvious to a lot of people and they feel twitchy about skipping stuff because they don't want to miss that shiny forma. If there was some good clear way to show that you've gotten X standing out of Y possible for the week and the series AND show how much is still possible in following weeks so you can tell that you're still on target it might help. Challenge variety is great though - I'd skipped Lua puzzles forever and that was fun. I skipped the 60m survival but thought it was a good idea even if it was probably too long. Doing stuff with friends/clan had gotten me to meet some new folks. I get how the system isn't totally friendly for newer players who don't have access to a bunch of stuff, so maybe there can be an alternative method/weekly alerts for getting build necessities like nitain that are available to everyone. Or just make it a planet drop. Also agreed on wolf spawning, it'd be cool if frequency was tied to captures. As it stands I still haven't seen him and probably never will.
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