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  1. Next Prime access, huh... I'm not gonna get over confident, but... PLEASE BE DAIKYU PRIME!! >_< That's Titania Prime, I know it, so PLEASE give her the bow! >_<
  2. Thank you SO much! 😄 Also as well as a new bow for us to play with... Lord knows what chaos awaits with that beauty. >:)
  3. YES!! *throws krutches away* FINALLY!!!! No more Bane kills! ^u^ *flop* ... ouch.
  4. Will we have the ability to toggle "Hold for Heavy Attack" off and on? Melee combat's fun, but makes it challenging to keep the counter up when I heavy attack at random to the point of using a heavy every few swings. It disrupts the flow of combat.
  5. You have answered my prayers!! ❤️
  6. Bro, it's been out! lol And it's epic!! *edit* damn... din't realize you was on a console... damn I feel like a idiot. =_=
  7. My heart, DE... my heart! I can't believe the Excalibur deluxe came out and ALSO a Operator skin?!? THANK YOU!!! ❤️
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