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  1. Would you mind adding a "repeat" option in short missions (like capture, movile defense, etc.)? It will help us save much time in loading screens (instead of two loading screen, one going to the ship and other one chosing the mission again, i'd like one loading screen going to another mission in the same place just chosing repeat the mission obviously every thing in the map randomize it again). Thank you.
  2. Its there a posibility to add a new feature in one run missions like capture, movile defensa, etc. In adding the option to repeat the mission and no to have to go ever to de ship. We'll save much time when we are farming relics. (Reducing to one solo loading screen instead of two). Thank you!
  3. Texto de foto: Esperen mis niños, ya pronto llegaremos, no teman. Espero les guste. https://ibb.co/XVCtg0B
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