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  1. i did, and Xoris is nerfed, but, it's interaction is only with the mentioned abilities, why even bother nerfing it? Idk what people says about this but i don't like Glaives as a melee weapon, so i don't use it (often) even with frames like Atlas or Baruuk. DE is so stubborn to buff something and yet, nerf like the game depends on it.
  2. Why nerf something that only affect some frames? Is it that hard to buff? Just a number tweaks and it's done. We got like over 70% of things just sitting in the trash bin. Such incompetence from DE
  3. The recent Stropha shots also don't work with CO(fixed). I doubt it was intended.
  4. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration mission
  5. Baruuk's wave unaffected by Condition overload. Fix pls.
  6. Her shield satellites is *. Wisp's health mote gives more EHP per second and no, you can still die really fast even with satellites on your feet. The shield gating only prevent damage to health but not to shield, this make you draining all of your satellites in a matter of seconds. Hildryn's haven is way better than this. Also, sometimes the satellites thrown are a base strength satellites. This is most likely a bug. Status immunity, increase innate shield DR from 25% to 50%, increase shield capacity, inferior hildryn's shield gating. Take your pick. The turret damage is good now but, the range should be unaffected by mods. Just let it always shoot 30m away. The radius of the bullets could be affected by range mods to aid better in crowd clearing and stacking damage. Let us deploy multiple dispensers and you can remove the extra chance for more drops. Instead, ability strength increases the potency of dispenser drops. Idk how to touch up Temporal anchor, with the added invulnerability window, it certainly has it use as a panic button. The warning sound should appear 2 or 3 seconds before the ability ends. 1.5s is too short of a window to react to when it's pretty chaotic. The implosion has good damage, but there's just too much limitation. The range is just 15m and it's affected by line of sight. Either of that need to be changed. There's really no reason to use Temporal anchor, you spend 100 energy and the energies that you got after that won't brought with you. It doesn't even that spammable to kill enemies with the explosion, and while Temporal anchor is active, you literally don't get anything except a peace of mind. I suggest that all abilities casted while temporal anchor is active have their duration increased, when rewinding, all active abilities duration are reset and the explosion happen at the start and end of rewinding. And for any of you players that don't know, you can cancel Temporal anchor by holding the ability button. You won't get a refund but you still get to keep things you picked up and not interrupted by the rewind.
  7. Ironclad charge is the answer. What makes ironclad charge so powerful is that it's multiplicative. So, using additive armor boosts like arcane tanker, ultimatum, or health conversion can get you insane iron skin values.
  8. Cool, im going to test Protea and Stropha right now. Still no reason to use Temporal anchor tho.
  9. the heavy attack would just a simple kick forward. While shouting.
  10. You can use Synth Fiber to pick up health orbs even if your health is full.
  11. As a Chroma main, even if spectral scream gain 1000x more damage, i wont use it. I'd use it if Chroma just Fus Ro Dah enemies.
  12. enemy numbers have to be reduced, but increase their stats. Basically railjack enemies. Just give a reason to use weapons other than Aoe/Bramma
  13. Do you accept it 5-6 days ago and completed it today or you accept and completed it 5-6 days ago? If it's the latter then it's probably a bug
  14. Simaris's daily target change every daily login i assume. If you complete the daily target of days before, it counts as today target. Which you have to wait it reset.
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