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  1. I use zenurik's heavy attack efficiency and yet it still consumes all of the combo counter, heavy attack and heavy slam, hit and miss.
  2. Ember's rework is nice but there's a problem. She's too energy hungry, immolation's meter increase too fast after 2-3 cast of inferno and to reduce it you have to fire blast which cost 75 energy. Fire blast cost has to be reduced or just give ember +efficiency on ability cast based on immolation meter. Vauban, i dont play him much but Bastille should not has enemy limit based on strength. It's a cc ability and everyone know that what make cc good is that you dont need strength, but range. Loki, Limbo to name a few. Bastille's armor strip also need to strip all enemies inside bastille regardless what condition the enemies in, currently it only strip enemies that are floating by bastille.
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