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  1. Unless they got a foot caught on an obstacle and ended up laying down, comfortably and safely, behind low cover. Hence the adjustment.
  2. That's an amazing tweak to the vs. enemy ability. Shield transfer. Just awesome!
  3. I love Mag, but I'm noticing some gaps in her abilities that I'd like to address. Nothing here is meant to be game breaking; just small, quality of life improvements to make her a bit more viable. Pull: Change to lift target up as it pulls, allowing me to pull people over railings. Right now thy get caught on even the lowest of obstacles. I'd also like to see a faster casting time. It's a little cumbersome for a first level abilitiy, especially compared to others. Bullet Attractor: Can we please make this work on Corpus gun projectiles? Shield Polarizer: When used against enemy, this should
  4. Uh, if there's going to be a reset then just tell us now so I can stop playing.
  5. I'd like to see a boomerang-esque weapon, not unlike the Disc from the Predator universe: http://avp.wikia.com/wiki/Smart-Disc Adds an interesting aiming mechanic where you get multiple hits, the trade-off being you're without ranged weapons while it's in flight (though you could melee).
  6. All good answers, thanks for the insights. I did only start playing recently but I know when I like something. Years of gaming gives you a pretty good sniffer on what is smartly put together and what is not. Regarding this: I definitely recognize how hard it is to get PvP right, and I tried to word it carefully in the original post, too. While I don't see the need for it near-term, I think that it could provide some interesting gameplay options later - especially if integrated into the PvE world in a meaningful way (i.e. competition for an artifact on a PvE/P level. I don't want a one-of
  7. Hey Founders, I was hoping you could give me some hints on the direction that this game might be heading. First, let me explain why the game has piqued my interest: - Co-op enabled, which is essential for playing with my brother(s) - Solid controls, good gunplay - Interesting mashup of sci-fi and light horror - Decent difficulty with 1-2 people - Great art direction Here are the things I'd like to see more of: - Greater difficulty; I want the game to challenge my skills and tactical thinking - More horror elements; the map design and sound design are a good start, but I want it to be e
  8. Viibl


    It really does look small, especially with the Furex gloves. Should be more akin to the 45 long slide with laser sighting.
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