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  1. Folrens discord https://discord.gg/WR97FQx Good for pricing rivens
  2. Be sure to do a credit mission as your first mission after reset, it doubles your credits. Some save their third sortie til after reset, I just do Seimeni for 50k
  3. each room has a parent room, you have to delete the child before you can delete the parent.
  4. inaros will have no problem in most sorties
  5. i think the error is that it wasnt listed, not the act itself
  6. Burning Dragons currently has 2 spots open. We are a rank 9 Shadow Clan with most research finished. No MR or Age requirements, just be respectful and active. We strive to stay active, so we have a 20 day inactivity policy. We have our own discord, which you must join. We are part of a great Alliance with its own discord as well. Message me here or in game if interested.
  7. i see him about every other day usually when no one is ready for him
  8. so if you completed the 40 waves challenge are those points taken away?
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