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  1. Still no fix for getting stuck in the floor after finishing the ropalolyst fight, and deciding to keep the gilding nightwave challenge when some of us dont have any modular things left that need gilding. so i wasted plat on weapon slots so i could make a new dagger to level to 30, gild and throw away just for nightwave
  2. so did the drop fail again? watched the whole stream and never got a teshin message
  3. love how in the nitro perks it says its 3 exclusive skins when its really 2 old skins and old attachments. only real exclusive is the discord color palette but its probably got no new colors at all pretty lazy attempt at grabbing more cash imo
  4. Still no fix for or even some acknowledgement about arcane victory not working except for on pistol headshots. also still nothing about ruinous extention not working on gaze kitguns. also no fixes for clients not being able to open doors in their friends landing crafts.
  5. Please look at arcane victory and see that it is broken! It only activates from pistol headshot kills and not all headshot kills as it should! Also make ruinous extension work on gaze kitguns.
  6. Arcane victory only activates on pistol headshots when it just says headshots, can we maybe get a fix for that soon? also you cant use ruinous extention on a kitgun with the gaze component even though its a beam weapon.
  7. I'm going to be real honest here. This update is a joke considering how long we had to wait for it. 1 20 minute long(or even shorter) mini quest, 2 new melees that are trash, a boring new game mode that we can't even get because of long standing bugs with defection(that nobody noticed since it was too boring to play), clan changes that literally nobody asked for, and operator fashion changes that also literally nobody asked for. The only mildly interesting new content(for me at least) is the new dojo decorations and room. Every day I get closer and closer to uninstalling and never looking back.
  8. So has anyone found the mythical "text decoration" anywhere? I've checked decorations and personal decorations, nowhere to be found
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