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  1. Not trying to make it an ad just want people to show us what they got in terms of skill.
  2. Do you think your good and Warframe? Then why not submit some records. We are a Reddit community that want to show your records off. We want you the player to show us your most kills your best kills your fastest games all of your record-breaking achievements in Warframe. Head over to https://www.reddit.com/r/gamingrecords/ to submit your records! Let's see how good you really are!
  3. Hi, I use the Warframe app a lot to build and retrieve my foundry items however I have noticed there is not a lot of options when it comes to actually buying blueprints etc on the app. The app also looks outdated and needs a rework. I have a suggestion to include the marketplace on the app to allow us to buy blueprints and items from the app so when we get on the game we have the items ready or we can build from the app and then they will be ready for when we jump on the game. What does everyone think?
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