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  1. I generally like the new fluent swap between melee and distance weapons. However there are 2 things that I find to disrupt my plays. It would be nice if these could be tweaked. 1. Please add some kind of "auto-resume" toggle for channeling. It sucks that it is not automatically up and running when I get energy after it was drained. That´s what I expect from a toggle. I can imagine that others might want to keep it as it is, so make it an additional option to please all styles. 2. Please make a "classic-melee" option (keeping the weapon switch button pressed longer, like before, would be perfect). I like to melee and would prefer if i can block at will. I don´t want to switch always back to ranged weapons just because i press the aim button. Also it more or less ruined [Guardian Derision]. Just this 2 little tweaks and it would be superb.
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