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    Can we make it so you can hold more then one vault key in your inventory but only put one in your gear slot? I know some would like to make these in advace and so far the only way to do that is leave them in your foundry but if you where to missclick you might grab one by mistake and now you will have 2 witch means double the buff if you are the one that will carry that key. and since the time to craft is so short maybe incresse that to balance out being able to make them in advance. I would also like to see the ablity to craft more then 1 item at a time. Maybe at a much higher time frame to craft (since i dont mind waiting any how) and/or a higher rush cost. Thoughts on more Archwing missions. I heard about a boss mission based around the Archwing and i know its new and all but what ideas might be in the works for it. Will gun and warframe slots limitations ever go away? It's a thing that bothers me the most. Limiting to 2 warframe slots and only a few gun slots can cause some ppl to stop playing once they relize this limitation if they are just comming into the game. Any chance for a trainging dumby in the Dojo where we can see damages of weapons or maybe atleast a way to test warframes and weapons so there is no needless speading of any kind? It seems that most of the weapons are just numbers and a short discription of the weapon in the markeplace and codex and the only way to know how it works is to buy the BP make it (witch means waiting time for people like me that spend plat on things other then rushiing) and then taking it to a low lvl planet and trying it out only to find its not something that you would be interested in using Could there be a way to have a vote on who host a mission if the current host has lag issues? Having lag in a mission can sometimes be bad or good depending on what type i have had lag that has made it so i can damage things but i am very desynced causing me to stealth crit everything on other times i can do no damage at all. could we maybe addin a voting system that if enough of the squad votes that the host could be changed? Is there any improvments planned in Rail and PVP missions in regards to the Lag and Desync issues that happen? Maybe putting in the same system as stated above for these missions too although im not really sure how these missions are hosted. Any chance on incressing the drop rate of Kubrow eggs just a bit? took me about 4 hours to get my first egg although shortly after while that one was waiting on my power core a second one dropped maybe make this jsut a bit higher so its less likely to be random chance or atleast incresse it for the frist inital egg. So i think these are all the question i can come up with. hope to see you guys this friday and will deffenitly be in the mustach Dojo party after the stream. Poor Mag will have to deal with growing out that stash.