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  1. Phew, my riven is still safe to use to increase the power of my warframes! Thank goodness it's value is still holding up too since the Xoris got nerfed! (Note: this is satire, and the reason for the Xoris nerf is at best due to a lack of knowledge of how the game works and at worst is DE refusing to admit that the Xoris is infringing on the riven market which decreases DE's profits)
  2. The xoris wasn't doing anything wrong it was just convenient and made the builds we did more accessible. I'll just go back to doing the thing I was doing before which is using a riven to get the exact same, if not better effect for abilities like Khora and Atlas' 1 because for some reason, rivens still affect warframe abilities. This has been an issue for over a year now and it doesn't seem like DE has any plans to fix it, so we can go nuts with getting the perfect roll for our rivens to increase the power of our warframes right? The xoris wasn't doing anything new, we already had the tools to do the things we were doing. The xoris just made it convenient and accessible, but I guess we can go back to using rivens to increase the power of warframes and using annoying methods to get the gladiator set bonus for our exalted weapons that are weaker than just using regular melee because we can't use the shadow debt mods on them (blood rush and weeping wounds)
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